Poseidon (MM)

Twelve Labors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,523
5 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA]
Hunter has never liked pompous, overbearing men, and that was Poseidon. When Hunter is told he is Poseidon's mate he refuses to have anything to do with the God of Atlantis. Fearful of Hera and Aries' wrath, Hunter is taken to Atlantis, where Poseidon must convince Hunter he is not the man Hunter thinks he is before it's too late.
When Hunter has a run in with mermen determined to go to war against the people from the land below, he decides that an intervention is needed and decides to gather the other mates together to try and stop a war. Not knowing there is a traitor amongst them all, during the meeting, Hera and Aries attack Atlantis and the mates. Can Poseidon save his mate before it is too late or will Hera and Aries take the one man that was meant to be his?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Poseidon (MM)
5 Ratings (5.0)

Poseidon (MM)

Twelve Labors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,523
5 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
REVIEW:With Poseidon thinking that all should bow to his wishes. He has finally meet his match in Hunter. The problem is that Hunter is still mourning the lost of his shifter lover. The friends that he had and he finds out that they are Gods and Demi gods. It is enough to make any one not want to help any one any more. It show that with all the problems going on there is always time to take for the ones you love...The struggle and love that Poseidon and Hunter will over come

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is a a must read, a series you would enjoy. I Give it a High 5+
virginia lee




Hunter could not believe that he was standing there, looking at the sexiest man he had ever seen in his life. He stood at least a foot taller than his own six foot four, and his eyes were as green as the most plush mountain meadows.

Maybe others would be turned off by the greenish tint that ran throughout the man’s long, blond, wavy hair, but as hard as his cock was getting, that was not the case for Hunter. However, the balbo beard he wore...the way the wide chin beard was so neatly trimmed and the perfectly shaped moustache ...damn he wondered if it would be bristly or soft.

Hunter continued to appreciate the muscular pecs and wide biceps and worked his way down the treasure path to notice the man’s extremely hard, as well as extremely large, cock. How would that rod feel, sawing in and out of his ass?

Hunter groaned as he turned around and readjusted himself. He was sure he would have zipper marks from it digging into his rock hard shaft.

However, Hunter’s shaft softened quickly when he heard this man dismiss him as if he was a nothing. What a pompous ass! Then, to find out that he had been drooling over Poseidon... one of the big Gods himself, well, it just went to say how much his taste in men sucked.

Hunter just knew that he was tired. To have armies on his land, thinking that he was such a nothing, and now this God more or less saying he was disposable after all he had done for these people and their fight, well it pissed Hunter off.

“You know, Gus, I have about had my fill of all this shit,” Hunter said with a barely controlled anger.

Pegasus started walking toward him. “Look, Hunter, I understand...”

Hunter snorted sarcastically. “You understand nothing.”

Hunter turned around to try to get some semblance of control, but then thought, fuck it. “I can understand Apollo and Murray not telling me the truth. I mean, we barely met.”

Pegasus tried again. “Hunter...”

“No! Shut up and hear me out!” Hunter growled.

Poseidon moved forward. “Now, you just wait one minute!”

Hunter whipped his head in Poseidon’s direction as he snarled, “No! I have been lied to and deceived by so many of you that I have earned a right to say my piece!”

Hunter turned away and took a couple of breaths, and when he had his control back, he began to speak slowly and calmly. “Alex never told me the truth about being a shifter.” Looking at Pegasus, he said, “And you never told me about shifters, even when you saw how much pain I was in when he died.”

Pegasus hung his head. “I wanted to, but I couldn’t.”

“Bullshit!” Hunter hissed. “You didn’t tell me about it, because you made that choice. You say you are my friend and then you keep your secrets, until you need me. You need me to provide an area to have your battle with your Gods, and then this pompous ass comes in and says my life is disposable, like I am a diaper.”

Poseidon could see the anger, but he could also see the sadness in his mate’s eyes, and it was killing him. “I did not say you were disposable.”

Hunter sighed. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore. None of it does.”

Pegasus looked closely at his friend and began to worry. “What doesn’t matter anymore?”

Hunter shook his head as he looked to the sky as if that could give him something he sorely needed... comfort. “When I met Apollo and Murray, I was in Red River. I had gone there because it was a place that Alex and I enjoyed so much. I walked the trails and went to places that he and I frequented, just thinking.”

Looking to the side, Hunter continued, “I decided to sell the ranch.”

Pegasus gasped. “What?”

Looking at Pegasus, Hunter shook his head. “I am just not happy anymore, Gus. I haven’t been since Alex died. I tried to get past it and decided that I needed a fresh start. So I sold the horses. Most were picked up this afternoon, and the rest will be picked up in a couple of days. I don’t know what I will do with the land...well I didn’t, but now I do.”

“What?” Pegasus said quietly.

“Well, destroy it of course,” Hunter said with a shrug.

“Destroy it?” Poseidon said in surprise.

Hunter looked at Poseidon. “Well, yeah. You need to flood it out.”

Poseidon’s eyes went huge. “You expect me to flood the entire ranch area in the middle of a desert?”

Hunter looked Poseidon dead in the eyes. “There are too many men out there Poseidon. Too many people wanting everyone dead, and we can’t allow this fire to make it to my neighbors’ homes, risking their loved ones, animals, and livelihood. Many people in this area have only what is in their homes.”

