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Prince Magnus and the Carpenter (MM)

Royal Mates, Love's Diamond 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 68,330
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[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, light bondage, HEA]

Prince Magnus Sorenson is a warrior who is used to the isolated life of a soldier. He is responsible for the safety of his royal family and their subjects and is haunted by his failure to protect his parents. Magnus never expected to find his aheri—his beloved mate. He didn’t deserve him.

Archer Stockton is a humble carpenter who plays baseball with his buddies on the weekends. Archie is a gentle giant with a pure heart who was beaten by his father for being gay, causing him to have to learn to talk, read, and walk again. He knew he wasn’t much of a catch. Mag deserved better.

Magnus knows Archer is perfect for him. Archer brings love and gentleness into his life. Miraculously, Archer can see through the glamour of Mag’s world. He also sees the beauty of their future and the babies they will have together. Magnus is a soldier who is afraid. Afraid to hope.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Enjoyed this book very much. Archie's sweetness brought tears to my eyes more than once. Mag's strength and determination to keep his mate safe was sexy as hell. The way he loved Archie tugged at my h...

- loves2read!!

*Sigh* First of all Magnus and Archer are amazing together. Their love, the way they began, everything about this story just makes me sigh..I really do wish that Archer's dad had still been alive when...

- mikeleeann87

Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "I found this novel to be like the others in this series. It is much more likable and less dark, but it is still a delight to have read. The characters were right on the money as to what I liked to read and the plot was as strong as the other two were. I would highly recommend Lyssa Samuels. She knows how to keep us interested." -- Eric, MM Good Book Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "rince Magnus is not only a warrior but head of his people’s security force.  The fact that he was unable to save his parents weighs heavily on his mind.  Feeling unworthy, Magnus does not plan on claiming his aheri, but he never expected to meet someone like Archer either. The second book in the Royal Mates, Love’s Diamond series, Prince Magnus and theCarpenter, furthers the story of both the Royal family and the problems on Sanzel.  Prince Magnus has more than the normal issues surrounding the deaths of his parents.  It is easy to understand why he feels the way he does and those feelings lend an air of reality to the story.   Where Magnus is tough, Archer is a gentle soul, the result of brain trauma received after his father beat him.  Archer is the perfect aheri for Magnus, as he helps Magnus realize that he is not to blame for his parent’s deaths.  Archer also lends lightness to the story with his innocence.  The connection between them is just as strong as that felt by Merek and Vance in the first book.  But unlike the first couple, these two did not come together easily and I found myself close to tears when Archer tried to remove Magnus’ name. While Prince Magnus and the Carpenter takes place at the same time as the first book, there is only a small crossover scene and it is told by the point of view of Magnus and Archer.  Like the first book, there are many secondary characters in this story and the author also gives you a look at the next couple in the series to get their story told.  New problems on Sanzel are revealed as well, and there is a twist that I am sure not many will see coming." -- Critter, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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Magnus took a deep breath and took in the delicious scent of his mate. The smell of the food in the restaurant couldn’t mask how good Archer smelled. The way Archer sat beside him, close enough that their thighs touched, made Magnus crave the contact with the man he knew would soothe his pain if he allowed it. But Magnus could not allow Archer to get close to him. Not only would it be dangerous, it would be unfair to Archer to saddle him with a mate who had lost all honor.

Archer leaned against the back of the chair he was sitting on, trapping Mag’s arm along the top of it. He turned to face Mag and smiled, reaching out to take Mag’s hand as it rested against the man’s muscular thigh.

Magnus looked around the back room of the restaurant and saw that all of his brothers, except for Daxton, were in attendance and were sitting next to the men he assumed would be their mates. He was happy for them. They all deserved to find the man who would give them a loving future. Looking at his oldest brother Merek, he listened intently as Merek warned them about the Legari warriors who were hunting them down with the intention of killing off the members of the royal bloodline and their aheris. A chill of fear went through Magnus at the thought of Archer being in danger. Picturing this man injured or killed made it difficult for him to breathe. He reached up and covered his chest with his hand as an ache settled deep within him.

“Are you okay, Mag?” Archie asked quietly.

Magnus turned to face his mate and smiled sadly. “I am well, Archer. Thank you for your concern,” he told him, trying to pull away so that their bodies wouldn’t touch. He didn’t have much control left. If he continued to lean into the warmth of his mate’s body, he knew he would do something foolish like grab him and claim him right then and there. That he could not do.

