Old Enough to Know Better (MMMF)

The Corsakis Hotel 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,702
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]
When Loukas Cosse, Leon Mavros, and Aaron Stephanos turned their backs on the Corsakis heiress, Alexa was heart-broken. And so, The Corsakis, a hotel for couples living in ménages, was born out of her need to live within such a relationship. If she couldn't have one herself, she could facilitate those fortunate couples who did.
But the constant reminders of what she'd lost were a torment. For years, she lived without the men who made her whole. Hating them for spurning her, yet loving them because they belonged to her, as she did to them.
On the small island of Cyprus, a place still steeped in tradition, her desires are more than just unorthodox. But when the trio return with explanations as to their heart-breaking rejection of years before, Alexa has to question everything she ever knew if she is to accept them back into her life.
Is she brave enough to hear them out, or will she do as they did to her—reject them, but this time, lose them forever...?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Old Enough to Know Better (MMMF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Old Enough to Know Better (MMMF)

The Corsakis Hotel 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,702
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Serena always writes good books!!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS "Ms. Akeroyd hits it out of the park yet again with a gorgeous MMMF story that'll leave you breathless. Heiress Alexa Corsakis has wasted 10 years of her life pining over the men she wished at 18 would be her lovers. When she revealed her desires to then boyfriend Aaron Stephanos, ones that involved her, him and his BFF's Loukas Cosse and Leon Mavros, all three men shunned her and haven't so much as flipped her the middle finger since. But even though success is the best revenge, and Alexa owns and runs the exclusive Corsakis Hotel catering to ménages, she still hasn't forgotten the way the men destroyed her all those years ago. When she learns the truth behind their betrayal, she can choose to hold onto her anger or embrace the sensual promise of a lifetime with three men. Man, Ms.Akeroyd knows her way around a ménage! One of my favorite authors of bi ménage storylines, she does it without being over the top or silly, she's always tasteful and gives me "the feels." I go nuts over MMF storylines, and Ms. Akeroyd gives us a bonus M to enjoy in OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER! Though it starts off with a downtrodden Alexa, once she finds out the facts behind the mens' seeming betrayal and intense desire to claim her once and for all, her life feels RIGHT. The foursome is excruciatingly erotic and I fell in lust with the exotic and passionate nature of these Greeks. The sex scenes were a lovely mix of alphabet soup: MF, MM, MMM and MMMF, and I loved that Alexa felt like the lynchpin instead of an afterthought, as so many female ménage characters get regaled to by their randy bisexual men. Bottom Line: Gorgeous Greek setting, stunning characters with depth and beautifully erotic sex scenes make OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER an all around fabulous read." -- Delta, The Romance Reviews

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All three were very, very Greek. And imposing. In the elevator, standing there looking at her like fallen angels, she didn’t know how to react. Anger, relief, pain, sadness, happiness…she was awash with emotions. That they contrasted made some sense, but it was damn confusing.

She’d seen them six weeks ago. Her cousin Lara had recently wed one of Aaron’s cousins. All of them had attended the wedding. She’d watched them from afar, taking in their beauty and wishing things were different. These last few weeks, she’d spoken to Aaron regularly on the phone, but he’d seemed intent on talking about the future and the present, rather than dealing with the past. Now that the future was here, she couldn’t help but wonder what their intentions were.

Loukas and Aaron were archetypal Greeks. Dark-as-night hair, olive skin, but with perfect cheekbones that chiseled out their faces. They were tall, although Aaron was the shortest of the group at five-eleven. Loukas’s dark eyes could peer into her soul. Aaron’s gray-green orbs could pierce her to the quick. Leon was the only one who didn’t fit the mold. He had brown hair that, in the height of summer, grew streaked with blond lights. His skin was lighter too. It tanned rather than turned swarthy. His eyes were green, almost crystalline with amber shards.

All three of them were trim, Loukas was bulkier than the others, though. They were fencers, and at fourteen, she’d tried to emulate their training, only to nearly poke herself in the eye with one of their slim sabers.

That the accident had been an impossibility, yet she’d almost managed to achieve it, had turned her parents right off the idea of her taking up the sport. They'd been mad at the hulking trio in front of her for a few weeks too. Her dad had steered her toward rowing, of all things. With the reasoning that it would be harder to hit herself in the face with an oar.

