Pride & Were (MM)

Anything Goes 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,673
31 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Cody knew who he was and never made any apologies for it. He was a shifter with a high libido and enjoyed not only lots of sex, but life. And he saw nothing wrong with that, no matter what people might say about him at times. Besides, he had other issues in life to deal with.

And then he falls into the arms of a gorgeous pride demon named Belz.

As the owner of Caesars Forum, Belz deals with a lot of fake people who want him for his power and money. He is tired of the games and lies, and then he meets a gorgeous man who makes him feel more than he thought possible.

But when trouble from Cody’s past finds him and tries to take him from Belz, will they be able to get past it, or will it make Cody have to run once again?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Pride & Were (MM)
31 Ratings (4.5)

Pride & Were (MM)

Anything Goes 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,673
31 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
One of my favorites!!! It is a must read!!!!
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Pride and Were is the fourth book in the Anything Goes series and I really liked the main characters in this story. Cody is a rare shifter who has gotten used to being on his own. It’s easy to see that underneath the shifter’s tough skin hides someone who wants to be loved for himself and not for what he is. This makes him the perfect counterpoint for Belz, a pride demon, who is used to being taken for what he can give others. Cody and Belz are hot together so watch for the pages to really heat up on occasion. The author likes to keep things hopping, however, so just because they go well together does not make their relationship a smooth sailing one. A major misunderstanding in the beginning, and Cody’s insecurities, cause the two men to have a rocky start. The author brings many of the previous characters back to help the two men along the way and when Cody’s past catches up to him, they find that they really need the help. The author also hints at a future story with Nolan and I can’t wait to see what she has planned, especially since his significant other is someone we may already know. Unlike some series that can be considered stand-alone, this series is one that needs to be read in order so that you will have a better understanding of the various paranormal beings and their mythology. Something that newcomers should know up front is that this series revolves around the demons, shape-shifters and other paranormal beings in Las Vegas. As a rule they are open about sex until, and sometimes even after, they meet their mates, which some readers may have a hard time with." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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I was glad that even after we got off on a rocky start, Mick and I were able to move past it. He was one of the best friends I’d ever had now and the whole reason we were having a shower night at the club was because it had been my idea.

“Right, I got this,” I told myself mostly, and walked over to the shower. I’d seen gelatin wrestling, mud wrestling, and while fun, those get overdone. So when Mick asked everyone who worked at Anything Goes: The Leather Edition for ideas, I had said we should bring in a glass shower stall for a show.

The owners had all loved it. So they had two showers custom designed, rigging up hoses and showerheads from the rafters above and a small draining system so we didn’t end up swimming. Though, we’d talked about doing that too for another night.

“Don’t let anyone hurt me,” I whispered to Nolan as I got over to my spot. I was waiting tables that night, but since it had been my idea, Mick said I should get to be the first one to christen them. Then regular patrons could try it after we got the ball rolling and I could go back to work.

“Never, I swear it,” he said firmly as he leaned in and gave me a half hug while groping my ass. I giggled and he smiled widely, getting the desired reaction from me. I liked Nolan. He was a good buddy, but there wouldn’t ever be more between us. I thought he might have had the hots for someone else, honestly. But I still gave him a blow job here and there when I was bored and wanted to have fun.

I also really liked giving head. I was good at it and ate up the praise people would give me. Plus, I just liked the taste of cock.

He opened the door for me as the club’s announcer came on over the PA system. “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a new act and treat for you all! What you see before you on the dance floor are two fully functioning showers. Our very own main stage dancer, Reid, from Anything Goes will be performing in one tonight, to be joined by his husband Temp for your viewing pleasure.

“And in the other, we have Cody, everyone’s favorite, and normally naked, waiter. But we have one slight problem. Cody has no partner. So, any guy interested in taking this hot, hot man for a ride, tell the security at the shower and Cody will pick one lucky guy!”

“No pressure,” I mumbled as I stepped into the shower. Nolan chuckled as he closed the door behind me. I reached overhead and grabbed the wrist restraints in my hands. I didn’t want to be bound for this. I just wanted something to hold onto to start.

The music kicked back on and I started dancing, giving a squeal when the water shot out of the showerhead and it was freezing. I dropped my hands and wiped my eyes, shivering at how icy it was. Yeah, we really needed to get that kink in the plan worked out.

“You okay in there?” Nolan called out.

“It’s freezing!” Reid and I yelled together. I glanced over at the other shower and saw he’d looked at me too. We both burst out laughing and then focused on the crowd. The water started to warm up or I simply got used to it. Either way, it didn’t bother me anymore. I would have to suggest to Mick about maybe not so much pouring out. It was too much to look sexy while dancing in, more like buckets of water being dumped on my head constantly.

I stepped out of the direct spray a bit, not having too much room in the stall, and plastered my naked ass against the glass. Dancing around, I heard it squeak against the wall and thought that might not be all that sexy. Then I just went with the showering idea. I grabbed the loofah from the built-in shelf, and the body wash, ignoring the waterproof lube for right then. I was slicked up and ready to go, complete with plug, but whoever I chose to be my partner would need it.

