Prince Drake and the Rock Star (MM)

Royal Mates, Love\'s Diamond 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 102,363
21 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Jimmy Burrows lives the life of a rock star. He’s tired of his life of emptiness. He dreams of having one special man to share his life with who values him as Jimmy—a guy who likes pizza, science fiction, and likes to cook.
Prince Drake Sorenson knows that Jimmy is his aheri. When he looks into Jimmy’s violet eyes, he sees the man who is destined to fill their future with love and children. Jimmy’s caring heart and kindness are exactly what Drake needs to calm his soul.
Jimmy can’t trust that Drake’s anger and jealousy won’t hurt him. Drake’s stories about a world called Sanzel where there is magic, purple skies, and pregnant men are proof enough that the man is certifiable. When Drake helps heal Jimmy’s friend and her little girl, Jimmy has to reevaluate his judgment of the big man. Maybe Drake’s story of magic, love, and babies is something that’s a possibility for him after all.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Prince Drake and the Rock Star (MM)
21 Ratings (4.8)

Prince Drake and the Rock Star (MM)

Royal Mates, Love\'s Diamond 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 102,363
21 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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at last... the one i been waiting for.. now waiting for the other two after this..
This such a great story! We not only get to see the romance blossom between Jimmy and Drake but we also get to visit with the guys from the previous books. Like in the first books we get to be a part of their story and I will admit there are some people who are truly evil, but don't worry..they gets theirs..maybe...don't want to ruin for you. So do yourself a favor and get this story and enjoy!
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "This is book five and they should be read in order. Each book brings in all the characters that you will see in the future stories that come up. It shows you their world, gives you an insight into their lives, and tells you about what it is like. I love the way their world just draws you in and makes you want to belong there. I love the way it has such tender parts that will have you in tears and then there are parts that will have you smiling. Jimmy is a famous rock star but he is so very tired. He is tired of being alone but fears being touched by others. He had met a man who draws him in but is scared that this man will hurt him. Even more afraid was when Drake tells him that he is his and that he will make a wonderful father. I can see the fear in that statement. Drake is actually Prince Drake Sorenson and is from Sanzel. Sanzel is a world that is full of magic, tight families, purple skies, danger, and pregnant men. So when he tells Jimmy this, of course the first course of action was for Jimmy to send him away. It is way too hard to believe. Also without his mate, Drakes magic is unstable and so is his anger. His anger is what makes Jimmy afraid. This is what makes Jimmy pull back. After receiving some horrible news, Jimmy doesn’t want to be alone. Taking a chance, he slowly lets Drake in. Then he sees proof of Drakes magic. A healing magic so strong that Jimmy is amazed. He still fears him, but he knows Drake will do everything in his power to keep him safe. He also sees the love this man feels for him. He has fallen deeply for Drake, and slowly lowering his guards, he lets this man know that he is his. He learns that Drake and most of the men from Sanzel can get pregnant. He was abused by his father and many others that have hurt him badly. Attacked at school by bullies has led him afraid that he will turn out just like them. A victim of abuse will soon be the abuser, or so that is what he always thought. However when he learns that Drake can have children he soon sees that he is very wrong. That their love will be strong and protective. I loved this story just as much as I loved the others. It was told so well that the words just flew off the pages. It captures your attention the moment you start reading and will keep it all the way to the end. Lyssa has soon become one of my favorite authors. She has such a gift at giving you a story that you not only want but also need. It will draw you into their world and keep you there. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this amazing story. I would recommend reading this wonderful book. It gives you excitement, sexy men, passion, and fire, men that can get pregnant, adventure and a bit of danger." -- Lisa, MM Good Book Reviews

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Drake covered Jimmy’s hand with his own and pressed it firmly against his body. “You will not spend time with other men, Jimmy,” he said softly, the anger simmering in his voice. “You belong to me. You are meant to be mine. Do you not accept this?”

Jimmy pulled his hand free and stepped back, reaching behind him and turning the doorknob to open the door to his dressing room. “No. I do not accept this,” he said firmly. “I’ve already told you, Drake. I don’t belong to anyone.”

He stepped back into the dressing room and turned to close the door but found himself staring into the broad chest of Drake Sorenson as he followed him inside the small room and closed the door behind him. Jimmy backed up as fear filled him. Raising his hands and fisting them, he braced himself for an attack. He was never going to be hurt again by any man.

“Get out,” he said softly, ready to defend himself.

Drake saw the fear in Jimmy’s beautiful eyes and felt deep sorrow for being the cause of it. He sighed heavily and did his best to control his temper. His parents had always told him that he was too quick to anger. He had done his best to control himself over the years, but being with his aheri and knowing that other men vied for his destined mate’s attention brought out the old behaviors that he had worked so hard to control.