He'd been right. She'd never managed such a feat, and she still practiced rowing to this day…and from the way the guys were looking at her, she was glad she’d continued with the exercise.

Not that she should be thinking that way.

Ten years of misery and feeling like a leper, and while her papou had been involved, they could have come to her. Could have explained. There was no reason to let her suffer the way she had.

“What are you doing here?” she asked coldly, making sure they knew she’d been studying them and that their masculine beauty didn’t lessen her fury any.

Loukas’s voice was a taut rasp when he told her, “If you didn’t think we’d be here as soon as the ink dried on that damn contract, then you were mistaken.”

Before she could make any kind of retort, he swept down and pressed a kiss to her lips. Her mouth trembled under his, words and tears, pain and declarations quivering on the small bow, but she let him drown them in his affection. An affection she’d missed for so many years.

His hands came to her shoulders, and it was only then she realized she’d been shaking. Her entire body one trembling mass, until he pulled her against him and let her lean on him. His tongue entwined with her own, and before she could devour him in return, she was pulled from his arms and passed to Leon. Those crystalline eyes of his tormented her with the need written within. She groaned as he lowered his mouth in a gentle kiss, a tender rubbing of their lips, before she teased him, tickling the tip of her tongue against the fleshy bottom pad. He groaned, and she swept inside, playing the aggressor, feeling flushed with success when his hands swept around her back and he pulled her tight into him. Her hands went up to his hair, and she grabbed a hold of it. He was the only one that let it grow to his shoulders, and her fingers appreciated that fact as the silken strands caressed her palms.

At her back, there was suddenly a hot presence, and she almost felt faint as she realized Aaron was there. He pressed himself into her, pushing her into Leon’s chest, letting her feel the erections against her belly and butt. She wanted to cry, scream, moan at the realization all of her dreams were on the brink of coming true.

As Aaron’s mouth settled at her throat, his lips and tongue teasing the sensitive skin there, sending shivers up and down her spine, that thought, that everything she’d ever wanted was on the cusp of actually happening, was enough to make her pull away from them.

It was only then she realized they’d been traveling down in the elevator. Almost to the second, enough to make her think her papou was watching over her—not that she wanted him to be at such an intimate moment—the doors opened, and the noise from the busy hall of the center cascaded over her senses.

She wiped a hand over her mouth, gently caressed her lips as she felt how tender they were from such a short kiss, and stepped back and away from them. It was the wisest move because, just her luck, her heel lodged in the rim between elevator and floor. She almost fell head over heels, but Loukas reached forward, grabbed her, and pulled her into him.

“Still need a keeper, I see,” he told her with a grin.

It was the grin that acted like an electric shock to her system. Her stomach clenched down hard as emotion twisted through it. “I’ve had to do without one for ten years. I usually manage, or deal with the bruises afterward,” she retorted coolly, as though the kiss had never happened.

As though the first contact they’d had in ten years hadn’t involved the press of mouth to mouth.

Loukas sighed. “You still think it was our choice? Because if you do, you’re crazy, agape mou.”

“Don’t call me that,” she hissed. “You haven’t earned the right to call me your love.”

His eyes flashed. “I earned the right by having to go without it. For your benefit...”




With a final kiss to Alexa’s soft, gently weeping pussy, Leon moved to his feet. The look of ecstasy on her face had his own flushing with heat. She looked like she’d never experienced anything of the like before, and even though the notion was unlikely, his cock swelled at the same rate as his ego.

God, the things this woman did to him. The things she made him feel. Women never inspired all that much in him, he rarely felt anything at all, and they’d had ample opportunity to win him over.

After Alexa’s grandfather’s edict, all three of them had gone a little mad on the party circuit. Endless reams of nightclubs and house parties, alcohol and drugs. It had taken his own overdose to drag all three of them back onto the right track. A little too much whiskey one night, a bottle too many of champagne followed by a line of coke…he’d ended up in the hospital, and with Loukas and Aaron at his bedside, they’d vowed to stop the destructive behavior.

