Prince of Servitude (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,502
1 Ratings (4.0)

Prince of Servitude takes place in a mythical kingdom where a beautiful prince named Tristen finds he is attracted to his best friend Dinas. Unfortunately in the land of Brandywine men having sex with other men is illegal. Not only does Tristen love men, he loves to be bound and helpless during the act. Tristen lets go his inhibitions when he is held captive by an enemy army.

Can his beloved Dinas save Tristen from being held prisoner, preventing Tristen from inheriting the throne? Or will the sexual freedom Tristen has discovered stop him from living his legacy. Through love and loyalty Tristen just might find he can have his crown and his true love as well.

This novel is a "fractured" fairy tale, yet it echoes the reality of our own country’s inequality of laws regarding same sex couples from state to state. There is an intentional underlying irony to this work of fiction.

Prince of Servitude (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Prince of Servitude (MM)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 67,502
1 Ratings (4.0)
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For hours Tristen aimed his spear, hitting the target each time.

After all the other young men had finished practice and drifted off, Dinas sat on the lush grass as Tristen threw again and again a spear at a target, his servant weary of retrieving.

When Tristen’s muscles burned and ached and he was glistening with sweat, he finally sent his servant away. He collapsed next to Dinas.

“Why do you torture yourself? You are by far the best and still you hammer away at your target. Give it a rest.” Dinas exhaled in exasperation.

Tristen placed his hands behind his head and watched the passing clouds. “Dear Dinas...” He caught his breath. “Why do you think I am the best?” Tristen gave him a mischievous glance.

“Because you are Tristen.” Dinas shoved him playfully.

Tristen shook his head, laughing.

Dinas chewed a blade of grass, his eyes glazed as if in contemplation. Finally he rolled to his side and said, “There are rumors of war. They say that small bands of men are raiding livestock on the Westland border.”

“I know.”

“Have you consulted your father? What have you heard?” Dinas slid closer to him.

“No, Father has not sent for me in weeks. I cannot think why not. I hear they are planning on riding to the palace at Westland to consult with King Ator.”

“That is where your betrothed is.” Dinas propped up his head.

Tristen groaned. “That is why I need to go.” He moved to his side, mirroring his friend. “I suppose I need to see her, Dinas.” Tristen loosened the strap at his hip that held his leather crotch pouch in place. His legs were brown and the light blond hair sparkled on them like flecks of gold. He noticed Dinas’ attention was distracted to his actions.

“I know you are tired of the rumors. I tell you she is beautiful.”

“You know? You know nothing, you rascal.” Tristen jumped on Dinas and crushed him to the ground, loving their naked sweaty skin gliding together.

Giving a grunt of surprise, Dinas gazed up at him.

“I wish you did know. I would sleep easier.” Tristen drew close to Dinas’ lips. As his cock grew hard, Tristen pushed it against his friend’s. The urge to grind them together was overpowering.

Dinas gaped at him, his brown eyes connected to Tristen’s as if he were in a trance.

“My beautiful Prince, your tanned skin makes your light eyes glow like the blue sky above.” Dinas panted, his chest heaving. “And your hair? My love, pure gold, so thick and long, and filled with soft waves and golden highlights.”

After taking a peek around, Tristen slid off him reluctantly, keeping his leg across Dinas’ crotch and thighs, feeling where Dinas had grown as hard as he was under the leather crotch-piece.

Dinas reached down to hold the Prince’s leg in place. “Tristen, look at you. You are the fairest Prince in all the land and you think your father will wed you to a hag.”

Tristen was in agony for him. He did not wish to speak of an arranged marriage to an unknown female. He peered down at Dinas’ hand as it caressed his leg from his knee to his hip. Tristen enjoyed the touch so much, he lay on Dinas’ chest again. “Do you think I’m fair?”

Dinas’ breath caught in his throat. Tristen could feel his friend’s heart pounding ferociously under his ribs and Dinas’ cock began throbbing under Tristen’s leg. Tristen studied Dinas’ features; his perfect skin, perfect nose, perfect chin, those magical brown eyes and that thick wonderful head of chocolate brown hair.

Tristen waited for his answer, his lips softening to a pout.

“No, not fair...” Dinas replied.

Tristen was terribly disappointed.

“Fair hardly describes someone so blessed with beauty, Tristen.”

Tristen found his eyes again. “I need you to be honest with me, Dinas. Do not fool with me.”

Dinas raised his hand from Tristen’s bronze leg to caress his cheek. “Is it that important to you to be desirable?”

“Mother seems to think so. She does go on about it.”

“But what of me? If I thought looks were everything, I would throw myself off the ravine.” He laughed.

Tristen grabbed him by both shoulders. “No, Dinas, you are extremely handsome.”

Dinas choked.“I was only jesting.”

Feeling like a fool, Tristen blushed and lowered his lashes. “Oh. Yes, of course.”

“You think I am ‘extremely handsome’?” he asked softly.

The throbbing between both their legs was a torment and a humiliation, but something Tristen knew they could not control. Tristen became very serious. After raising his head to their surroundings to be certain no one was left in the area, he glimpsed up at the high windows for a sign of his mother. They were vacant.

Dinas watched him with unmatched intensity.

Tristen arranged his body so it rubbed against Dinas in the right places. “Yes, I think you are very handsome.” Tristen was going mad for him. He didn’t know how much more he could take of holding back his desires. He brought his lips closer to Dinas’.

Dinas’ body tensed and it seemed he could no longer swallow down his parched throat. “A kiss? To seal our friendship?”

Tristen smiled. “Yes. A kiss.”

When their lips met Dinas whimpered out loud.

Tristen closed his eyes and slipped his tongue into Dinas’ mouth, thinking someone had set fire to the grass he was so hot. He ground his pelvis against Dinas’ feeling a yearning to come so intense Tristen knew he would. There was no way to prevent the attraction he felt for his best friend. But in Brandywine, these acts were illegal and punished severely.

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