Archie reached up and framed Mag’s face with his hands, rubbing the pads of his thumbs across the handsome man’s cheekbones.

“Don’t be sad, Mag,” Archie told him softly, petting his face as he leaned in and kissed his cheek lightly.

Magnus turned to face the man who was meant to be his and smiled. “You are very kind, Archer,” Magnus whispered, leaning forward to touch his forehead to the man who gave him such gentleness so freely.

“You’re not mad that I kissed you?” Archie asked him worriedly.

“No, baby. I’m not mad,” Magnus answered quietly.

“I’m not a baby,” Archie told him immediately, pulling back as anger filled him. “I’m a man.”

Magnus looked at Archer, stunned. He saw the blazing fury in Archer’s hazel eyes and knew that his intended was indeed strong of character and had the heart of a soldier.

“I am well aware that you are a man, baby,” Magnus told him quietly, reaching out and grabbing Archer by the back of his neck and pulling him closer to place a gentle kiss on his lips.

What have I done? How could I have been so cruel?

Magnus couldn’t believe that he had just violated his promise to himself to remain distant from his man. Now he had just set into place a future of misery for his aheri. There was no possibility that he could claim Archer as his.

Archer did not deserve what he had just done to him. Even though Magnus had no intention of toying with him or hurting him—he had done just that. Archer would be hurt and confused because of his moment of weakness in wanting to be close to his aheri.

Archie leaned back and touched his fingertips to his lips. No one had ever kissed him like that. Oh, he had been kissed. He had even had sex, but no one had ever kissed him with such tenderness. He felt as if Mag really put his heart into that kiss.

Joy filled him. Maybe Mag had changed his mind. Maybe he wanted to be with him after all. The happiness that coursed through him at the thought of having Mag as his boyfriend made something in his chest flutter with excitement. Maybe there was an actual chance that they could love each other and have a life together.

Archie took a calming breath and counted to three. Vance had taught him that trick so he could gather his thoughts whenever he was confused, excited, or afraid. Right now, he was all three of those things.

“I guess I don’t mind if you call me that,” Archie finally told him after a moment. “Does that mean you want to be with me?”

“More than you will ever know, baby,” Magnus answered softly. “But I know that you should not be with me.”

He turned in his chair and looked away from the gentle man. It was too painful to see the beauty and kindness of the sweet man and acknowledge that he could not allow the bonding to grow between them any more than it already had.

Panic pounded through Magnus. He was a soldier. He was the general in charge of the royal guards. He should not be feeling panic. He should not be feeling fear. He took a calming breath and focused himself. He could get through this. He had to get through this. He had to get through this without breaking his aheri’s heart.

Archie reached out and took Mag’s hand in his, tugging at it until Magnus looked at him once again. “You shouldn’t lie, Mag. It’s bad to lie. You’re a good man, and you know you shouldn’t lie.”

Magnus looked at the incredible man before him. A small smile started to form as he felt the goodness of his intended. Before he could say another word, Archer pulled his hand toward his mouth and kissed the inside of his left wrist where Archer’s name graced his skin. He was stunned. He didn’t know how, but it seemed that Archer was able to see the mating mark.

“Why did you do that, baby?” he whispered.

“Because I like that my name is on you,” Archie answered in a whisper. “It means that you belong to me. Do you see your name on me, Mag? Do I belong to you?”




Archie remained silent as Mag squatted above him. He watched in rapt fascination as his warrior reached beneath himself and pushed three of his fingers inside his tight hole. Mag’s groan made Archie’s cock bounce. When Mag added more lube onto his hand, returned to his hole and pressed four fingers inside, Archie thought he was going to come just from the erotic vision before him.

“Mag, be careful,” he warned him gently. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

Magnus smiled down at his gentle man, squatting lower and gripping Archer’s leaking cock. He slathered it with lube and pointed it straight up so he could lower himself onto the long thickness. The small bite of pain he felt was worth the feeling of having his mate deep inside of him. He pressed down slowly, taking every bit of his aheri’s thick length within his body. When his backside sat flush against Archer’s groin and he felt the soft pulsing of Archer’s shaft within him, he looked at his mate and smiled.

“Now you are where you belong, my love,” he told him, moaning as Archer’s hips rose up and he pressed inside of him even deeper.