I washed my flat chest and even flatter abs as I eyed over the crowd. I heard several groans as I held out my cock and washed it thoroughly. About five minutes in I saw who I wanted to join me… Mr. Tall, Dark, Sexy As Sin, and Confident staring at me. I kept my gaze on him while crooking my finger at him. He got a feral grin on his face and stepped forward towards Nolan. Then I turned to my security and pointed to the guy.

“You want him?” Nolan called out. Oh right, the booths weren’t soundproof. My bad.

“Very much so,” I purred, meeting the guy’s eyes. “If he’ll have me.”

“Only if I get you more than once,” he growled as he yanked off his shirt. I shivered and nodded as I set the loofah down and rinsed off. By the time I was done, Nolan was letting the guy into the stall with me. I moaned as his lips found my neck as he grabbed my hips. “Hold on to the handles.”

I did as he wanted as he lifted me up, there being a big enough height difference where if I didn’t move up, he’d have trouble getting the leverage he needed to make it fun for both of us. Then I braced one foot on a different wall of the shower as he grabbed the lube with one hand and balanced me with the other.

“So strong,” I purred.

“So perfect,” he growled in return and then lowered his voice. “Do you mind if I feed while we do this?”




“What kind of feeding?” I swallowed loudly but hoped he didn’t hear. I didn’t realize until he said something that he wasn’t human. With the overwhelming scent of the body wash I’d missed what he was.

“Envy. There’s so much envy coming off the crowd in waves because they want to be the one with you that I could feed for a week.”

“I don’t know the rules on that,” I whispered as I glanced back at them. “Will it get me in trouble with the owners?”

“No, as long as I don’t take much from any one person we have an agreement amongst demons that it’s acceptable to feed from other businesses than our own.”

“Then feed away as long as you don’t take all my energy.”

“Nope. You’re not envious of anyone here,” he chuckled as he set the bottle of slick back down. I felt his cock pushing at my hole now that he’d removed the plug as well. Just how big was this guy? I didn’t get a chance to look when he stripped. I got my answer a moment later when he pushed into me.


“Shit, you’re perfect,” he moaned as he thrust halfway into me. He moved one hand off my hips and grabbed my cock. “What kind of shifter are you?” I flinched at the question, my main goal in life to keep that from people. “Oh, so you’re rare.”

“Rare enough to know not to talk about it,” I said firmly. He nodded and I relaxed. That was the problem with being this close to nonhumans. While most couldn’t tell because they probably never scented anyone like me, it was best no one found out. Most didn’t even believe there were dinosaur shifters.

“Do you need a minute?” I could hear him grinding his teeth in restraint as he bottomed out inside of me.

“No, but start slow,” I whimpered, needing what he offered, but not wanting to get torn to shreds. “You’re a very big boy and I didn’t stretch enough for someone of your size.”

“Is this okay?” I melted against him at how sweet he was being. I knew he saw me as a person if he was acting like this and not just a hole.

“Yes, wonderful.” He was going slow but deep and it rubbed every pleasurable part inside of me. I moaned and moved my feet wider as I leaned my head back on his chest.

“You work here, right?”

“You want to talk now?” I countered with an incredulous tone.

“It’s my first time here and I have a feeling I’ll be coming back a lot if you’re here and available.”

“Yes, I work here most nights and I’m allowed to play during shift as long as my tables know I’m going to be busy.”

“What about after work?”

“I don’t like going off with men alone,” I answered honestly as he kissed my neck. “It normally ends up badly for me. I just want to have fun with no strings.”

“I can do no strings, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back for more.” He picked up the pace and I didn’t have enough air for complete sentences so I simply nodded. The gorgeous man behind me gasped and I opened my eyes that had fluttered closed. I felt my mouth fall open in shock. There were about a dozen men who were watching us from the dance floor, whacking off. “And that’s why I don’t go off with people alone. Some know me from here and don’t respect me just because I don’t play games.”

It was hard to get out between grunts.

“I understand now but I could keep you safe. Something simple? Maybe come to the pool I run at Caesars with a friend tomorrow. I’ll give you a cabana and you can relax, see I want to be your friend.”

I thought about that as he nailed my prostate. A day by the pool sounded wonderful and I didn’t have to work until later tomorrow. “Okay, but that doesn’t mean you own me or can make demands of me.”

“I’m not that type of guy. I like simple and fun, no strings as well. Just want to be your friend and maybe your first choice when you’re horny.”

“Deal,” I agreed. The guy fucked like a pleasure machine so there was no hardship in what he was offering. Plus, I really did like to swim but I hadn’t a chance to get the lay of the land since I’d moved to Vegas. That and I rarely left my old apartment before rarely leaving my new one above the club besides to work.

“I’m Dexx,” he grunted as he picked up the pace and stroked me faster.


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