[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
After hundreds of years on Earth as the right-hand of a powerful regime, Kellan has more regrets than he can count. He has never hesitated to put the needs of his Coven first, but a dangerous mission sends him on a collision course with the one man who can make him rethink his priorities.
Panther shifter Mason has lived with an all-consuming guilt for far too long, and he jumps at the opportunity to make things right without understanding the danger he faces.
Opposite in every way, these two men have to work together to protect information that could save or destroy lives. Doing their duty may mean confronting their differences, flaws, and more importantly, their need for each other. Will they fight their fate and turn from each other, or will they acknowledge what a perfect pair they make?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Purrfect Pair (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
Love the Hunter Clan, so to see a sub-series come from it with more shifters, vamps, and dragons just makes my that much happier. Can an Old Vampire and a Young Shifter make each other happy as Mates........Enjoy the adventure to find out how they're the Purrfect Pair.




“You can’t be serious, Mason!” Ethan shouted.

Ignoring his brother, Mason continued to pack some of his belongings. The Kayan of the Hunter Clan, Jake Hunter, had entrusted Mason with delivering vital information to their allies at the Vaucluse Coven. The last few years had seen Potestas rise in power, the attacks they aimed at the Hunter Clan becoming more and more violent. Potestas was reaching further, wider, and now no one was safe. Mason had learned long ago the Potestas didn’t have a level it wouldn’t sink to, in order to get what they wanted.

While world domination felt a little too stereotypically villainous, Mason knew he wasn’t far off the mark.

The information and video he had to deliver to the Vaucluse Coven needed to get there sooner rather than later. Nerves raced through him as he thought of the danger he would be in. Mason didn’t need Ethan reminding him. Potestas would love to stop this information getting into the Coven’s hands, most especially Darius, the Coven leaders brother. The knowledge could very well tip the balance of power, and give the psycho's younger sibling, Jonas, the upper hand. Mason only had to get it to the Rege first.

When had the knowledge of Potestas return become an all-out war?


“I know why you’re doing this.” Ethan flopped down onto Mason’s bed, next to the small case he was taking with him. “You think by doing this, Colton is somehow going to magically forgive us for everything we have said and done to him.”

He faltered in his movements. Ethan was right, of course. After everything Potestas had made Mason and Ethan do, after every cruel thing they had said and done to their little brother, Mason knew he would spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to Colton. They may have been controlling his mind, but nothing could erase the damage those words and actions had caused. To his baby brother of all people.

Colton had left the Hunter Clan with his mate, Jordan to assist the Vampire Coven with a possible leak and breach in their computer systems. Mason figured part of the allure had also been to give himself some distance from him and Ethan. But if there was a chance he could help the people who saved him and what was rest of his family, if he was able to reconnect with his little brother again, then the risk of being attacked or worse, was worth it.

Mason sighed. “I don’t think he is magically going to forgive us, but I have to do something. It’s not enough that he knows we were being controlled. There is too much pain there. We need to prove that we love him. That we never stopped and that we would do anything for him.”

His younger brother raised a brow. “We?”

Mason laughed. “Don’t play dumb. It doesn’t suit you. We both know that I have no intention of staying, and you won’t let me go alone.”

“True,” Ethan acceded, rolling his eyes. “So we’re headed to the Vaucluse Cover then?”

“Yep.” And the sooner they got there the better. Colton needed them and Mason refused to let his little brother down again.

“Well, this should be interesting,” Ethan drawled, following behind him.

Mason smirked. “No doubt.”


* * * *


“Watch it,” Kellan growled as yet another body slammed into him.

The beat pounded through the floor of the nightclub as Kellan Lancaster stared out at the sea of bodies, moving together like crashing waves in a storm. The sounds that assaulted his ears left him shaking his head at the current generation. How could they call this music?

It was impossible to see anything, let alone hear, yet somehow he had to find and make contact with a man from the Hunter Clan who had information his Coven needed.

Damn Potestas.

With nothing considered secure any longer, all important information had to be exchanged in person, to make sure no one else got their hands on it. Which was how Kellan found himself being given orders from his Rege, to come to the nightclub and retrieve not just the information, but the informant.

Jonas had been adamant on that last part. He was to meet up with Colton’s brother, Mason, and bring the guy home with him. Hell, even Colton had reminded him before he had left. Kellan had struggled to remind himself that the young Panther and his family had been through hell and back because of Potestas. However, after losing his best friend to the bastards, he didn’t need anyone to tell him of what the enemy was capable of. He had witnessed it first-hand.

Still, Kellan had tried to worm his way out of coming here, not that he was afraid or anything. As the CovensViserego, second-in-command, there was very little that intimidated him. He was plain and simply...too old for this shit.

Hell, he was older than Jonas, his own damn leader.

At over six hundred years of age, Kellan had been over the very idea of nightclubs when they had been referred to as inns, bordellos and parlors.

Another body slammed into him, jarring him out of his thoughts. Kellan huffed out his frustration. This was getting ridiculous.

Turning to confront the offending party, he was immediately ensnared by a pair of bright golden eyes. His entire body vibrated and he drew in a shaky breath to try and calm his nerves that had suddenly felt like they had been lit on fire. Kellan realised his mistake almost immediately when the most delicious scent hit him, tendrils of vanilla and coffee worked their way through him as he acknowledge that the man standing in front of him was his mate.


