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Rebecca Joyce is your typical housewife and mother. The daughter of a retired Military Service Member, Rebecca tries to incorporate the sights, smells and adventures of her travels, but mainly she writes of the buff, gorgeous men she drooled after in her teen years! There is just somethin’ about a man in uniform…WOW!

Growing up in the military, Rebecca Joyce, along with her family moved from state to state, enjoying the never ending game of “where are we moving to next?” …which happened every two to three years! After high school, Rebecca met and married her own military service member and now devotes her time to her husband and children.

Her ‘spawns’ as she lovingly calls them, demand and expect a lot of her attention. When she is not catering to the whims of her family, Rebecca spends her quiet time reading or writing.

As an avid reader from an early age, Rebecca decided to try her hand at writing while her husband was away on a deployment to pass the time. Since then, she finds time in her hectic day to scribble her hopes, wishes and dreams.

Though her real life sometimes interferes with her imaginative life, Rebecca tries to balance each with wit, sarcasm and humor… “Screwing up takes practice…I think I’m well rehearsed!”

Rebecca Joyce currently lives in the United States with her husband of eighteen years and their three children.


Q: What is your writing day like?


A. My day begins at 5:45am…with a groggy trip to the coffee pot, as I wait quietly for the pot to brew. My three ‘Spawns’ are trying wake the neighborhood with their racket. Within forty-five minutes, the kids have left and I wait patiently as my husband gathers his things for another day at work. Finally at 7am…I am blissfully alone, where me and my loving Mickey Mouse Mug sit and sip, while I peck away. I find I have more information overload in the morning than I do at night, so my mornings are devoted to my writing. As for the weekends…have you ever tried to get anything done with three teenagers and a husband during football season? Me neither!


Q: What's the hardest thing about writing a novel?


A. Keeping everything organized. I am not an organizational guru, my kitchen cabinets can attest to that. So, I tend to buy stock in post-it’s and index cards. The best thing my husband ever did for me was to buy me a cork board and push pins, so I can organize my thoughts and ideas for each book. Honestly though…I think he did that cause he was tired of going to work with a post-it on the bottom of his shoes!


Q: What is the one writing item can you not live without?


A. CHOCOLATE! Cannot write without Chocolate. It’s mandatory, just as breathing is!


Q: What is the one element you always try to incorporate into your books?


A. Humor. Can’t live life without humor.


Q: What inspired you to write your first book?


A. Inspired not so much…a need definitely!!! Its wasn’t long after our last move, we found out that my husband was due to be deployed, I knew I was going to need more than the kids to keep my mind off the rigors of a yearlong deployment. Deciding not to get a job was hard but both my husband and I agreed, I was better suited at home with the kids. Well, I did a lot of reading at first, then insomnia set in. After wasting hours playing every game imaginable just to pass the time, I just started writing. Don’t quite remember what I wrote, just knew that afterwards, I was so exhausted, I actually slept! So from then on, I made time to write.


Q: Do you have a favorite character?


A. YES! OMG! YES! Though singling just one out is hard, but if I had to choose…it would be Mitchell…from The Armstrong Brothers Series.


Q: How many stories do you have at any given moment?


A. Too many! Anywhere between three to four different stories at any given moment. Ideas pop into my head at random, and I try hard to write them down. I keep a ‘Possibility’ folder, where I put most of my ideas. When the need arises, I refer to that folder and skim threw it and generally something will stand out and grab my attention.

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