Red Hot (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 50,331
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, May-December, sex toys]

It isn’t the flames or smoke that worry Fire Chief Brent Stephens. What worries him the most is the heat his libido keeps throwing off every time he gets near Bunny Kater.

Bunny’s sworn off firemen, and intimacy—never mind that she’s worn out a vibrator or two along the way—that is, until she meets Brent. Turning forty, coupled with Brent’s presence, awakens her isolated emotions in ways she isn’t expecting. And he’s younger than she is.

Brent is unsure of his growing interest in Bunny. If his overly zealous male ego calms down, he might be able to understand why Bunny affects him like she does. It would help if he could find his lust control switch and turn it down a few degrees, too. Second chances happen once chance at a time, but Brent isn’t even sure they’re going to get a first one.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Red Hot (MF)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Red Hot (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 50,331
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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5 TEACUPS: "This was a fantastic book to read. Being so intuitive with the characters, I found myself laughing and cheering for the perfect couple. Not only did the characters intrigue me, they were assertive to exploring love and romance without boundaries. Solara Gordon crafted a playful and exciting erotic contemporary romance that was a page-turner. There were so many great aspects detailed in the book. First, the humorous dialogue kept me satisfied throughout the book. Second, the creativity and storytelling process dented a lasting impression. And last, the relationship between the characters emphasized an honest sexual intensity for each other upfront, and there was no stopping them. This made the plot so much more enjoyable to read. From the first page, there were incredible sparks between the characters and it followed through to the end." -- Lorien, Happily Ever After Reviews

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Bunny looked out the window of the small plane—no, private jet—and reminded herself to breathe. She rolled her thoughts back to two weeks prior.

She wondered why she’d said yes. Yes to Brent’s gift and a trip to New York. How far was she willing to go? And for what? She’d said yes even though her heart and gut said no.

Brent’s confessed age of forty-two had caught her by surprise. His actions and manners were on par with hers. She’d estimated his age equal to hers. Though his boyish looks and youthful zeal made her subtract several years off how old she thought he was, four years wasn’t a huge difference.

Brent’s hand covered hers. He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Enjoying the view?” he whispered against her ear. His hot breath seared her sensitive earlobe, sending tendrils of desire to the right places. “I believe so,” he added and nipped her earlobe.

Bunny fidgeted. Her mind raced for a reason to tell him to stop. No prying eyes were possible with the cockpit door securely closed. No one else occupied the cabin. Her lids grew heavier as desire enveloped her in her own growing need. Her eyes closed at last. Reaching between them, she lifted the armrest and nestled closer. She heard and felt his sharp intake as she settled tighter against him.

His hands cupped her breasts. Heat shot through her. She could feel her nipples pebbling against his palms. One hand slid lower, rubbing along her ribcage. A soft, heated sigh warmed her cheek and ear. “I like the view.”

Her eyes shot open. She worked to turn. He held her fast.

“Don’t think. Just feel.”

Her throat grew dryer, and her hormones refused to cool down. His hot words rasped close to her ear. Lips and teeth worried the delicate flesh between her ear and jaw. Each time he nipped, his fingers traced the outer edge of her hard nipple through her blouse. Lace chafed and teased her sensitive tip. Need coursed lower in her body. She watched his seeking fingers edge inside her blouse. He undid one, then two buttons, allowing his hand entrance. She gasped at his warm palm cupping and rubbing her jittery stomach. It worked higher.

He undid two more buttons. Her blouse parted, revealing her pale peach, lace demi bra. She’d heard about watching yourself in a mirror during sex. This was better. Her breasts slightly overflowed his hands. She’d palmed and plumped while getting dressed. It was never like this.

Her neck arched. She lay fully against him. Her eyes closed. He flicked his thumbs over her nipples in rapid succession. It was as if he kept time with her breathing.

“So beautiful,” filled her ear. His tongue swirled and traced the whorls of her ear. He dropped lower, moving his lips from her lobe to her jaw. Lord, the man set her on fire. He worked lower, blowing back and forth over his marked path. She jumped as he bit. Leaning fuller in to him, she gave into her mounting desire. “Brent, it feels wonderful.”

“Good.” His muffled voice came from near the base of her throat. As his head moved lower, his hands moved higher, cupping her more. Soft moans escaped her tight lips.

“Twenty minutes till landing, sir.”

Brent turned Bunny. “Sweetie, time to simmer for a while,” he began, pulling her blouse back together. “I’ll take a rain check until later, okay?” He helped her fasten the last few buttons. Bunny’s soft sigh and whispered “yes” seemed to make his hands shake.




“I want you. Not at the expense of a quick lay.” Her fingers on his lips stilled his further words. He pushed them aside and pressed his lips to hers.

His hope turned a bit sour at her reminder to be in the moment. His heart beat loudly, drumming its message of patience and waiting. All was not as it appeared. Healing took time. Better to allow trust to grow and gain mutual acceptance. She’d revealed a lot in the last few days. He remembered his own torn, ragged feelings learning to date again. It had been a hard journey to trust himself once more.

Time was for now. Enjoy the moment and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Words he’d eagerly embraced during his furlough. His obstinate male self-image and warring heart softened their uproar.

Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled her on her back. Her startled surprise parted her lips from his.

Pubic hair rubbed over his hips as he settled between her legs. Her heated, dewy petals pushed open, cradling his eight-inch hardness. Supporting his weight on his forearms, he circled his hips on and over her. Pre-cum rolled down his cock head, mixing with her wetness, lubricating their heated contact.

“Oh God,” escaped Bunny’s lips. Her eyes, dark with passion, met his. He pressed heavier and closer. He slid his cock slid over her taut clit. He felt her rippled response. Rising up on his hands, he enjoyed the view. He bet her engorged nipples were as sensitive as her swollen clit.

