Salvation for Three (MFM)

Endland Chronicles 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,810
131 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Keer Teho is a planet jumping bounty huntress with a successful career and a secret. She's a rare, fertile Terran female whose number one priority is eluding the men who would breed her like an animal. Keer believes she's pursuing her latest runner until she finds herself the quarry of two alpha warriors, Cian and Tirin. And they have one thing on their telepathic minds: to retrieve the small bounty huntress they consider their 'Mate' and make her their own.

Now Keer's awaiting rescue and realizing that these two warriors will take her any way they can get her in a triad that's more tempting with every passing of the Endland moons.  

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Salvation for Three (MFM)
131 Ratings (4.0)

Salvation for Three (MFM)

Endland Chronicles 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,810
131 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "As the start of a new series, Salvation for Three creates an amazing setting with compelling characters and an intriguing premise. Keer is a very strong woman, wary of men on principle, but flexible enough to see the good that could be in front of her. Cian and Tirin have a very interesting dynamic between them, since their relationship is based on their military ranks, but it works with the story very well. The romantic scenes between the three of them are very intense, and the emotions are so well done that I almost felt them myself. Ms. Curtis does an excellent job putting the reader in the story, with very good results. Well done!" -- Noelle, Romance Junkies

4 STARS: "This well written futuristic novella is the first of a series and it was very solid...It was a story with three well developed characters, though the underlying 'universe' is a well established trope...The rest of the story just really works well and stays within the confines of the 'universe' in which it's set. The ending is not at all the usual and I really look forward to the next Endlands book." -- Tour's Books Blog

4 ANGELS: "I enjoyed Endland Chronicles 1: Salvation for Three very much. Once Keer realized Cian and Tirin meant her no harm and did not plan to turn her into one of the hated and pitiful breeders, the story flew by. Tirin was such a sweetheart and in his own way, so was Cian. I was in turns jealous of all the hot, out of this world sex and blown away by Ms. Black's sense of humor. I could not believe how much I liked the writing style of Liza Curtis Black. I also liked the relationship between Keer and Drak, her supervisor and only male friend. I hope he get his own story. I will definitely keep an eye out for any more books by this author." -- Nickie R., Fallen Angel Reviews

"What can be better than a sexy man dedicated to fulfilling a woman's every fantasy? The answer is definitely: Two men who worship you physically and mentally. Keer is a great heroine in that her story is compelling and she is not easily convinced. Cian and Tirin are just HOT. A book that can be easily read in one hot and bothered sitting, Salvation for Three is a delightful and steamy read. The sex scenes are not for the faint of heart however, so make sure you are ready for anything when you start to read this book." -- Erin Kennedy, ParaNormalRomance

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She stretched out and forced herself to begin a fast jog, pulling the runner with her. He continued laughing wildly as they ran toward the descending freighter, the dust swirling in dark clouds around them.

"Too late, bond hunter. The storms are coming. When the storms come, they come."

The freighter gate dropped and she scrambled up the gangway, pulling the man behind her. Keer pushed the runner into the jump seat and yelled over the rising wind at the security drone.

"Keer Teho requesting return to prison ship Agreeb. Now."

The gate began to rise as the security drone repeated her commands and accessed the space coordinates of the Agreeb. She watched as the metal wall rose, creaking, pulling the door in a slow ascent. The storm had swirled so much dust into the cargo bay that she could barely make out the shape of a trawler as it flew toward the ship across the reservoir. She saw two figures jump out and begin a forward run.

 Even from the distance, they were huge, muscled men with squared shoulders wrapped in the traditional Endlands robes against the sand, faces covered from the raging windstorm. They did not pause against the blow of the red storm but accelerated the pace.

"Gate Closed!" She nearly shrieked the command, knowing full well that it would not hurry the process on the old ship. "Terran mother, get that thing up before they get to the ship. Before they get to me!" The pace of the two giants running across the dirt toward the gate, as if no red lunar dust existed, chilled her blood.

Keer knew they did not come for the runner who continued to laugh from the jump seat. She could see intent in those strides. They knew she was here. They knew she was ripe and fertile,  and were coming for her.

As the gate finally reached near closure, she focused on the face of the closest man, terrified. His stare pierced through the dust, the color of Terran sun and precious amber. His hair, the wild gold in her hallucination, escaped the headcover, blowing against his face.

She ran to the gangway, still watching, grabbing a gate hold to pull up as the door closed, and peered out before the latch engaged. The blond giant ripped the cover from his head and looked across the plain at her. His jaw clenched in anger. He cupped his hands and called through the winds of the lunar storm.

"Woman." The voice boomed, echoing into the cabin. Keer gasped. She could hear him. In her mind, the voice resounded, loud and penetrating. Telepaths and hunters. Gods knew what else they were capable of.

"Woman. We come."


"They're as big as Neld's and they don't sleep, not more than a lunar wind cycle." He cackled to himself. "If they look at you, they'll have you. Something about those eyes. You can't say no to them. You'll see." He leaned forward, leering. "Wait until the winds come. Wonder if they'll flip a credit for you." He cackled a dry laugh again as he trotted beside her. "You'll be spread wide for one of the hunters. You'll see."

 Keer had a flash momentarily in her retina implant of lying, legs sprawled, under a huge man, wild golden hair streaming from his strained features, his back a mass of knotted muscles as he pushed into her. One iron-girded arm bore a twisted metal circlet. He was pounding her mercilessly, driving her so hard her legs flew out with each thrust. His hips grinding against her thighs. She could see her own slickness on his massive cock as he pulled back and then forced the purple-domed head into her sheath.

The picture was as sharp as any view screen image. It sent a spike of heat straight between her legs making her pussy tighten. She nearly groaned aloud. Another large hand lay between her white belly and the hard sweat-slick skin of the blond giant. The hand was pinching her nipple, pulling until the tip was flushed and hard.

 Another man, dark haired and as big as the golden warrior, lay underneath her. He pushed in tandem his cock equally as large burrowed in her rear checks.

She was screaming and it was not with fear.

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