“I am truly sorry,” he said again, realizing that he said that a lot to his mate. “Please, forgive me.”

Drake sighed sadly, closing his eyes and centering himself. He could feel his anger lessening and called upon his magic to help settle his emotions. When he opened his eyes to look at Jimmy, he could see by the expression on his man’s face that Jimmy had noticed the way Drake’s eyes had changed to amber as his magic swirled within him.

“What’s up with your eyes?” Jimmy asked, taking a step back and lowering his hands as he looked at him. “Are you sick?”

“No,” Drake said, smiling softly at the concern in Jimmy’s voice. “You are such a kind man, Jimmy Burrows.”

He stepped forward to close the distance between them then reached out and framed his aheri’s face within his large hands and drew him closer. He was glad that Jimmy did not pull away. Leaning forward, he rested his forehead against Jimmy’s and breathed in the scent of his mate.

Jimmy froze in shock. This man thought him kind? He had people tell him many things over the years, but no one had ever thought to tell him that he was kind. No one had ever thought that being kind was very important.

“You are the kindest man I have ever met,” Drake whispered. “You help to soothe my anger.”

Jimmy found himself leaning in to the bigger man’s touch. “Why are you angry, Drake?” Jimmy whispered.

“I cannot stand to think about you with other men,” Drake admitted. “You are mine, Jimmy Burrows. We are meant to share our lives. We will have a family together.”

Jimmy eased away from Drake, looking up at the man and seeing that Drake was completely serious in his statement. “Back up, buddy,” he said when Drake took a step toward him. “I don’t know where you come off saying that, but you’re wrong.”

“No. I am not wrong,” Drake told him gently, reaching up to frame Jimmy’s face with his hands once again. “You are the man I am meant to have a future with. We will have a very happy life together, Jimmy.”

“You need to leave,” Jimmy said finally, stepping out of Drake’s hold and feeling the loss the moment Drake’s hands left his face.

“I do not want to leave,” Drake protested.

“Well, buddy, you have to,” Jimmy insisted. “I’m tired. I’m sweaty. And I want to go home.”

“I will go with you,” Drake said gently. “I will see to your safety.”

“I’ll be fine. I have bodyguards,” Jimmy told him, not wanting to admit that he liked that Drake was concerned about him. This guy was getting too close. He couldn’t risk allowing him into his life or his heart.

Drake reached out to take Jimmy back into his embrace, cringing internally when he saw the way Jimmy stepped away from him. He did not want any other man to be responsible for his mate’s safety. It was his duty to see to the comfort and safety of his aheri.

“I will leave you,” Drake said finally, bowing formally. “Please take care. I do not wish you to be harmed.”

Leaning forward, he rested his face against Jimmy’s neck and kissed it lightly. He breathed in the scent of his man and sighed. Calling upon his magic, he surrounded his aheri with a shield of protection. If Drake could not be with him, he was going to leave his magic with him.

Reaching down, he took Jimmy’s left hand in his and pulled it slowly up toward his mouth. He placed a gentle kiss on the inside of his wrist where Drake’s name appeared in royal script. He was looking forward to the time when Jimmy would be able to see the mating mark and know that Drake belonged to him. That would only happen once they had bonded, and they would only bond once they had made love. Drake ached for that moment.

“Be careful, aheri,” Drake whispered as he pulled away and released his hold on him. “I do not like that I am leaving you, but I will respect your wishes.” He eased forward and kissed Jimmy’s lips lightly. “Mayhap, someday, you will give me the opportunity to prove to you that I will cherish you.”

“Nice words, Drake,” Jimmy said, doing his damnedest not to push back into the big man’s arms. “Empty words. Your temper shows me exactly what our time together would be like, and I’m not willing to be your punching bag.”

Drake was horrified by Jimmy’s words. He felt every hope within him die. He had caused the one man who was meant to be his destined mate to fear him. He did not know how to make his aheri see that he would only love and cherish him. Turning away from the man he ached to hold forever, he walked away. He was not worthy of this man.




Jimmy was overcome with intense need. He wanted to bury himself deep inside of Drake’s body and love him until they were both drained of strength. To make Drake come was his goal. To make Drake feel nothing but pleasure was his mission. Drake had saved this act to be shared only with him. He was honored. He also admitted to himself that he was mentally thumping on his chest, grunting with power, and grinning like a fool to be the only man to ever love his big man in this way.

“I feel the same way about you,” Drake whispered, his eyes swirling amber as the magic within him reached out and made the connection to Jimmy that he had never achieved or desired with anyone else.

