An exciting weekend in Sin City with her friends is just what Audrey needs. Living a mundane, repetitive life in a data entry job and having major body insecurities have held her back from pursuing her deepest fantasies. A trip to Vegas with her best friends might be her chance for a single night of memories to last her for the rest of her life. Max and Geoff are lovers well known in high-rolling poker games. Spontaneity and exhibitionism brought them together, but now they want a woman to share their lives with.. Hopefully, Madame Eve can find them a woman open to their fetishes who isn’t more interested in their money than them. Audrey is the physical embodiment of everything they desire in a woman. Lush, gorgeous and intelligent. One night isn’t going to be enough with her, but can they convince her to stay? It doesn’t take long for Audrey to realize she’s way over her head with the gorgeous gamblers. They actually think she’s sexy and desirable. Not only that, they want to share their lives with her! Can she set aside her insecurities and spend her life with them?

Rolling in Sin
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Geoff caught the hem of her dress and slowly slid it up her legs until it bunched at the top of her thighs. He teased the edge of her panties. “How would you feel if I got rid of these?”

She kept her legs closed, feeling a bit on display, but so incredibly turned on. “To be honest, I’m not entirely certain.”

Max rested an arm across the back of the bench, behind her. “Let’s take them off with the promise that, if you ask for them, I’ll return them to you.”

Audrey gnawed at her lower lip as she tried to decide. It’s so tempting. To take the chance and experience a delicious fantasy. But the fear of change that had kept her in a dead-end job for years still tempered her decisions. Finally, she asked, “You promise?”

“I swear it. I know it’s early to ask you to trust us, but you can.” Max hooked a finger in the silk covering the hip closest to him. “All you have to do is lift up enough for us to slide these off you.”

Taking a deep breath, she rose a smidge. Max and Geoff moved quickly, sliding her underwear off and lifting her dress out from under her so when she sat down, her butt landed on cool leather. Max brought the silk to his nose and sniffed.

Embarrassment surged through her, and she yanked his arm down. “Don’t do that!”

“Please don’t tell me some idiot made you feel self-conscious about your body’s natural scent.” Geoff caressed her thigh, so close to her pussy she clenched her legs together again. “We’re not silly boys who don’t appreciate every beautiful nuance of the female body, and that includes smell and taste.” The last couple words were said against her neck, sending shivers along her arms.

Glancing at Max, who’d thankfully lowered her panties, she remembered they were in a restaurant with people nearby. Surprise warmed Audrey’s cheeks as one of two women sitting at a table a few feet away winked at her.

“I forgot what we’re doing can be seen.” Desire for more warred with the desire to put her clothes back on properly.

“Ignore them. They’re just envious. You’re an incredible woman. All they can do is watch and wish they were us.”

“Don’t you mean they wish they were me?” She’d be lying if she believed everything the men said to her.

Max moved forward and tucked her panties into her empty palm before twining his fingers with hers. Geoff captured her other hand in his and kissed her knuckles.

“No, we have it right.”

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