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Remnant of the Fall

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: No Rating
Word Count: 80,185
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Enan Asher, forced into war to defend his faith and way of life, leaves his village and his love, Tirza. In a battle against the Romans, Enan is injured and left for dead. Alone, lost, and far from home, he finds refuge with a beautiful young woman and her father, who help him heal. But can he stop his heart from caring about the woman who desires more than a nurse-patient relationship?

Meanwhile, with news nonexistent about Enan’s survival, Tirza Korias struggles with her doubting faith in his return and resists temptations from another man. When the Romans invade her town, she is also forced to physically protect her family against the soldiers and fight for her life.

Separated by their physical battles, can Enan and Tirza fight the tempting attractions that dare try to keep them apart?

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Enan took in a breath of rain-fresh air. The orange sun glided slowly behind low rolling hills. The small limestone homes looked like dollhouses from this vantage, encircled by a tall, stone wall that tucked them all in together. Smoke curled from rock and clay chimneys as evening meals were prepared for the families of this little oasis.

He shivered against the cold as the shadows slowly crept over the hills near the village. They gathered their horses and tacked up the equipment for the short ride back. Tirzah mounted her horse and waited for Enan. The breeze blew long, dark strands of hair from her face where they had strayed from their wrapping.

Tirzah dropped the knotted reins on Bluma’s mane. “Are you coming?”

Enan managed to pull in a breath. She always had this effect on him. He remembered the first time he talked to her, stumbling for words. Tirzah had made the situation comfortable for him by carrying the conversation—and his heart—away with her.

“Yes. I’ll fetch Legend.” The stallion stood larger than most but was quick for his bulk, his strength comparable to that of the Germanic cold-blood horses. Enan scanned the grasslands and saw Legend’s bay hide where the horse grazed in the lush green. He whistled, and Legend lifted his huge head.

Enan watched proudly as his fondest possession approached at a gallop. Legend slowed to a fast walk as Enan grabbed the thick black mane and pulled himself up onto the horse’s back.

Tirzah’s grin and quick lift of one eyebrow dared him as she urged Bluma into a lope, her tan tunic flapping behind her in the wind.

Such a beautiful spirit. Enan smiled and followed after her. He trotted Legend up next to Nethan and Tirzah as they entered the quiet village. They slid off their horses and strolled ahead of the animals while they talked.

“It’s late. I should go.” Nethan’s voice had an edge that cut Enan. His childhood companion was different somehow. Enan searched that suddenly hard face, wondering at the slight tension and the twitch of Nethan’s jaw.

“It’s good to see you again, friend.” Enan took Nethan’s hand, intertwining their fingers and pulling up into a tight grip. The handshake was a ritual they had begun as boys and continued as a reminder of their friendship.

“And you as well, Enan.” Nethan’s tone was courteous, but flat.

Tirzah reached out and hugged him. “Thank you, Nethan. You won’t have to bother practicing with me for a while with Enan home.”

“I don’t consider it a bother. It’s a pleasure. Good night, Tirzah.” Nethan gave her a questioning smile with lifted brows, then began his walk home.