One Night of Pleasure

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

Molly never thought that hot and steamy sex filled one night stands could happen to her… until now. One minute she is working an extra shift in the bar at the hotel where she works and the next she is following hot sexy firefighter Kye back to his hotel room for a night of pure adult pleasure.

Molly allows herself to spend the night and the next day indulging in all Kye has to show her because after all, no man like Kye could ever possibly want a plus size single mother in his life for good…could he?

One Night of Pleasure
0 Ratings (0.0)

One Night of Pleasure

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 18,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Kye slumped into the front seat of the Department of Natural Resources truck and pressed the button to lower the window, needing fresh air. He’d been on the front line of the fire for the last four hours, was tired, hungry, and he needed a shower.

“How many more days you got out here, son?” Big Jim asked as he slid into the driver’s seat and started the diesel engine.

“I’m off for two nights, and then I have two weeks left.”

“You headin’ back to Oregon after that?”

Kye shook his head. “Nope. There’s nothing there for me anymore.” But there would have been if his ex-wife could have kept her pussy in her panties and not tried to ride every dick in town.

Camey got what she wanted with the divorce—hell, she got everything. The house, the money… Shit, she even kept the damn dog she’d bought him for their first Christmas together. It was a damn good thing that they had never had kids in the five years they were married, otherwise she probably would have gotten them too. No, there was nothing back there besides old memories he didn’t need.

“I hear you, son. My first wife couldn’t take this life either. I was gone on calls more weeks than I was home. After a handful of years, it takes its toll on their hearts.”

Hearts? Is that what women were calling the emptiness between their legs these days? “Camey knew what she was marrying into when she asked for that two thousand dollar diamond ring. She sure as hell didn’t mind the lifestyle or the money that all those fires provided for her.”

Big Jim turned the truck around on the dirt road and took off down the hillside. “Not all women are like that, son. Take my Annie. Now there’s a woman after my own heart right there. She understands the way this life is.”

Kye was happy that the old man had finally found a woman after all these years of living the single life. Annie was a wonderful woman that spent all her time at an animal rescue shelter. That was how the two of them met; Big Jim had taken a few dogs to her shelter after a fire had displaced them, and it was love at first sight for the couple. Shit like that just didn’t happen anymore.

“Yeah, Jim, you got yourself a good lady there,” Kye said, looking out onto the burned hillside of the Colorado country. The wildfires had been burning there for three weeks. Thousands of acres had already been eaten up by the blazes, and there was no end in sight. His fire crew had been there for the last two weeks alone. The media was being told that it was nearly fifty percent contained. Contained, his ass. There was still no end in sight.

“Since you’re off the line tomorrow, why don’t you come down to the lounge and have a few drinks with the boys and me tonight?” Big Jim was the head of the fire crew, and he was like a father to all fifteen of the men who worked under him. He treated every single one as if they were his own. It was something they all respected about the big guy.

Kye closed his eyes and leaned his soot- and sweat-covered head against the seat. A cold beer did sound fucking amazing at the moment.

“Why the hell not? I’ll have a few beers with you guys.” Normally Kye didn’t drink when he was out on a fire, but since he had the next two days off he didn’t see that it would hurt anything.

Big Jim smiled. “Good. Now if we can just get you laid I think we just might have our old Kye back.”

Kye laughed at that. “Thanks for the offer, old man, but I think I’ll just take the beer.” Not that he would mind a nice piece of ass, but unless one just fell into his lap, he didn’t foresee that happening.

* * * * *

Molly didn’t know what the hell to do. Bartending was nothing like cleaning rooms, and yet here she was behind the damn bar.

She was happy that the lounge at the Rocky Mountain Inn was empty except two older men sitting at the far end of the bar, and they were both too wrapped up with the game on the TV to even spare her a glance.

She had never bartended a day in her life. Matter of fact, she had only gone into a bar about twenty times since she turned twenty-one. Being a mother of a four year old really put a damper on the partying life, not that she had one before Brice was born.

Molly had been working at the Rocky Mountain Inn for the past five years as a housekeeper. It wasn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it paid the rent and put food on the table for her and Brice.

He was the reason she’d taken this bar job at the last minute. When Linda, the bartender, called in with the flu again, the job was hers if she wanted it. She really only wanted the tips, but it was more hours on the timecard, and with Brice’s fifth birthday in just a few days, she needed all the extra hours she could get.

Willy, the opening bartender, spent a total of thirty minutes showing her around the bar before leaving the room in her hands. Thank the Lord it was a Tuesday night and they would be far from busy.

Molly got into the swing of things pretty easily by the time the dinner rush started to come in. They were guests of the hotel, mostly consisting of businessmen and firefighters that wanted to stop in for a drink before they found their rooms for the night.

Of course, she had only had a handful of customers up to this point, and she was looking at an earlier night than she had thought, which was great since her mother had taken Brice for the night and for the day tomorrow.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had a night to herself. Not that she had anyone special to spend time with. Sometimes she wished she had a man, but who wanted to date a broke, pudgy mom? Three things sure to scare away any man.

The hopes of having a slow night got smashed when a crowd of men came walking through her doors. She could tell right off the bat that they were all DNR guys or wildland firefighters. The hunter green shirts and lean, muscular bodies were a dead giveaway. Not to mention they had all been staying at the Inn for weeks now, and she had been cleaning some of their rooms. Hard to forget when some of them were far from the cleanest of guests she’d ever had, leaving their dirty soot-filled clothes lying all over the place.