Living without Alexa had been harder than they’d believed. After all, they were in their midtwenties. How difficult could it be to exist without the nosy interference of one teenaged girl?

It had been close to impossible.

They hadn’t realized how much a part of them she was.

They were more than friends. They were connected. If a man could have three soul mates, then he’d found his, and doing without just the one of them had been like losing a limb.

What Antonis had done to them with his rules and strictures, the old bastard would probably never know. He’d pushed Aaron’s, Loukas’s, and his own life off tangent. Set them back by God only knew how many years. Who knew what miracles Aaron could have made with gold and rubies in that time if he’d had Alexa at his side? Who knew what kind of paintings he’d have been producing now with those extra years’ experience? And Loukas, staid but contrary Loukas, who knew how many more millions he’d have made? The man was an overachiever…but then, so was Alexa. So were all three of them.

Nobody could ever say that they weren’t equals, in mind and body. But even if they weren’t, it was their hearts that really counted. Their hearts that would forever unite them even if they were in a shack on the beach, living on the poverty line.

Breaking into his thoughts, Aaron murmured, “Well done, agape mou.” He bussed her cheek, gently nuzzling her jaw with his nose.

He grinned up at them both. “Not bad for my first time, eh?”

Alexa’s eyes suddenly popped open. “First time?” she slurred. “No way.”

His grin widened. “Yes way.”

She patted him on the chest, her hand flopping about. “Genius. Absolute genius.” The hand suddenly retracted around his neck, and he was pulled forward by their surprisingly strong woman. She dragged him close, dislodging Loukas from his position. “Let me taste my pleasure,” she whispered, making him groan, and his cock feel like it could urge the metal tines of the zipper apart by brute force alone.

When her tongue flickered out, tracing the line of his lips, moving down to lap at his chin, she murmured her satisfaction. A hum sounded through the air when finally she pressed her mouth to his. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered. “You’ve no idea how long.”

“I do, darling. We all do.”

She snorted. “You had each other. I was alone. No one could understand because I couldn’t tell them.” She shook her head. “That’s the past. This is the present, and the start of the future. That’s what counts.”

“You’ll never be alone again.”

A sigh, redolent with pleasure, gusted against his lips. “No, I’ll have you three under my feet, won’t I? Bliss,” she breathed.

“Under your feet?” Aaron growled into the slender line of her throat, making her gasp, then giggle. A shriek escaped her when she was suddenly plucked out of his arms and upward.

Her legs flailed as Loukas moved her away from Aaron and toward the bed. “Don’t get any ideas, Aaron,” he warned, and Leon had to chuckle. Loukas was taking his win seriously.

Alexa’s head twisted around with a frown. “What’s going on?” She eyed Leon’s laughter, Aaron’s exasperation, and Loukas’s dark intent.

“We had to decide who got to take you first,” Leon murmured easily, even knowing she’d probably go mad at them for such a method of choosing.

She scowled. “I was that sure a bet?”

“A man has to live in hope, agape mou. What else is open to him if not that avenue of prayer?” Loukas’s smirk spoiled the rather pious retort.

“How did he win?” she asked, ignoring Mr. Piety.

“Rock, paper, scissors.”

Alexa eyed him, then, with a grunt, mumbled, “So Loukas won, and hegets to go first.” At the man himself’s nod, she snorted. “What are you going to do to me, stud muffin?”

“I haven’t thought past getting my cock inside you.”

A pleased chuckle escaped her. Then, Leon cocked a brow, spotting a wicked twinkle in her eye. “Who came second in the game of rock, paper, scissors?”

Leon grinned. “Me.”

Her nod was slow, measured. “You should be ever so grateful for the invention of dildos, Leon.”

It was his turn to frown. “Why?”

“Because you can both take me at the same time.” Her smirk exploded into wicked laughter. “In fact, I demand it.”

Both men blinked at one another.

“Alexa, don’t toy with them,” Aaron murmured easily, laughter flickering about in his own eyes.

“I’m not! It’s the truth.” She sighed, the hum redolent with remembered sensation. “The only time I’ve ever managed to come is with my own experimentation.” Alexa winked at Aaron. “That involved a box of magic tricks.”

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