Playing Doctors and Nurses (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 39,087
2 Ratings (4.0)

[BookStrand Western Romance]

River is happy and excited about returning home and working beside his father. But when he finds out that the woman he loved as a young man is still unattached, he's thrilled--and sexually hungry. Now that they are both older, he intends to play more than just doctors and nurses. With the means to stop her from becoming pregnant, he plans for them to be lovers.

Kai is pleased to run into River, the boy she once loved, but one look into his magnetic brown eyes, and she knows he wants to be more than friends. She can’t take the risk. However, after his threat to take another woman as his lover, she finds herself unable to resist. She's not going to let another woman experience the pleasure of his lovemaking. Nevertheless, she isn’t going to let him have it all his own way either.

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Playing Doctors and Nurses (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Playing Doctors and Nurses (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 39,087
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Ms. McPartland has a talent for helping the reader see each scene that is written. I found myself not only reading words on the page, but seeing a movie in my head with each chapter. I liked the backstory of the two main characters and enjoyed seeing how all of the loose ends got tied up by the end.
Joan Chandler

Relieved that the night turned out to be an enjoyable evening after all, Kai suddenly became worried when River wrapped his arm around her and looked down at her with eyes smoldering with heated passion. She swallowed nervously and forced a pleasant smile. “Yes, I had a nice time, too, but now it’s late and I should go inside.”

He could hear the unmistakable quivering in her voice. He knew why, and her words didn’t deter him. “Late for the old and the young but not for us, Kai,” he whispered erotically and drew her closer to him, stopping just so they were only a breath apart.

“Don’t do this, River. I just want us to be friends.” Pleading with him, she could not stop her body from trembling with awareness as his heat seemed to reach out and wrap around her

His free hand lifted and caught the back of her head as he stared down into her eyes. Her eyes were filled with longing and desire, which she tried to hide but he was determined not to let her pretend that there was nothing between them. “Friends? I don’t think so, Kai. Lovers, yes. Friends no.” And to prove it to her, he pulled her up tightly against him.

He saw her lips part to argue, but before she could utter a word, his mouth swooped down on hers. His tongue slipped inside and captured hers in a long, sensual kiss. He ignored the stiffening of her body against his own. Only a heartbeat passed before she melted against him, just as he knew she would.

It took only a few breathless seconds before her tongue started to mate with his in an erotic dance. He growled in the back of his throat and crushed her even more tightly against him, pressing every delectable sweet inch against his hard aching flesh.

Oh, how she tried, she really did try, but within seconds her defenses shattered as the old familiar pleasure rushed through her. Her fingers curled into the wool of his thick coat as she lost the will to fight against River’s sexual web, wrapped tightly around her.

Again and again, he plundered her mouth. His fingers threaded through her hair, spilling the pins and sending it tumbling down around her. Finally, he lifted his mouth from hers and drew in a long ragged breath. His tongue flicked at the edge of her lips. “Oh, God, Kai, I want you so badly.” His voice was raw with need.

The sharp words were like a bucket of cold water tossed over her. Kai somehow managed to pull herself free from the sensual web that had captured her in its silken threads. “Let me go, River,” she pleaded softly, hoping he would release her.

A scowl crossing his brow, River lifted his head and gazed down at her. “Damn it, you’re going to fight this, aren’t you?” Frustration fired his words.

With dogged determination, Kai lifted her chin. “There is no this.” Her voice held her conviction.

“Hell Kai, you’ve teased and taunted me all damn night. Damn it, just moments ago you kissed me back with the same need and hunger I felt.” Exasperation blew through him like a cold wind. Letting her go, he wiped his hand over his face before he spoke.

Feeling her face heating from the truth, she shifted her gaze from his and stared over his right shoulder. “I don’t know what you mean by teasing and taunting you. And yes, I know I kissed you back, but listen to me, River. I am not going to be your lover.”

“Oh, we’re going to be lovers all right, sweetheart, and soon.” A challenge lighting his eyes, River smirked.

Her eyes widening, Kai heard the sensual promise in his threat. She let out her breath when he let go of her and moved a few inches away.

“It’s Sunday tomorrow. I’ll be by to take you to church, and then we’ll go for a buggy ride,” River informed her.

Indignant over his highhandedness, Kai eyed him with determination. “Now, just a minute, Mister. You can’t come barreling back in to my life and think you can take it over again,” she warned him in a brittle tone.

River’s eyes gleamed with a predatory light, his hands snaking out and sliding around her waist, and he drew her up roughly against him. “Now, you listen to me. You can lie to yourself all you like, Kai, but you can’t lie to me. I can read your eyes, read your kisses, and your body wants mine just as I want yours.” His voice strained with anger and frustration.

The harshness of his tone warned her how serious he was, and she lowered her lashes so he could not read the truth of what he said in her eyes. When she heard him growl, she raised her lashes and gasped as she saw his mouth once more lowering to hers.

God, why is she being so damn stubborn? River thought with irritation. He just wanted to shake some sense into her. Instead, his arms tightened around her, and he roughly slammed his mouth down on hers. This time he was going to force her to admit the truth. By God, he would.

A whisper of a sob tore from her throat as once again she started to drown in the rapture tumbling through her. She clung to him tightly as their tongues mated in glorious wild, hot passion.

After a time, River lifted his mouth just a fraction from hers. “Say it, Kai. Tell me you want me.” His words rough with lust, he waited for her to tell him. He growled when she remained willfully silent. “I could take you right now, Kai, and you would let me. Admit it, damn it.”

No matter how right he might be, Kai knew if she did tell him he would be relentless in making them lovers. She refused to utter a word.

Furious at her obstinacy, he shoved her roughly away. “Fine, Kai, fine. There are plenty of other women,” he warned her in a harsh, menacingly tone.

The threat cut her to ribbons. “What…what do you mean by that remark?” But she already had a very good idea that she knew exactly what he meant.

He smirked at her. “I mean, there are other women who wouldn’t mind becoming my lover.” There, swallow that, he thought with satisfaction and could see she didn’t like the idea one little bit.

“I don’t believe you,” she snarled at him, but she’d lied. She did believe him, and it hurt terribly.

“Just because you don’t want me doesn’t mean other women won’t,” he said with assurance, and with a casual shrug he turned away, went down the steps and silently counted.

Her muddled emotions tore at her as she watched River walk away from her. She did not want him to be another woman’s lover. Quickly, she spoke up before he went through the gate. “What about church tomorrow?”

Five, six. He turned around. “Don’t worry. I won’t press my company on you. I’ll see you around, Kai. It was nice seeing you again. Friend.” He kept his tone light as he turned and jumped into the buggy, picked up the reins and set the horse moving. Knowing with a certainty the word friend would aggravate her, and that’s exactly why he’d said it. He snarled. Friends? Who’s she trying to kid? Damn irritating woman.

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