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Perfect Picture (MF)

The ShadowDance Club 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 54,031
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, sex toys, HEA]

Noah Drummond left Iliana Red Cloud’s bed in the middle of the night to help a group of kidnapped young women. He didn’t return to Colorado, fearing his love for Ilaina would target the woman who became an international modeling sensation.

Now they have both returned to their small hometown in Colorado, and he intends to win back her trust and her heart. When Ilaina hears Alex and Zach Lamont asking Noah for his help rescuing the young daughter of a fallen fellow soldier, she volunteers her help.

Ilaina is tired of being sheltered and coddled. She wants to prove to Noah and her three older brothers that she is a woman worthy of their respect. Her confidence has been hard won. Years of dealing with stalkers and the media have hardened Ilaina in ways even she doesn’t like anymore. Can Noah protect her from the dangers that dance at the fringes of their mission and reclaim their future together?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Another great book by Avery Gale. Noah is such a man's man that I totally fell in love with him and wanted a Noah for myself. Now I am eagerly awaiting another book in this series.

- rhondavb

Holy smoke this series is smoking hot and wonderful. Being transported to Climax to fall in love is fabulous. I love this series and Avery is a talented author. Her descriptions make you feel like ...

- ckkdbollinger

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He was standing just inside the doorway looking down at Ilaina—lost in the wonder of how truly amazing she looked and wishing he had a camera so he could capture the moment. He was so caught up in the moment he hadn’t even noticed Collin standing beside him. “She is amazing isn’t she? I know the world looks at her and sees a perfect face and body, but I look at her and see the little sister I didn’t spend enough time getting to know because I was so busy bossing her around.” The emotion in Collin’s voice surprised Noah and when he turned to look at the man standing beside him he was shocked to see he was clearly wearing his heart on his sleeve.

“She is amazing, but it’s a beauty that shines from within. You would have been so proud of her when we went for Myla. I can’t even begin to tell you how deplorable the rushed travel arrangements and shooting locations were, but she did not complain once. Her presence almost caused a riot in every airport we visited, yet she calmly signed hundreds of autographs and posed for a thousand pictures and her smile never wavered. I’ve never known anyone like her.” Noah wanted nothing more than to tell her brother just exactly what his plans were, but Ilaina was a grown woman and she deserved to be the first one to know that he wanted her to be his wife—and the sooner, the better.

“I hope you are planning to take her to your place tonight. We just got a call from one of the perimeter guys I’d hired and we’d had him on close patrol until I could do some upgrades on our security systems. Somebody has managed to by-pass my system. When he went inside Ilaina’s apartment there was a large vase of roses in the middle of the kitchen table with a letter detailing how her fiancé intends to make Ilaina the happiest woman in the world. It’s a good thing I got the call, because if it had been Cash you wouldn’t get out of here with her. Cash would have her under armed guard 24/7.” Noah noted the affection in Collin’s voice and had to smile at the truth of his words. “But, I’ve seen the way you look at her and I know all about the security protocols you’ve installed in that fortress you call a studio and home. You need to get on the road before somebody alerts Cash. Alex said to tell you to use the Bat Cave entrance.”

“Christ, I can’t believe he actually got in your home. Do you have someone securing it now? I’ve got plenty of room if you’d like to stay with us tonight.” Noah knew there was no way a Navy SEAL was going to let something like this keep him from his own home, but he wanted to make the offer anyway. He was already moving toward the door with Ilaina cradled in his arms when Alex opened it and then moved toward his truck to open the door so that Noah could settle her in and fasten her safety belt.

Alex nodded toward the road. “Let us know when you are safely inside the warehouse. We’ve got people at various locations along your route, but no one close to the entrance to the tunnel so we don’t draw unnecessary attention. We’ll video conference tomorrow at 1400. That should give our team plenty of time to get a few things in place. Colt and Mitch have a couple of ideas.” Ordinarily, Noah wouldn’t have let a comment like that go unchallenged, but the sly smile on Alex’s face actually put him at ease. Alex had always reminded Noah of Hannibal, the leader of the A-Team. Not in looks, but in his ability to pull together a plan out of thin air at the drop of a hat.

Noah hadn’t wasted any time getting down the mountain and was pleased to see the hidden gate was already open as he entered the cave entrance. He hit the remote that would close and lock it again as soon as they’d cleared it. He quickly made his way through the tunnel and into the secured underground of the warehouse. All of his security systems were still armed so he was sure no one had made it inside. After he’d parked the car he turned to check on Ilaina and found her staring at him. Her eyes were huge and he didn’t even have to ask if she had been awake when they’d driven through the tunnel because he could see the questions written all over her lovely face.