“I promise to be gentle,” Jimmy vowed. “I know this is something that can be painful and scary, but I will never do anything but give you pleasure.”

“I am not worried, aheri,” Drake said softly. “Well, mayhap I am a little.”

Jimmy laughed softly then leaned forward to kiss Drake’s lips lightly. “I am, too,” he admitted as he nuzzled against Drake’s temple.

“I will make love to you with utmost care,” Drake told him as he wrapped his arms around Jimmy’s waist and hugged him before slowly running his hands up and down his back.

Jimmy eased back and looked down at his future mate. “Once I make love to you and you make love to me, we’ll be bonded?”


“You’ll be my husband,” Jimmy told him. “And I’ll be yours.”

“Husband means bonded mate, is that correct?” Drake asked, wanting to clarify the meaning of the word.

“Husband means partner, lover, friend, aheri,” Jimmy explained more thoroughly, smiling at the soft smile that lit Drake’s face when he used the word that Drake had explained was the word for destined mate on Sanzel. “It means that we will have a future together, and we will commit ourselves to each other so that no other man will ever come between us. I will be faithful to you as my husband. I expect you to be the same.”

Drake laughed softly as happiness filled him. “I desire only you, little one. You are my destined mate—my aheri. You are my life. You will share my future and share my joy. I will want you and only you for the rest of my life.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jimmy whispered as he leaned forward and kissed Drake deeply, slipping his tongue into the warmth of his man’s mouth and groaning at the delicious flavor that greeted him.

Drake sucked lightly on Jimmy’s tongue, loving the intimacy of the act and the taste of his mate. When Jimmy pulled back slightly and began traveling kisses across his jaw and down the column of his throat, he closed his eyes and sighed as he arched into the tenderness that his man was showing him. He could not prevent the soft whimper of need that escaped him when Jimmy kissed his way down his chest and captured his right nipple to suck it into his mouth and flick at the tip of it with his tongue.

Aheri,” he whispered, reaching behind his mate’s head and threading his fingers through the softness of Jimmy’s black hair to hold him firmly against his body.

Jimmy smiled against Drake’s chest, sucking his nipple into his mouth and teasing it relentlessly. He could feel Drake’s long, thick cock throbbing against his stomach and knew he was going to enjoy every moment of making love with this man. He was incredibly responsive. Every sigh, every moan, and every whispered plea that left Drake’s lips made Jimmy feel like the most powerful man in the world.

He kissed his way across the muscled expanse of Drake’s chest, biting at the bulging pectoral muscles, and doing his own bit of sighing, growling, and moaning. Everything about this man made him crazy with desire and filled him with happiness. He had never thought in his entire life that he would ever find someone who saw him for himself, wanted him because he was just Jimmy, or wanted a committed and lasting union with him. He had finally found that in this man. His man.

After licking and sucking Drake’s left nipple, he kissed his way down the center of the big man’s body, licking at the trail of dark hair that led him to the most glorious cock he had ever seen. He took firm hold of it, wrapping his hand around the impressive organ, and directed it up to point it toward the ceiling. He proceeded to lick every beautiful inch of it from base to tip before pressing the tip of his tongue into the opening at the flared, mushroom head.

“Jimmy,” Drake whispered, groaning at the contact. He felt his body tightening and had to take deep breaths to stay his orgasm. Reaching down, he closed his thumb and forefinger firmly around the base of his shaft and pressed firmly.

“Don’t,” Jimmy told him, reaching up and pulling his hand away. “You’re going to hurt yourself.”

“I must not release,” Drake told him, gritting his teeth as Jimmy pulled his hand away and kissed the area that Drake had just taken firm hold of and had squeezed forcefully.

Jimmy petted Drake’s cock lightly, concerned by the way the base of Drake’s shaft had turned white with the pressure that Drake had put on it. He kissed the underside of Drake’s shaft, slowly licking a line up along the prominent vein. The girth of his husband-to-be was more than impressive. Jimmy’s hole clenched tightly as he thought about taking him deep. Would he fit? Would it hurt?

“I will not hurt you, aheri,” Drake promised. “My shaft will fit perfectly deep inside of you. My seed will bathe your insides and claim you as mine. Do not fear the act.”

Jimmy hummed lightly as he opened his mouth and took the head of Drake’s cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue beneath the head to stimulate the bundle of nerves that he knew would make Drake crazy with desire. When he heard Drake moan and felt the way Drake’s body was shaking below him, he knew he had found a definite hotspot of desire on his man’s body. He was going to make it his mission in life to find every single one of them—even if it took him the rest of their lives together to do it.

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