He knew the moment the other man, a Panther Shifter, recognised him as well, for his eyes widened in disbelief before muttering a curse.

“Who are you?” Kellan demanded to know. There was something familiar about him.

The other man raised an eyebrow at him. “Who the hell are you?”

His lips tipped up in amusement. The Panther certainly was a feisty little kitty. Closing the distance that separated them, Kellan brought his hand up to cup the back of his mate’s neck. Leaning in, his lips brushed over the other man’s cheek, feeling the golden eyed beauty shiver as Kellan whispered into his ear. “My name’s Kellan, but you can call me, mate.”




Pulling away from the kiss, Kellan shot up from the lounge with a growl. He ignored the hurt expression that flittered across Mason’s face, favouring to wrap a hand around the younger man’s bicep, and yanking him up.

Mason let out a startled sound when Kellan all but dragged the man behind him and into the room Mason had slept in. When he had returned a few hours later to find Mason waiting for him in that bed, Kellan had had to fight against every urge he had to take his mate then and there. Kellan knew they had needed to discuss things first, but now he was done. No more talking, no more questions. He wanted his mate. Even if he couldn’t claim him yet, he needed Mason like he need air.

Mason tumbled to the bed with a yelp, and Kellan fell on top of him. Pinning the younger man to the mattress, he groaned as their erections rubbed together. The need to feel friction consumed him as he began to move against Mason. Beneath him, Mason squirmed, panting heavily in his ear.

“Fuck, I want you,” Kellan muttered, continuing to thrust.

“Yes,” Mason hissed, scoring his nails into Kellan’s flesh.

He shivered as they trailed down his back, his skin pebbling in excitement. Kellan nipped and sucked his way down Mason’s jawline and to his neck, leaving marks as his hand reaching out blindly to find the drawer. Lube. They needed lube. He growled in frustration when he came up empty. Fuck. Did they even have any in here?

“Here. It’s here. ” Mason easily pulled the drawer open and retrieved an unused tube, handing them to him quickly. “Hurry.”

“Bossy.” He nipped Mason’s lower lip. “I’m going to take my time with you, and you’re going to love it.”

Mason moaned. “Oh god.”

Losing all control and without another thought, Kellan stripped the two of them bare, shredding his mate’s clothing into tiny pieces. Beneath him, Mason strained against him, begging as Kellan leant forward and latched on to one of Mason’s beaded nipples.

“Ah, yesss,” Mason hissed.

Biting down hard, Kellan chuckled at Mason’s squeal. Enjoying the sounds he elicited from his mate, Kellan worried at the two pink discs, swapping back and forth before making his way down his mate’s body. Parting his thighs and throwing a leg up onto the back of the lounge, Kellan slowly licked a path up Mason’s now-weeping cock. “Please.”

This is just how he loved his mate, wild and spread open for him. Kellan trailed his tongue lower, flicking it over his sac. “Please,” Mason whined.

“God, you sound so good begging,” he rasped.

“I’ll beg all you want. Just fuck me, now.” Not done playing yet, he swiped his tongue across Mason’s puckered entrance before pulling back, stiffening his tongue and thrusting into the tiny, wrinkled hole.

“Oh, oh yeah. God, I love that. Just…oh…yeah,” Mason babbled. Wetting his fingers with the lube, Kellan pulled back from his ministrations and plunged two fingers in. “Ahhh… yes… oh, god… that’s it… soooo good!”

Adding another finger, he took the entire length of his mate’s cock down, until the tip nudged the back of his throat. Mewling, his hands clutching the lounge, at his hair, Mason was completely at his mercy. Lifting so that only the crown remained in his mouth, he sucked the head as he slid in a fourth. Feeling his mate’s balls draw up, he moaned at the taste of his mate as Mason lost himself to the pleasure and came, coating Kellan’s throat with his seed.

Kellan released Mason’s spent cock, rolling the younger man over onto his knees. Reaching blindly for the lube that had been dropped to the bed, Kellan made quick work of slicking himself up.

“Christ. I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he snarled, right before he plunged his cock deep inside the temptation in front of him.

Mason hissed and then shouted as he spread his legs wider, pushing his arse back onto Kellan’s cock. He gripped Mason’s hips, pumping in and out, unable to slow down. Mason seemed to be as lost as he was, meeting him with every thrust.

A grunt that sounded more pained than pleasurable shocked Kellan out of his lusty hazy. Worried he was causing the younger man he fought for control again. When Kellan finally claimed some of his self-control back, he watched his cock slip in and out of Mason’s arse. It took every scrap of control Kellan possessed not to let loose, but he wouldn’t hurt his mate. “So good. You feel so good. Can’t get enough. Do you like how it feels, Mason? Is this what you want?”

Mason threw a wide-eyed look over his shoulder as he moaned, rocking back onto Kellan’s cock harder and faster.

Hmmm, someone likes dirty talk. Kellan grinned. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” Mason choked out. “God, yes. I love it.”

“Love what?” He needed to hear Mason say it. He had no idea why, but just the thought of hearing the words fall from the younger man’s lips sent a jolt of lust rushing through him.

Mason lowered his shoulders to the bed. “I love your cock in my arse. Fucking me. Taking me. Please.”

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