“I can’t hold back, Mag,” Archie told him, breathing heavily as he fought to stay in control of himself. “I need you so bad.”

“Take me, Archer,” Magnus whispered as he leaned forward and kissed his lips lightly.

“Please untie my hands so I can touch you,” Archie begged.

Magnus reached up and untied both hands, pushing aside the restraints and laughing softly as Archer immediately reached for him and held him tightly against his chest. The demanding kiss Archer gave him made something within him settle. His destined love was deep inside of him, holding him tightly, and kissing him like he owned him. And he couldn’t have been more content or happier.

When Archer finally released his lips and kissed his forehead tenderly, he melted against him. This man, this incredible man, was the one who was going to help make all the years of loneliness and pain go away simply because he loved him without hesitation. Archer accepted him as the man that he was. He did not care that Magnus was royal, or that he was a disgraced warrior. Archer’s love was pure and, as such, was unconditional.

Magnus sat up, pressing the flat of his palms on the bulging muscles of his mate’s chest. He sat back and took Archer’s cock deeper, gasping as the thickness and length filled him to capacity. This first time together would bond them. He knew that each time they joined was going to be as wonderful as the first.

Archie gripped Mag’s hips tightly, holding him still as he surged up into him then pulled back out until just the tip of his cock remained inside Mag’s hot hole. The moan that left Mag’s lips made him hesitate.

“Am I hurting you?” he whispered.

“No,” Magnus assured him, his voice tight. “Feels good. More.”

Archie smiled, knowing exactly how Mag felt. He had felt the exact same way when Mag had been inside of him. He wanted Mag to know the same pleasure that he had known.

“Yes, sir,” Archie teased, loving the flash of desire that filled Mag’s eyes. Pressing back up, he buried his cock deep, holding Mag’s hips tightly as he surged up into him over and over again.

Mag’s hands covered his as Archie held him steady, squeezing tightly. Archie loved that Mag wanted to touch him as they made love. He loved the way Mag looked at him with eyes filled with want and tenderness. No one had ever looked at him as if they had wanted to keep him forever—until now.

“I love you, Mag,” he whispered, gasping as his balls drew up tight and tingles spread throughout his body.

“I love you, baby,” Mag said, crying out as his cock erupted and spewed seed all over Archer’s stomach and chest.

The sight of Mag’s seed gushing from his cock was enough to send Archie over the edge. He held onto Mag’s hips tightly and pulled him down as he surged up, sending his cock deep inside his warrior’s body. Archie moaned as he came, his cock sending wave after wave of his seed into Mag. Just the thought of Mag wanting a part of Archie inside of him made him squirt two more times before he collapsed against the bed. He relaxed his hold on Mag’s hips and caressed them lightly as concern filled him that he might have been too rough with his grip. He fought to catch his breath, catching Magnus as he fell forward and landed, exhausted, on Archie’s chest.

Mag was sweaty and hot, and his seed was pressed between them. Rivulets of the white fluid dripped down the sides of Archie’s chest to land on the sheets.

“Mag, we’ve made a mess,” Archie whispered.

“I do not care,” Magnus mumbled against Archer’s neck, kissing it lightly before biting down on it hard and sucking up a mark.

Archie held his hand behind Mag’s head, pressing him tightly against his neck. He growled as Mag marked him, turning his head and biting down on Mag’s shoulder. He couldn’t help himself.

“Sorry,” he whispered against Mag’s warm skin.

“For what reason are you sorry, Archer?” Magnus asked him as he turned his head to look at him.

“For biting you.”

Magnus laughed and reached up to touch Archer’s head lightly, scraping his nails against his scalp as he pressed him tightly against his shoulder. “Should I apologize to you?”

“For what?”

“For tying you up. For loving you so quickly. For biting your neck.”

Archie smiled slowly, shaking his head as he pulled Mag against him even tighter. “No, I’m good,” he said softly, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply, contentment washing over him.

“Yes, Archer, you are,” Mag sighed against his chest, kissing it lightly. “I am good, too.”

“You’re wrong, Mag,” Archie disagreed. “You’re not good.”

Magnus tightened as pain filled his chest at Archer’s words. He had hoped—it did not matter what he had hoped. He deserved nothing.

“You’re perfect,” Archie whispered against his ear, kissing him gently.

Magnus closed his eyes as pure joy replaced the cold ache that had taken permanent residence in his heart. His mate thought him worthy.

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