Turning so he faced her and taking her face in his hands he leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose. “Come on cara, let’s get you inside so you can ask all those questions I see swirling around in those beautiful dark eyes.” There wasn’t going to be any good way to break the news to her that the sanctity of her home had been breached, but it still had to be done. Collin Red Cloud’s words of faith in him earlier this evening were well placed because protecting Ilaina would always be his primary responsibility.




“Cara, you fit against me so perfectly it’s as if the angels made us for each other.” He’d moved so that his knee was pushing her thighs apart and then he pressed his knee up against the damp junction of her thighs so that it put just enough pressure on her waxed pussy to cause her to gasp slightly. He knew he could bring her pleasure the likes of which she’d never known if he could gain her trust and then her submission. Those things would take time, but he planned to start earning them both right now.

“The candlelight loves you, sweetness. It skims over your skin like a stone on a calm pond. I remember how moonbeams always seemed to seek you out when we’d lay under the stars and talk. We’d both be on the hood of my car, side by side, yet the moon knew you were the canvas it wanted to paint its palette of colors upon.” He had continued kissing the sensitive spot behind her ear all the time he’d been speaking. When he felt the subtle shudder move through her body he moved lower and placed his hand at the small of her back so that she arched into the kisses he was raining over her collarbone and chest as he made his way to her perfect breasts.

He licked all around the nipple closest to him and then blew a soft puff of air over it and he smiled as it responded immediately. When she moaned softly he spoke, “I’ll give you everything your body seeks, just relax and let me enjoy the gift of you. Your body is so responsive and I am enjoying watching as your skin flushes a deep rose with your arousal.” When he’d pulled her tight nipple into his mouth and pressed it against the ridges along the roof of his mouth she’d started to tremble and he wondered if he’d be able to get her off just by talking to her and playing with her luscious breasts.

“Oh God, it feels so good. It has been so long.” Ilaina’s words were so quiet that for a few seconds Noah wondered if she even realized that she had spoken them out loud. He wondered exactly how long it had been since she’d had sex because she was already very close to her release and he had really only started playing with her. When he started slowly pulling his fingers through her wet fold, he heard her breaths coming in short pants just before she started trembling again. When he lightened his touch she nearly growled, “No…please don’t stop. Oh crapping crickets, I was so close.”

Watching Ilaina squirm trying to get closer to his touch had to be one of the most erotic things he’d ever seen. “Tell me what you want, sweetness. I want to hear the words.” He remembered that this had been a sticking point for her before and he wanted to make sure she was able to get past the obstacle now, because there wasn’t much of anything in the world that was more of a turn on than a woman who could articulate her needs and desires.

“Oh…Noah, you are torturing me. You know I…I can’t think when you are close let alone touching me. Please let me come, I was so close.” The fact that she couldn’t think when he was close was certainly news to him. Well at least she is as affected by me as I am by her. He didn’t comment. He had learned a long time ago that you could often find out a lot more information if you just waited patiently. Most people tend to want to fill the silence particularly when they are nervous.

He let his fingers feather over her clit and smiled when her entire body arched off the bed. She had an innate, sensual beauty that just seemed to draw people to her. There was a mystical quality to it that defied any accurate description. He’d read a lot of the words various writers had used and often laughed when even the most seasoned writers for various media outlets admitted they didn’t know exactly how to describe the unique beauty of the woman they knew only as Ilaina.

When he finally slid his fingers inside her he was stunned at the tightness he found there and he wondered again just how long it had been since she had had sex. “How long, cara? How long has it been since you have enjoyed this type of pleasure?”

And if he thought he was surprised by the tightness, he was absolutely floored by her answer. Her control was nearly gone and the words little more than panted whispers. “There has been no one since you.”

Noah felt like the world had dropped out from under him. How could a woman as sexual as Ilaina Red Cloud appeared to be, manage to avoid the pleasures of knowing a man’s touch for the past several years? And further, what kind of idiot men had she been around that none had wanted her as badly as he did at this moment? Or had she been doing exactly as he’d done and craved not just the sexual release itself, but the intimacy that could only be found with this person?

Feeling her stiffen in response to his silence he leaned down and placed a kiss right over her navel. “You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. Now let’s see about getting your sweet body a bit more relaxed before I slide into your wet heat. Put your hands above your head and don’t move them.” As soon as she had complied, he pushed two fingers into her and curved them up and easily found his spongy target. Pressing down with both fingers he made sure his next words were more command than entreat. “Come for me, my sweet cara.”

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