Ripples of Threat (MM)

Angel Hills Pack 2


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,533
1 Ratings (5.0)

Sequel to Omega Arrival

New relationships form and existing ones continue to evolve for the wolves of Angel Hills.

Vincent struggles with his beta mate Craig’s rejection, while alpha mate Kale considers a dramatic resolution to the matter. Gabriel's second pregnancy is even more difficult than the first, and an outsider begins to consider a connection to another omega’s recent troubles. Meanwhile, his and Ian’s secret eats away at the ill omega.

Christopher turns eighteen and, losing hope Xavier might never think of Christopher as anything but a little brother, he accepts another werewolf’s attention. X’s eventual interest proves the beginning of the young beta’s problems rather than the end.

Accustomed to gaining enemies when pursuing what he wants, Canaan learns something new about himself from über-alpha, Duncan, who, long-convinced his extreme needs will never be met in Angel Hills, becomes unwillingly caught up with the bratty beta.

Will the threats to the werewolves’ way of life from both within and outside the compound bring the pack closer together or pull them further apart?

Ripples of Threat (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Ripples of Threat (MM)

Angel Hills Pack 2


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,533
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Grey stood at the omega's entrance, and the alpha's chair fell and clattered to the floor. "Where have you been?"

"Did I miss dinner?" Gabriel asked, confused. "I thought you two were at the mines."

"We've been back for ages."

How long had he sat on the bench? "Sorry. I-I was out by the dining hall."

"You've eaten?" Ian asked.

Gabriel shook his head, watching uncertainly as Grey slowly circled him, nostrils flared. "No, I was talking to somebody."

"What alpha were you talking to?" The pack alpha's voice held a frightening edge that set Gabriel's heart hammering and his knees trembling.

Gabriel swayed, and Grey caught him before sitting, the omega on his lap. Ian leaned forward in his chair and put a soothing hand on Gabriel's leg.

"Who was it, Gabriel?" Grey asked again.

Realizing he'd made a terrible mistake, Gabriel began to tremble. What was wrong with him? He couldn't even think straight anymore. He'd been so wrapped up in finding someone for Canaan, he hadn't thought about what he was doing.

"Grey-" Ian began, but Grey's growl cut off his beta mate's protest. Although he cradled his omega on his lap, the pack alpha's tone made it clear he expected an answer.

"Duncan," Gabriel said.

A second, deeper growl rattled the alpha's chest, and Gabriel stiffened on Grey's lap.

"Why? Did he approach you?"

Gabriel could feel the muscles in Duncan's thighs tensing.

"No. I-I wanted to talk to him about something."

Grey snarled, and the sound made Gabriel jump. He would have scrambled off the alpha's lap if Grey didn't have a good hold on him. Ian stood and squeezed the back of Gabriel's neck, but Gabriel couldn't be comforted when his alpha was so upset with him. Grey's anger had never been directed at him before -- not like this. Tears sprang to his eyes.

"Was anyone with you?" Grey asked quietly.

The kitchen was so quiet, Gabriel thought he could hear Finny breathing in his sleep two rooms away. "N-no."

Grey's fingers gripped Gabriel's arms and, the omega let out a yelp.

The alpha spoke between clenched teeth. "Why would you want to talk to another alpha alone?"

"I-I ... Grey, I'm sorry. I didn't think."

The growls were coming more frequently, rolling out of the alpha's chest and vibrating against Gabriel's back.

"Calm down," Ian snapped. "I'm sure Gabriel has a reasonable explanation why he was talking to an unmated alpha."

Grey snarled, and Ian took a step back. Gabriel immediately missed the beta's gentle hand on his neck.

The alpha's breath fell warm against Gabriel's ear. "Explain."

Gabriel wanted nothing but to start the day over again. He'd been wrong to do what he'd done. Why hadn't he thought? He wanted his alpha to hold him, forgive him. Every fiber in his being yearned for it, but he could see that wasn't going to happen.

"I had this idea ... that maybe Duncan might like to t-talk to Canaan, you know, maybe as a mating interest."

Grey seemed to barely be holding himself together, body strung tight.

"Why did he touch you?"

Gabriel felt sick. He squeezed his eyes shut as though he could hide that way. "I-I bumped into him, a-and he put a hand on me so I wouldn't fall."

Grey's body became even more rigid in the chair. He ran his fingers up Gabriel's arms and over the omega's trembling shoulders. "I can smell him on you." The alpha leaned in and, pushing Gabriel's braid out of the way, rubbed his nose along the column of Gabriel's neck as his big hands roamed over the omega's chest and swollen abdomen.

"I don't like smelling another alpha on my omega."

Gabriel shivered as the alpha licked the omega's skin before sucking the place of Gabriel's mating bite. The omega let out a cry of pain.

"Mine," Grey said before standing abruptly, pushing Gabriel at Ian before stalking to the door.

Gabriel scrambled after his alpha. "Wait! It's not Duncan's fault. I'm the one who approached him."

Grey's roar of anger rattled the dishes in the cabinets and almost made Gabriel wet himself. Too late, Gabriel realized he'd made another terrible error by taking up for the offending alpha.

Grey slammed the front door behind him, and Gabriel fell into Ian, sobbing.

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