 “Place your hands above your head,” he whispered against her ear as he lowered his chest to hers.

She hesitated. She furled her brow. “Huh?” Her reply was muffled by his shoulder.

“Place your hands above your head. I don’t want to lay on them.”


* * * *


Her rational side demanded to know why, and yet her heart echoed trust him. She’d come this far. A bit further wouldn’t hurt. Would it?

Her hands over her head, she gasped. His teeth found the sensitive spot between her jaw and ear. His hand traced the same relative area on the opposite side. Spirals of desire wove their intricate lattice around her aching peaks of desire, twisting and turning her raging hormones into an inferno.

Her hips rocked toward his. He blew on the wet trail leading lower. Would he ever reach her nipples? Her clit thrummed, and her nipples echoed their reply with each pulse of her heart.


Her voice broke. Arching her back, she pushed against his wet, heated tongue flicking over and around first one nipple then the other. He rolled and tweaked her abandoned nipple between his thumb and finger. His lips moved lower. The assault stopped.

She lay panting, working labored breaths in and out her nose rather than her open mouth. Her fragmented sense-of-being refused to cohere. Parts of her tingled, crying out for more. Lord, she wanted whatever he was dishing out. Had she gone over the edge? Surrendered her control?

Memories of her last few relationships lingered more than she cared. Panic threatened to overflow its small puddle at the back of her mind. He hadn’t done anything unusual or susceptible. She’d come this far, and she wasn’t turning back.

“Hmmm” spilled out of her partly closed mouth. He twisted and turned her captured nipples like two screws between his thumb and forefinger. His wet nips and licks trailed toward her waist. God, the man had her tottering on the precipice of need, urging her higher, back into the clouded peaks of surrender.


* * * *


Raising his head, Brent admired his handiwork. He grinned, watching Bunny squirm as he tweaked her nipples harder. Returning to his path, he blew over her navel, grinning more when she sucked it in. Did she think she’d escape his hungry descent?

The tip of his tongue, barely past his teeth and lips, dragged along the hollow beginning below her navel and moved lower. Strands of pubic hair tickled his chin. He nibbled back and forth, up and down, leaving no area untouched above her pubis.

Trailing his fingertips lightly, he traced the undersides of her breasts, marveling at their fullness and the firm muscles. His cock throbbed against his belly. His balls hung hot and eager for release. Lifting his hips, he moved lower on the bed. His hands caressed the outer fringes of her dewy petals. Her swollen nether lips barely covered her glistening, erect clit. He licked his lips in anticipation.

Bunny clutched the pillows supporting her. Brent feathered his fingertip closer to her clit. Snaking his hand under each thigh, he raised her. It was as if she helped, jerking her hips forward. Was she saying yes? He’d soon find out.

Brent placed her legs over his shoulders. Wrapping his arms around her hips, he peeled her open. Moist, pink flesh topped with her taut clit greeted him. He inhaled her womanly fragrance. Marked with her scent, he blew gently along her dampness. Her vocal responses ramped up his desire several degrees higher.

Bunny combed his head and hair with her hands. Unable to resist the morsel in front of him, Brent suckled her clit between his puckered lips. He held her fast. Her hips pressed higher and tighter to him with each lick.

Her short, breathy pants reached his ears. Her deep-throated sighs and moans increased. She held him firm as she thrust and ground against his growing assault. Flicking his tongue in short, rapid strokes, Brent loosened his grip on her hips. He coated two fingers with her wetness and outlined her vagina. On her next thrust, he pressed his fingers in.

She flexed and tightened around his seeking fingers. Lord, how long had it been since he’d watched a woman react to his touch? Her soft flesh and deep sighs tugged at part of him he’d forgotten about. He took great pride and satisfaction in pleasure well done and thoroughlyenjoyed.


* * * *


She groaned and raised her hips, shaking each time he fondled the flesh nearest his middle finger. He found her g-spot and rubbed more.

Joy boiled deep inside her. Bunny gasped and hummed. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth, she worried it softly. So close and yet not quite enough, she cried out, asking for and wanting more. Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over her, taking her off her precipice higher onto richer, stronger orgasms. Her core pitched and tossed her heavenward. Orgasmic bliss flooded over, through and around her.

She counted to ten and opened her eyes. Damn, the man was good. No wonder Amy had fussed about sex curing what ailed you. As she looked at him, her heart melted a little. No one had cared about her pleasure and participation before. Whether she cared to admit it or not, she was glad she’d pushed her boundaries and come to New York with Brent.

 He lay on his side, grinning. Sparks of satisfaction smirked across his face. He almost glowed in an egotistical way. His gaze and upturned mouth drew her focus. Taking a deep breath, she faced him. A flash of silver caught her focus.

A foil packet dangled between Brent’s fingers. He dropped the condom between them. Bunny glanced down to where it lay. Was he silently challenging her? Or letting her decide where they went next?

“I put my pleasure in your hands.” Brent took her hand, placing it on his cock. His pre-cum lubricated her fingers as he slid back and forth between them. He rimmed a finger around his cock head and turned to her. Tracing her lips, he glossed them with his juices. “Or in your hot mouth,” he huskily added, drawing his finger slowly in and out of her pursued lips.

Bunny worked her throat, trying to find her voice much less swallow. The man knew what buttons to push. Maybe she shouldn’t have dared him. Sister, you’ve got to be kidding, her psyche bellowed. The man is offering you the chance for no-holds-barred sex, and you’re laying here, trying to rationalize it? Honey, enjoy! Or maybe you care more than you’d like to admit?

“Cock got your tongue?” Brent teased, winking at her as he laid back.

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