I woke up with my arms tied above my head, and my nude body on display. But it wasn’t that fact that had anticipation and fear moving through me. No, it was the fact four vampires planned on using me in any way they saw fit.

If only they knew how excited the dark prospect of being used by them really was to me, they might not find such pleasure in making me submit. Or maybe I’ll come to regret wanting this very thing?

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited from a previous anthology.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMMM), bondage, spanking, double penetration, triple penetration

Own Me (MFMMM)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
It was a decent read.
Karlyn Plett

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“What do you plan on doing to me?” I tested my bonds again and heard him cluck his tongue.

“I told you.” He reached out and touched my lips. “I want you.” He continued to touch my flesh, and my skin puckered, my whole body igniting with sensations.

“This is wrong. People will look for me. You can’t keep me here.”

“Shhh,” he said and grinned wider, his focus on my mouth. “We won’t worry about anyone else. This is about us.” He dropped his hand and dipped his gaze to my breasts. My nipples hardened painfully, and I gasped at the sensations coursing through me.

The next moment seemed to go in slow motion, and I watched helplessly. He skimmed his palm over my breast, the roughness and strength of it scraping, making my nipple drawing up painfully tight. An involuntary moan left me, and I felt my face heat from my traitorous body’s reaction.

“Ah, I see you aren’t quite the prisoner after all, are you?” He leaned in close, so his face was only inches from mine. He took my nipple and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, his eyes locked right on mine. My whole body relaxed, and I realized I was arching into his touch, thrusting my breasts into his waiting fingers like some kind of fiend.

He pulled and tweaked until I was moaning loudly and panting with need, unable to stop the reaction inside of me. My cunt throbbed, became so wet, and my clit was so engorged I swear my heart was beating in it.

“Please, I want to leave,” I said, but even I could hear it was empty. The statement sounded pathetic to my own ears. The way I felt, so hot and needy, I knew I had no desire to leave, even if rationalization and common sense told me I was a fool to want this. After several seconds of erotically torturing me, he stepped away from me. I took a deep breath, willing my body to come down from the high he’d caused.

His face became a stoic mask, and I knew whatever was about to happen was either going to be very, very good, or horribly bad.

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