Peak of Desire (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 155,263
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Romance, food play, HEA]

Erica Mitchell is used to unconventional experiences. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the path her life would take upon meeting a handsome Navajo man with a strong reckless streak. A high-rise window washer with raw sex appeal, Cody Begay instantly captures Erica’s attention. His lean, muscular body, which has been sculpted from years of rock climbing, incites a lust she can’t deny. Yet beyond his striking physical appearance lies an intriguing personality that effortlessly draws her in. The ultimate thrill seeker, Cody is used to taking life by the balls, but when a brutal attack takes place, the couple’s lives are turned upside down. With the assailant on the loose, and their lives in complete disarray, they’re dangerously close to the breaking point. Having experienced the highest of highs, it’s now time for them to face the immense challenges head-on. And in the process, endure a number of battle scars—both physical and mental.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Peak of Desire (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Peak of Desire (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 155,263
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
I loved this book. They characters where truely amazing and seemed so real. There was times I wanted to shake Erica for not letting Cody in, but I wasnt disappointed. A must ready with a few oh my gosh moments and a great ending.
Barefoot Okie



Cody propelled himself upward with spiderlike skill, moving with a grace and speed that she couldn’t help admiring. His biceps rippled, calf muscles flexing as he continued toward the summit. She loved seeing him in action, and she found that the sight of him was like an aphrodisiac for her. Few things turned her on more than watching a man engage in physical activity, and even from where she stood on the ground, she could hear little grunts of exertion coming from Cody’s mouth.

To say he was incredibly adept at climbing would be putting it lightly, and she was nothing short of fascinated by the strength he possessed. In what seemed like an amazingly short amount of time, he reached the top and set the anchor in place. Then he began his journey back downward.

At certain points along his climb downward, the places where he jammed his fingers and the tips of his feet into the granite surface were very far apart. This resulted in him having to rely purely on the strength of his arms, leaving his legs to dangle completely free. Whenever this happened, Erica felt her heart rate speed up, and although she knew what a skilled climber he was, she still couldn’t help but worry about his safety.

He was still far enough from the ground so that if he did fall, it would undoubtedly result in serious injury, or possibly even death. She didn’t like thinking such morbid thoughts, but it was difficult not to when he was scaling a forty-foot rock without any type of safety equipment. It wasn’t until his feet were once again planted on ground that she felt completely at ease, and as he approached her, she noticed there was an excitement dancing in his eyes. Clearly exhilarated by the climb, he smoothed a few strands of stray hair away from his forehead then offered her a little smile.

“Anchor’s in place. You ready to go up?”

She glanced briefly at the towering slab of granite then allowed her eyes to drift back to him, and she offered a little nod.

“Don’t worry, it looks more intimidating than it actually is.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re an expert climber.”

“Took me years to get there, though. Just like you, I started off with the basics.”

“You call this basic?” Her eyes darted to the rock that loomed above them.

A look of amusement crossed his face. “Let’s get you strapped in.”

Cody clipped her in to the rope that was secured to the top of the rock formation, and then he put on a harness of his own. He then grabbed hold of the other end of the climbing rope and threaded it into a device that was attached to his own harness.

After checking to make sure it was securely attached, he directed his gaze at her then said, “Whenever you’re ready, you can start going up.”

A look of astonishment crossed her face. “You’re not climbing with me?”

“I’m the belayer, which means I’ll stay on the ground and hold the rope to make sure you’re safe and secure.”

“What if I get stuck on a certain move and need help? Then what?”

“It’s not likely to happen. I’ve done plenty of routes in this area, and this is one of the easiest ones. I wouldn’t have picked it out if I didn’t think you could manage it.”

She took a glance upward at the wall of rock, remaining silent as she psyched herself up to scale it. Perhaps mistaking her stillness for apprehension, Cody offered some more words.

“Me going up there with you won’t make it any easier, you know. It’s your own arms and legs that’ll have to do the work, not mine.”

Erica nodded, and then without another moment of hesitation, she began to move upward. Tackling the forty-foot granite formation was definitely more challenging than climbing a wall at the gym, but just as Cody had said, it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. Whenever he noticed her having difficulty, he yelled out tips from his position on the ground.

She made it nearly halfway up before making her first mistake, and as her foot slipped from one of the crevices, she fell back off the rock. Since Cody had control of her rope, her fall was considerably shortened, so she was able to quickly reposition herself and continue the climb.

After thirty-five minutes of straddling cracks and clutching stone, she finally reached the summit. The view from the top was nothing short of spectacular, and Erica was awestruck from the bird’s-eye view that she was afforded from her position on top of the rock.

Beneath bright sun and boundless blue sky, weathered granite cliffs and rugged mountains of twisted rock were dotted along the desert landscape, interspersed with twisted, spiky Joshua trees. There was the screech of a hawk as it soared high in the sky above her, and she felt the gentle caress of the Mojave wind as it blew against her face.

Casting her eyes down at Cody, she saw that he was little more than a small spot on the ground. Being so high up really put things in perspective, and she couldn’t help feeling a small rush of pride from having ascended such a monolithic rock.