Sneering at Poseidon, Hunter said in a cold, quiet tone, “You may find people here beneath you, but I don’t. So flood it, kill your armies, and get the hell out of here.”




That had to be the most romantic and sweetest thing that Hunter had ever heard. “You gave me your room? You honestly gave up your bed for me?”

Poseidon didn’t understand why his mate gave him the look he did, so he simply stated, “Of course. I wanted my mate to have the best of everything. Hunter, I know you don’t understand about a true mate and what that means. You were chosen for me, and I was chosen for you. I have been alone for millennia. Now I have someone to walk with me and talk with me and help me decide things that I would normally have to figure out alone.”

Poseidon’s voice got lower as he backed Hunter up to the bed and started to unbutton his shirt. “I have someone to hold against me and keep me warm.”

Pushing Hunter so he was laying down, Poseidon removed Hunter’s shoes and socks and unsnapped his jeans. “I have someone who can tell me when I am making mistakes and love me anyway.”

Unzipping Hunter’s pants, Poseidon could hear Hunter panting. When Hunter’s cock popped out, Poseidon took his tongue and licked the side, smiling when it twitched.

Stepping back, Poseidon began to remove his own clothing. Hunter licked his lips and finished taking off his pants, tossing them to the floor.

Placing his hands on either side of Hunter, Poseidon looked up at Hunter as he ran his tongue along Hunter’s cock, licking the pre-cum that had started to flow out. Pulling back a bit, Poseidon blew on his mate’s cock and watched it twitch. “Oh you like that, don’t you, Hunter.”

“Uh huh,” Hunter panted as he raised his hips. “Please, Poseidon.”

Poseidon licked again as he took his fingers under Hunter’s balls and rubbed just to his hole and then back up. “Please what?” Poseidon asked as he got into the drawer and pulled out the new bottle of lube he had gotten in hopes that his mate might want him.

Popping the lid and putting a bit on his finger, he began to insert it to the knuckle into his mate’s tight welcoming channel. “Please breach your ass?”

Poseidon pulled his finger out, and Hunter groaned as he wiggled his ass, looking for that digit again. However, Hunter yelled in pleasure when Poseidon wrapped his lips around the cockhead and began to suck and roll his tongue around. Only to cry out when Poseidon released him, saying, “Or was that a please suck my cock?”

Hunter couldn’t answer at first as Poseidon put his finger back in as he sucked Hunter’s cock once more, but this time passing the bulbous head, going halfway down, then coming back up to look at Hunter as he added a second finger. “Or is it you want both?”

Hunter pushed his ass against Poseidon’s finger, begging for all to hear, “Both...Please, Poseidon, more!”

Poseidon gave Hunter a sexy knowing smile as he continued to pump both fingers in his mate’s ass. The next thing Hunter knew, he could not breathe from the pleasure of Poseidon taking his cock to the back of his throat, running that luscious tongue under the head and the wrinkled juncture.

Hunter knew he was close to coming when his balls started to draw up. “I am so close ...please ...I am gonna ...gonna...”

Poseidon smirked around Hunter’s cock, knowing what was coming, and he could not wait to taste his mate’s seed. Adding a third finger and changing the angle, Poseidon felt the spongy bump of pleasure, and Hunter jerked, screamed, and shot down Poseidon’s throat.

Poseidon drank his mate’s essence down, humming in pleasure. After licking his mate clean, he raised his head and grinned at Hunter’s relaxed, satiated face, and then added a bit more lube to his fingers as he added a fourth.

Hunter gasped as Poseidon continued to fuck Hunter’s ass with his fingers, hitting his prostate at every in and out movement. “Oh yeah, look at your cock getting hard for me again, mate. Look at how much you want to feel my cock in your ass.”

Hunter moaned, throwing his head side to side as he pushed his ass into Poseidon’s moving fingers over and over, chanting, “Yes! Do it already! Fuck me!”

Poseidon slowed his movements. “Look at me, Hunter!”

Hunter opened his eyes and looked at Poseidon’s sincere expression. “I will not fuck you, Hunter. I will make love to you. However, to do so means you will accept me as your mate. Do you accept me, Hunter? Can you accept me, faults and all?”

Hunter didn’t answer at first because the feeling of Poseidon moving in and out of him was almost too much pleasure. Then all movement stopped, causing Hunter to actually whimper.

“Hunter, I will stop if you are not ready. It will about kill me, but I will stop.”

Hunter looked into Poseidon’s eyes and saw resignation and sadness. Taking his hand, he cupped Poseidon’s cheek. “I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not, but I feel I am making the right choice by accepting you into my life.”

Regret entered Hunter, almost making Poseidon get up, until Hunter continued, “I made the mistake of not taking a mate once, Poseidon. I will not make that mistake again. So yes, I accept you. Faults and all, I accept you and can only hope you can accept me as well.”

Poseidon’s smile was so huge he knew he looked like a goofball, but he couldn’t care less. “Hunter, we will both make mistakes, but know this....I may leave to think, hell, you may leave to think, but we will always come back to each other to talk, forgive, and make up.”

Hunter laughed, causing Poseidon’s fingers to move a bit and make him moan. “I hear make up sex is the best, but according to Murray, mate sex is out of this world. Now make me your mate.”

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