Baltimore Police Detective Cameron Andrews knows her career as an undercover officer for the city's Drug Force is coming to the end of its effectiveness. The head of a federal drug team once gave her his card and offered to help with her career if she needed it. When she contacts him, she is offered a dangerous undercover position with the federal DEA that turns her life upside down.

Her job: commit a crime and go inside a women's prison as a convicted felon to discover how cocaine is trafficked through the facility. While still in training, she meets a seductive female martial arts instructor who challenges her views on power and commitment and gives her a reason to get her job done and return safely to the outside.

Outside In (FF)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Jenny walked over very slowly and perched on the edge of Cam's desk. It was a quiet morning. Only one or two other women were in the library.

"I hear you were a cop." She waited but Cam refused to answer. "I did a cop once. Said if I fucked him, he wouldn't bust me. Lied. He was a lousy fuck and he busted me anyway. Are you a liar?"

Cam sat back and looked up at her.

"Then, are you a good fuck?"

"What do you want here? This is a library. Ever been in one before?"

Jenny smiled and pointed to herself. "And this is a jewel thief. Ever been in one before?"

Cameron let out a breath and shook her head. "I don't want any trouble," she said.

Jenny smirked and walked around the desk toward the book cases. "I also hear you're a college grad."

"You hear a lot," Cam said, watching the way Jenny's ass eased its way across the room.

Jenny looked back over her shoulder. "Yeh, but my ears aren't the only things I keep open." She winked at Cam.

Cam watched as Jenny inspected several shelves.

"You know what's in all these books?" Jenny called.

"Some of them."

"What's in the ones on the top shelf? I can't reach them."

Against her better judgment, Cam got up and went over to the shelves. "Which ones?" she asked.

Jenny pointed. "That one."

Cam reached up to get the book and as she did, Jenny reached over and ran her hand down Cam's chest.

Cam brought her arm down quickly.

"Ticklish?" Jenny smiled.

Cam frowned at her. "Do you want to look at a book or not?"

"I want to look at something that won't hurt my eyes." Jenny smiled. "And I find you much more interesting than any book."

Cam smiled in spite of herself.

"See? You have a beautiful smile. You should use it more often. Now, what else can you do with your mouth?" She was standing as close to Cam as she could without touching.

"This is a library," Cam reminded her.

"Then we'll do it quietly."

Before Cam could object, Jenny was kissing her. It was a slow gentle kiss, but smoldering with promise. She pulled Cam to her as she leaned back against the bookcase. After a moment, Cam pulled away and looked around. They were well hidden by the tall bookcases.

"See? I don't bite. And I promise not to scream when I come."

Cam knew this was trouble, but considered allowing Jenny to lure her into her web. Maybe this was an introduction into the right circle of people. Jenny's eyes were eager as she pulled Cam against her back into the bookcase. Her hands circled Cam's head as she drew Cam into second kiss. Cam's hands drifted down Jenny's sides almost without her willing them to, and around her back to stop on her firm ass. The pressure of her touch became harder until Jenny raised one leg and wrapped it around Cam's waist. Jenny's grip on Cam's head tightened as their kiss became more passionate.

Suddenly, a hand gripped Cam's shoulder and spun her around. Cam immediately started to react but in the split second, assessing who was now in front of her, she stopped her reaction. She jerked her head back in time to absorb most of the force as a hard fist connected with her face. She went reeling backward into the book stacks as several books crashed, with her, to the floor.

Sprawling there, Cam looked up into one of the faces that had haunted her memory since she'd first seen the picture: Ruth Tarlow.

"What the fuck are you doing?" The look of venom in Ruth's eyes as she stared into Jenny's stopped Cameron's breath. She'd seen that look only once before, on a maniac who'd just killed four people.

Ruth turned her attention to Cam. Behind Ruth stood her lieutenant, Tuck.

"What the hell are you doing with my woman?" Ruth demanded of Cam through clenched teeth. She towered over Cam as if daring her to get to her feet.

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