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Roped by the Team (MMMF)

Daly Way Series, Book Six

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 40,000
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A year ago, Moon Szuzman had a life-changing encounter with three cowboys out on the range of the Flying D ranch. It promised to become something forever, but when they returned to civilization, everything went crazy. A freak fire plunged the men into nonstop work yet caused Moon to lose her job. Needing employment, she took another in LA, leaving her family, the men and Daly far behind.

Now returning for vacation, she finds three determined cowboys ready to do anything to convince her stay. She agrees to a fling—and only a fling—unsure they’ll want her once they learn her secrets. She soon finds herself roped by the team she left behind, and that team isn’t willing to let her go without a fight.

Note: The original encounter between these four is contained in the short story, One for the Team, however Roped by the Team is a standalone book that can be enjoyed without reading the original work.

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I really enjoy this series (Plays well with others is my fav though). Nice to keep up with all the Szuzman sisters too!Sunflower seems to have popped up from nowhere though. Paisley only mentioned fou...


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Moonbeam Szuzman shifted, her eyebrows drawing together as she wondered why her front side was chilly and her back was so warm. And when had her bed ever been so hard? Her shoulder ached as if someone had slipped a rock beneath her sheets.

When firm lips pressed to her neck and an arm tightened around her waist, it all came back. She’d been stranded in the middle of nowhere. Three cowboys—cowboys who’d shown their interest in the past months—had rescued her, and as one thing had led to another, she’d given herself to them. Not just one of them. All of them.

It wasn’t an unusual a thing in Daly, Wyoming, where they lived, but it was rather unusual for her. After college, she’d vowed to be less wild…less like her free-spirited mom…less like the frat groupie she’d once aspired to be. For six years she’d been good.

Now in one night she’d blown her vow. Well, the mean girls who’d liked to call her a whore weren’t here where there was nothing but stars, cows and cowboys. One indiscretion—one freaking hot indiscretion—wouldn’t hurt her. And being with Pete, Sully and Cord didn’t seem wrong, but it could only be this one time. She couldn’t slide down the slippery slope of sex, sex and more sex. No matter how much she liked it. She had a professional reputation to maintain.

“You’re thinking too much,” Pete growled low against her ear. He rolled her onto her back on the bedroll and yanked the blanket so it covered them as he settled between her thighs. They’d gotten dressed before bedding down, but the ridge of his cock pressed against her pussy. Her body responded with a warm melting sensation in her middle. Though she’d had the three men earlier, she wanted to be filled again.

“What about…” Biting her lip, she slid her gaze sideways to where Sully and Cord slept on the other side of the campfire. They’d pleasured her thoroughly, but she’d soon discovered they were a couple. And darn it, if they weren’t adorable curled together as they slept—not that she’d dare to let them hear her call them that.

“Trust me, they won’t mind,” Pete answered. His lips brushed over hers. Once…twice…as if testing her willingness. He groaned when her lips parted and she lifted her head to press closer to him. His fingers threaded into her hair as he cupped the back of her head. His mouth sealed over hers, and he groaned again, his tongue delving inside and the sound vibrating through her.

Moon shifted restlessly beneath him, needing to feel more of him and wanting his naked body against hers. “Yes…Pete…” she breathed against him as he cupped her breast through her shirt. She wanted him inside. She needed his calloused, work-hardened palm scraping over her soft flesh and tormenting the sensitive nipple. A flood of need slicked her cunt while his caresses caused her nerves to grow taut, tugging…tugging…harder at her core.

How could he have her mindless in less than two minutes? Foreplay be damned. She wanted him in her now.

His mouth left hers, and he kissed a trail along her jaw to her neck. His day-old whiskers abraded her tender skin and reminded her that this was no ordinary man preparing to fuck her. This was a legendary rugged man, the sort immortalized as the toughest of guys. The cowboy—tonight, her cowboy.

“I want you so fucking much,” he muttered as he unbuttoned her shirt partway then pushed it off without messing with the rest of the closure. She hadn’t bothered to put her bra back on earlier since she’d been going to sleep, and now, Pete closed his mouth over one peak and drew hard.

Dear God…

She groaned loudly, burying her face in his shoulder to muffle the sounds of her deep arousal. Had she known what utter pleasure these cowboys were capable of giving her, she would have found a way to be with them sooner—

No, she wouldn’t have. This was against her rules. But…holy freaking cow… The way he sucked one nipple and pinched the other had her pussy clenching in near orgasm. She was so close.

“You’re gonna make me come,” she gasped into his neck. She felt it twisting up on her center, readying to unfurl into a screaming cataclysm and he hadn’t even gotten off her clothes yet. Her jeans were still zipped and firmly buttoned at her waist.

“I want you to come,” he replied, dark amusement in his tone. The control of it made her shiver as it spoke to secret needs, deep inside her. Needs she’d once tried so desperately to fill. “I want you to come,” he repeated, “then I’m going to drive my cock into you so hard you’ll feel me for days. I want to feel your cunt squeezing every bit of the seed from my cock as you clamp around me.” He shifted so he could bring his mouth to her ear. “While you milk it from me.”

A shudder of pleasure worked through her at his naughty words, spoken so quietly they were only for her. Though Cord and Sully were mere feet away, she and Pete may as well have been alone.

“Please,” she whispered. She reached for his waistband, but he gently moved them away.

“Put your hands underneath you,” he commanded quietly. “Cross your wrists and keep them there.”

She bit her lip, intrigued by his bondage without bondage. Following his command, she moved her arms as he’d said. On the hard ground, barely padded by the bedroll, the position was a little uncomfortable, but the excitement of what they were doing erased any twinges of tenderness. As soon as she’d complied, he opened her jeans and worked them down her legs. They caught on the boots she’d put back on earlier, not trusting any critters not to eat her toes in her sleep. She could bend her legs, but not get free. Then Pete’s knees anchored the fabric, and she was well and truly stuck.

“I guess your legs are all bound up, too,” he commented, delight dancing in his eyes as he positioned himself to gaze down at her. “Some day, we’ll have to play with my ropes.”

She licked her lips, imagining being even more bound for him. Yes, she wanted that. Too bad, this was only for tonight.

“I like that you’re at my mercy,” he told her. One of his hands snaked under her, and he captured her wrists in one hard-fingered fist. Propped on the elbow of the same arm, he brought his other hand to the juncture of her thighs. Slowly, he traced the seam while she trembled beneath him, her body jerking in response and deep need. She liked being immobilized beneath him and at his whim. Right now, his whim was to tease her to madness.

“Please,” she moaned. Her eyes closed, and her head lolled back and forth on the lumpy excuse for a pillow.

“Please?” he asked. His lips traced her ear before his teeth caught her earlobe. “Please what?”

Please…what? She didn’t know. More. She just needed more.

“Stop teasing me,” she begged. “Just deeper. Touch me.”

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