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Of Love and Vengeance

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 81,800
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Forced to marry Lord Aymon to ensure her young nephew’s survival, English Lady Laila vows undying hatred for the Norman she holds responsible for the deaths of so many innocents. Discovering Aymon has committed an act of treason gives her the chance to seek vengeance he deserves. But can Laila let Aymon die at the hands of the king once she learns the truth?

A hardened Norman warrior, Lord Aymon has lived through atrocities no man ever should. With the invasion of England over, all he wants is a quiet life and a wife who will give him heirs and obey his every command. Instead, he finds himself wed to feisty and outspoken Laila. But when she learns the truth of his treasonous act, can Aymon count on her to keep his secret?

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The fine hairs on Laila’s arms stood on end as she crossed to the door, and with shaky hands she slid the bolt and opened it just enough to allow her visitor to see her and nothing else. Her heart was in her throat as she stared into the deep, dark, gaze of Aymon. Laila’s hand flew to her chest.

“You look as if you were expecting someone else.”

“I was. You said you would send one of your men to fetch me.”

He narrowed his eyes. “I did not want to risk the life of one of my men should you have changed your mind about wedding me. Given your mastery with a bow and arrow, you can see my concern, yes?” He finished with a smile.

Laila sneered. “I doubt you speak the truth.”

“May I come in?”

Her shoulders tightened, and she was convinced Aymon could see her racing heart ramming against her chest. She didn’t dare glance over her shoulder. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the doorjamb.

He leaned in close, and Laila inhaled the clear, fresh scent of myrtle. His hair was damp and his jaw freshly shaven. “What are you up to? Do you have someone in there with you? I demand entry to your room at once.”

“I am not up to anything, my lord—”

Drake’s piercing cry tore through Laila’s denial.

Aymon placed his hand on the door as if he was going to push it open. “If you do not let me in immediately, I will smash the door down.”

She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply.

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