Playing Dirty: Book 2 of the Action Series (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,911
0 Ratings (0.0)

Keith O’Leary thought his dreams had come true. He went from aspiring actor to celebrity thanks to his starring role as one half of a gay couple on a top cable television drama. And while playing lover on screen to Carl Bronson, Keith discovered an attraction that grew into a loving, trusting relationship with his co-star.

Carl Bronson knows that image and perception are everything in Hollywood and although life would be easier if they did admit they are a couple as his lover Keith wants, Carl knows that for either of them have any chance of becoming leading men in motion pictures they must pretend, at least in public, to be straight. Now more than ever, as someone on the inside feeds details of their personal life to the tabloids, secrecy is even more crucial. Will Carl have to choose between love and career?

Book two in G.A. Hauser’s Action! series, featuring the scorching return of the charismatic and devastatingly handsome Mark Richfield and friends, drags Hollywood’s hypocrisy regarding homosexuality out of the closet and shows that, sometimes, the only way to survive in the game is by Playing Dirty.

Playing Dirty: Book 2 of the Action Series (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Playing Dirty: Book 2 of the Action Series (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 55,911
0 Ratings (0.0)
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“What are we supposed to do, Carl? My mind is blank.”

“We dance.” Carl noticed some of the men trying to listen. Speaking softer, Carl leaned to Keith’s ear. “We dance like we’re fucking each other, kiss and make out. Remember?”

“In front of all these gay guys?”

“Shut up.” Carl couldn’t feel any more nervous if he tried.

“I need a fucking drink,” Keith announced.

To Carl’s amazement, someone handed him one.

“What is it?” Keith asked the handsome man.

“Rum and coke.”

“Thanks.” Keith sucked it down thirstily.

“You want one?” the same man asked Carl.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Before he could receive it, Carl shouted, “Charlotte! We’re having a stiff one first!” As soon as he realized what he had said, the entire place broke up with laughter. Seeing Keith’s smirk, Carl moaned, “Oh, Christ, where’s the booze?”

“If you want something stiff, you came to the right place, Carl!” came Charlotte’s snappy reply.

“Here, love.” The man handed Carl a glass.

Detecting a slight accent, Carl met the man’s eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous. The heat of excitement washed over Carl’s skin. “Thanks.” He shot it down quickly and handed the stunning man back the empty glass.

“Anytime, love. Anytime.”

Carl had to stop ogling him. There were so many handsome men in the room he was going crazy.

“Can we get rolling, honey pies?” Charlotte asked loudly.

“Yes, Mother!” Carl opened the top button of his cotton shirt, boiling hot suddenly.

“Okay! Cue the music and lights!”

Loud dance music blasted and swirls of colored lights began spinning around them.

“How the hell are we supposed to say dialogue over this?” Keith waved to the surroundings.

“That’s her fucking problem.”

Over an amplified speaker, they heard, “Gay dance scene. Take one. Action!”

Carl had no idea what they should be doing. So he grabbed Keith by the hips and connected their crotches together, dancing cock to cock.

In response, Keith wrapped his arms around Carl’s neck, licking his skin and chewing on his shirt collar.

Carl felt his body tingle and caught the eyes of the men as they surrounded them. Though they were trying to act normal, every one of them was keeping track of his and Keith’s actions.

Feeling Keith step back, dancing with his arms over his head in sudden wild abandon, Carl in awe. Someone behind Keith reached around him, pulling Keith’s T-shirt over his head.

Carl had no idea what to do. Should they stop? Break the scene? Keith seemed to be loving it. The look on his face was pure bliss.

With his shirt off, and most likely gone for good, Keith began unbuttoning Carl’s. As Carl held his breath, moving to the deep throbbing beat, he felt the warm air brushing his naked skin.

Raising his head to see where the cameras were, Carl just noticed two nearly naked men, dancing erotically, touching their hard-ons through their g-strings and pulling their small garments down their hips, nearly exposing themselves.

“Holy shit,” Carl mumbled, knowing no one could hear.

Keith removed Carl’s shirt. They were dancing topless in the leering crowd. Keith wrapped around Carl, licking his chest and pumping his hips into Carl’s.

A camera made an aggressive appearance, parting the crowd like the Red Sea. As Keith devoured the skin on Carl’s chest, it closed in on the action. Suddenly Carl felt as if he needed to react, participate, when all he had been doing was observing the surroundings like a stunned spectator.

Noticing some men kissing, Carl held Keith’s face and directed it toward his mouth. The minute they connected, Keith went wild. Carl closed his eyes, pretending they weren’t being oggled by so many men, and several cameras, and deepened the kiss. Keith opened the top button on Carl’s slacks and dug his hand into them. When Keith made contact with Carl’s cock, Carl knew this was going too far. Gently he urged Keith’s fingers back out on the pretext of holding his hand. In seconds Keith had pulled out of his grasp using both his hands to slide down Carl’s back to cup his bare ass inside his slacks.

With Keith humping his crotch, causing arousing friction, Carl felt his cock go rigid. He wrapped his arm around Keith’s waist and lifted him off the floor, sucking at his tongue, moaning in agony. They weren’t here. They were alone in their bedroom. Oh God, please let this be a dream where we aren’t really being watched doing this!

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