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Riktor: Alpha vs Alpha (MF)

Golden Wolves Billionaires

Etopia Press

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 49,212
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An island paradise for two rival werewolves...

Only three things matter to Riktor Brody. First, protecting his family. Second, keeping his pack intact. Third, carrying on the success of the family business. But now his father's dying wish has thrown a kink in the works. Riktor must marry within a year of his father's death or his family's island resort, along with all he's worked for, will be forfeited to Mickey Shaw of the Shaw pack, aka his family's main rivals. Hell. No. But finding a mate is easier said than done for a workaholic like Riktor who always believed love would wait. Even on a tropical paradise, this is going to be a challenge...

When Michaela "Mickey" Shaw heads to the island without Riktor's knowledge, she doesn't really want to own the fancy resort. She prefers to earn everything she gets in life, not have things handed to her in a will. But she does want an escape from the deep freeze in Massachusetts and to get a peek at the tall, dark, and gorgeous alpha who has plagued her secret fantasies for years. When Riktor and Mickey collide, they set off more than just sparks. She's yearned for him from afar, and he's immediately smitten with the curvy Michaela. But there's trouble in paradise when Riktor discovers exactly who "Mickey" really is: a werewolf from a rival pack who just might steal everything from him, including his heart.

Reader note: a hot paranormal romance with shifters, BBWs and billionaires, an island paradise, and a happily ever after

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The water inundated them from overhead. He reached out and grabbed her hip and guided his cock to her entrance. He thrust forward, sinking his cockhead inside her grasping channel. Riktor continued to push until he became fully seated inside her. He reached around and gave her clit a gentle tap.

She gasped out. Her body shook. He felt the first tremor of her orgasm. Her vaginal walls rippled around his shaft.

“No coming.” He bent over her and bit down on her shoulder.

She bucked.

“After this, I will take you to Black Howl, strap you down, and teach you control,” he murmured.

“Please!” she begged.

“For now you’ll get rewarded for taking care of me.” He withdrew and plunged forward, fucking her slowly.

He watched her nails lengthen until they turned into claws.

She raked the walls, leaving deep gouges and cracks in the tile. “Please,” she pleaded.

“Please what, Mickey? Say it,” he barked. The edge of a growl shook his words.

“Please, Riktor, fuck me harder.”

He reached out and grabbed a thick bundle of her curls and held on. Riktor increased the pace.

“Yes, yes, yes, just like that. I want to come for you, wolfy, and only you.” She moaned and pushed her hips back, meeting his thrusts.

His wolf howled and approved of that confession.

“Damn straight you will.” He fucked her harder, giving her what she needed and holding onto her hip and hair in a tight grip.

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