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Rough in the Saddle (MF)

The Sterling Brothers

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 29,610
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Travis Sterling helps run the farm that’s been in his family for the last three generations. When he needs to appease his sexual appetite there is never a shortage of willing women in the small town of Granite, Colorado.

Pearl Connors just moved to Granite to take care of her grandmother’s estate. Trying to let loose, she finds herself at the local bar, then in the bed of a rough and tough cowboy named Travis. But the next morning she tries to put the one-night stand behind her and make Granite her new home. She finds a job on a ranch to help three brothers, and soon realizes her one-night stand is right back in her face, and one-third owner of the Sterling Farm.

Can she put her desire for the dirty-talking cowboy behind her, or will she allow his dominating ways to make her submit all over again?

Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

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“Are you always this … intense?” she asked and licked her plump, red lips.

“Baby, you’re about to see exactly how intense I am when it’s concerning something I want.” He saw her visibly shiver, and grinned, loving that she was putty in his hands and he hadn’t even touched her yet. He had his shirt undone, but stopped when he was a foot from her. “Take the shirt off, and do it nice and slow. Give me a show, darlin’.” He was aware of how deep his voice was, thick with arousal.

She listened to him right away, and he felt a thrill of pleasure move through him at the fact she obeyed. When she had the first few buttons undone, her tits popping out through the gap in the material, he reached down and palmed his cock through his jeans. His dick was harder than the granite that lined his kitchen, and he felt the pre-cum line the slit and start to make a wet spot in the front of his pants. He ached to be inside of her, to feel her tight, hot, and wet cunt clenching around his shaft.

“Slow enough?” she asked with an almost challenge in her voice, and he smirked, about to tell her that she was playing with fire. She had no control in this situation. He was the dominant one, the one that called the shots. She pulled the material of her shirt all the way open and showed her big as hell tits hidden behind transparent lace. His words lodged in his throat, his cock jerked behind his fly, and his mouth dried.

“Yeah, just like that, baby,” he said low, almost threatening in manner.

She tossed the shirt aside, and instantly undid her bra, showing him those big, glorious breasts. Her milk chocolate colored flesh was smooth, creamy in appearance. Her breasts were tipped with darker brown colored nipples. His tongue swelled, his mouth watered instantly, and in the next second he was in front of her.

Travis grabbed both breasts in his hands, molded his fingers around the soft flesh, and lowered his face to those luscious mounds. He licked at the turgid peaks, sucked on them until she was breathing hard for him and had her hands on his shoulders, her nails in his flesh. He didn’t stop, didn’t even think about ending this moment until he pulled back and saw that her areolas were tight, her nipples elongated from his suctioning, and the scent of her heat filled his head.

Standing fully, he looked down at her and rubbed his thumb along her bottom lip, thinking of all the nasty, filthy good fucking things he wanted to have her do with that pretty mouth of hers. He was to the point where he was almost too far-gone to care if he was going too fast. He unlatched his buckle from his belt, undid the button, and ripped the zipper of his jeans down, pulled out his dick, and stroked it from root to tip. The head was slick with his pre-cum, and he smeared the fluid around the crown.

She lowered her gaze to his shaft, licked her lips, and he groaned in response. “You’re really big, Travis.”

He wasn’t arrogant in any manner, but he knew his cock was big, had heard it from some of the women he’d fucked in the past. “You want to suck on my cock, pretty girl?”

She lifted her gaze to his face. “You make it sound like it should be a treat to have your dick in my mouth.” She lifted a dark, arched eyebrow, trying to be a smartass no doubt, but sounding breathy as hell.

“When my cock is in your mouth, and you’re swallowing my cum, then we’ll talk about treats.”

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