After climbing back down and once again reaching ground level, she found that her arms were burning and her leg muscles were sore, but none of that mattered, because she’d managed to accomplish quite a feat. It may not have been comparable to scaling Mt. Everest, but it was still quite an achievement.

Clearly proud of the fact that she’d successfully scaled the forty-foot-high rock, a pleased smile touched his lips. “Nice climbing. You did well.”

He bent down to brush his lips tenderly against hers, and she looped her arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. When their mouths parted, Cody saw that Erica’s lips were tugged into smile, and he offered her a questioning look.

“Are you smiling from the kiss or the climb?”





As her panty-clad crotch met with his own, she realized he was nude, and she felt a pang of desire shoot through her. He brought a hand up to her face, tenderly stroking her cheek as he gazed deep into her eyes. Then he moved his hand to her hair and gently pulled it loose from the elastic band. He tenderly ran his fingers through her hair, eyes gazing into hers with smoldering intensity. The only thing to break the silence around them was the noise of the wind whistling through the canyons, which seemed to add to the mystical tranquility of the desert atmosphere.

As Erica’s palms roamed along the hard lines of his body, Cody’s caressed the smooth softness of her feminine curves. His palm slid languidly along the silky skin of her thighs then slipped beneath the hem of her long T-shirt to venture further up. His fingers met with the warmth between her legs, and as his thumb began to caress the sensitive crease between her thighs, a breathy sound of pleasure escaped her throat.

He pressed his mouth to hers, greedily devouring the soft pads of her lips. Their tongues gently tussled, and as their passion continued to grow, their kisses became more urgent. When their mouths finally parted, they both found themselves breathless, and feeling an insatiable urge for gratification, they wasted no more time in fulfilling their desires.

She felt his hand tug at the hem of her shirt, and after lifting herself up from the reclining position, she assisted him in stripping the garment off. After throwing it uselessly aside, he hooked his fingers beneath the fabric of her panties and slowly slipped them off.

Now completely bare for his eyes, she resumed her lying down position, trembling with anticipation as he hungrily took in her soft, feminine curves. His hands coasted against her silky brown skin, causing goose bumps to rise in their wake. The way he was looking at her made her feel as if she were some kind of goddess, and the touch of his hands caused every nerve ending in her body to tingle.

There was the sensation of his calloused palms pushing her thighs apart, and as her most intimate part was exposed for his eyes, she heard him emit a throaty sound of desire. As he positioned himself over her body, the faintly musky scent of him filled her nostrils, resulting in a tightening in her loins. She brought a hand up to coast it along his well-toned chest, admiring the way his copper-colored skin reflected the glow of the campfire.

Beyond eager to have him inside her, she arched her chest and planted her palms on the small of his back, releasing a little murmur of need. Unable to hold back any longer, Cody grabbed the base of his cock and guided himself between her legs. Erica felt the plump crown of his penis slide between the lips of her pussy, and as he pushed his hips forward, it entered her tight, wet entrance.

He slowly thrust inside her with one fluid movement, withdrawing a gasp of pleasure from Erica’s lips. Her hands clung to his back as he burrowed even deeper, and she emitted a little cry as her narrow walls parted to accommodate him. Having sunk as deeply as he could go, Cody exhaled a breathy noise of contentment. His face contorted in the deepest of pleasure, eyebrows furrowing as he pulled halfway out, and then he lunged back forward.

He began a slow pumping rhythm, giving her inner muscles time to stretch around the thickness of his shaft. As he gradually increased the pace of his hips, Erica settled into a synchronized motion beneath him, meeting his deep, sensual thrusts with an increasingly urgent rocking of her hips. His biceps flexed as he supported his weight on his arms, continuously driving in and out of her snug, wet hole. With each thrust that he gave, her moans grew louder, hips rocking in time to her lover’s deep, languid thrusts.

It’d been far too long since she’d last had the pleasure of a man inside her, and as his warm, wet tongue swept across one of her puffy nipples, a breathy moan escaped her throat. He sloppily suckled and licked her pert peaks, bringing them to impossibly stiff points nearly instantaneously. After a few minutes of lavishing them with attention, he removed his mouth from her swollen buds, leaving them thoroughly licked and glistening with saliva.

His mouth pressed to the crook of her neck, lips peppering kisses along the sensitive flesh, and as his tongue reached her mouth, he glided it across her bottom lip. Erica opened her mouth in an invitation for him to explore, and their mouths came together in an all-consuming kiss, passion steadily building as their hips bucked and bodies perspired.

Her hands moved upward to thread into Cody’s long, dark hair, and as his movements grew more urgent, she broke her lips from his and let loose a carnal sound of pleasure. His powerful, masculine form rocked against hers with wanton need, and his eyes captured her own with a ravenous stare. Filled with an insatiable hunger for him, she bucked her hips urgently against his, and as the movement of her lower body grew more fevered, Cody took notice.

“Want it harder, baby?” His voice came out raspy and thick.

She gave a nod, her mouth dropping open in a hot gasp as he hit a particularly sensitive spot deep within.

Lowering his lips to her ear, he softly spoke into it. “Then ask for it.”


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