Molly watched as the group headed toward the center of the room and slid four tables into a cluster. She quickly did a head count, grabbing up sixteen coasters, and headed their way.

“Evening, gentlemen. I’m going to have to ask you all to go a little easy on me tonight, since this is my first time, and as you can see—I am all alone.” She smiled to break the ice, very nervous with all those eyes on her at once. Pulling a pad of paper out of her pocket, she grabbed for the pen she had slid behind her ear.

“All alone on your first day?” the big man that seemed to head up the group said, offering her a warm smile. “You must have really impressed your boss.”

“I guess that’s where I went wrong, huh?” She asked with a little laugh. “What can I get you gentlemen tonight?”

Molly took the orders, thanking God that they were all beers. She didn’t think she was ever going to master the fine art of mixing drinks, since Willy had only covered that part of her training in two minutes by telling her there was a book of mixed drinks behind the bar.

She quickly got all the beers out of the coolers, popped their caps, and loaded the tray with half the order. Her hands were shaking so badly with her nervousness that she damn near knocked a few of the bottles over as she carried them across the room. Returning to the bar, she grabbed up the last of the beers and all but held her breath as she made her way over to the center table, pleased that she had made it without so much as a drop spilled. She slid the tray onto an empty table next to her and reached for two of the bottles then turned back around.

“Two Bud—” were all the words she was able to get out before her foot caught on a chair leg and she ended up falling face first into the hard chest of one of the men at the table, spilling the beer down his front.

Molly stumbled to her feet, grabbing the half empty bottles and stared in horror at the mess all over the man’s shirt and jeans. She wanted to die. She wanted to crawl under the table and never face these men again. Laughter broke out between the tables and hoot and hollers followed. Molly’s face heat in a blaze of embarrassment.

I’m such a dumbass.

Frozen in place, all she could do was stand there and stare in disbelief, her hand covering her mouth. “I. Am. So. Sorry,” she said, her words a bit muffled by her palm.

“Can I have a towel?” was all her poor, beer-soaked victim could say. He stood slowly from his chair and towered over her five-foot-seven inch frame by a good five inches. His short brown hair was a little damp and brushed back. His strong, deep voice seemed to do the trick of snapping her out of the embarrassed haze, and she turned to hurry back to the bar to grab a few clean towels.

She returned just in time for the older man to come to the rescue.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. There’s not a man here that couldn’t say taking a bath in beer wasn’t on his bucket list.”

“But we would at least want to be naked first,” one of the others hollered out as laughing broke out again.

“You hush up, Kip. Can’t you see this poor thing is embarrassed as it is without your help? Here, honey, why don’t you go get a couple replacement beers, and we’ll get this cleaned up.” Gladly, she turned over the towels and went back to the bar, only to find out the cooler was empty of the brand they ordered. She would have to go to the storage room. Grabbing up the bar keys, she whirled around, explained to the men that she would be right back, and left the room. She would have paid her last dollar to never go back in there. How could she have been such an idiot? God, she was such a clumsy dumbass. She wiped the hot tears away with the back of her hand as she grabbed up a case of beer. She left the storage room and turned back toward the hall to head back to the bar when she ran straight into a soaking wet chest that reeked of beer.

“Oh. My. God! I am so sorry,” she said as she recognized the owner of the beer-soaked shirt as the man that had just been her latest victim.

“I’m starting to think that you have a thing for my chest.” His voice was smooth and teasing, but it only made her feel worse.

“I am so sorry. I don’t know what is wrong with me tonight.” As she stared up into his green eyes, she couldn’t help but think that he had the perfect face and body to be in one of those firemen calendars. Man, wouldn’t she love to see him as Mr. August. Maybe he could be naked, holding onto a fire hose. Or better yet, getting sprayed with one, making those hard muscles nice and wet…

“Having a bad day?” he asked

She sighed. “I think only when I’m around you.”

“That could be a sign, you know.”

“A sign for what?” He was obviously teasing her to make her feel better.

“A sign saying that I must be bad for you,” he said, smiling. His smile was soft, a little bit wicked, and sexy as hell. Molly felt a tug down inside, which shocked her since she hadn’t felt that long-forgotten pull in years. “Or maybe it’s a sign that I’m bad for you and this is fate’s way of telling you to run quickly the other way.”

Molly watched as the soft shimmer in his green eyes slowly darkened into something that she needed to be cautious about.

“I would only need to run if there was a chance I was being chased.”

His teasing made her comfortable, and she said with a grin, “How can I be the chaser? I don’t even know your name.” Was she seriously standing here in the open hallway flirting with the man she had just spilled beer all over?

“I’m Kye and you are…?”


“Molly... I like it.

Her name on his lips made her shiver.

“So, Molly, am I going to at least get my beer bought for me tonight? After all, I think I’ve earned it.” He pulled his soaked shirt away from his ridiculously firm chest.

She licked her lips that seemed too dry. “I think we can arrange something for you.”

Kye nodded his head. “Then I will be back after I change.”

After he brushed past her, she wanted so badly to turn and watch him walk down the hallway, but she didn’t. Her body was already in overload from that body and mouth of his. Oh, that put ideas in her head. She really wouldn’t mind that mouth of his on her. Any part of her. His lips looked soft as he smiled, and she bet that they would be soft on her clit too.

She needed to get her damn head back into her work and out of her panties that were growing damp with every thought. Nothing good was ever the outcome of a pretty smile that made her panties wet… Well, there was one thing, and that little man was the sole reason she needed to get her head back on her work and away from that dangerously sexy firefighter.

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