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Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,975
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In the male-dominated Empire of Ranexx, Saturnia is a lovely silver-haired slave girl who might have been an imperial slave if not for her one fault. Condemned to a life of sexual use and hard work as a legion slave, Saturnia is driven east to work endlessly on the Emperor's pet project, the Eastern Wall. When Saturnia arrives she meets the cruel centurion Seneca who menaces her and ultimately plans to use her as bait to lure out the people known as barbarians.

However one man, Seneca's commander, Captain Titus, has the power to save Saturnia, to rescue her and push both of them into a new world, a world so dramatically different from the Empire both their lives will be changed forever. Does he have the courage to risk his career and his freedom to give Saturnia the courage to be what she is fated to be?

Warnings: This title contains graphic depictions of the sexual use and bondage of male and female slaves.

0 Ratings (0.0)


excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,975
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The twin Ranexxian suns had gone down and the nine moons had risen and a staked Saturnia now waited for Balon. She was in the typical position slaves would be staked to the hard ground for sexual use with a short chain attached to her collar so her head could only be lifted inches off the grass. Bent forward on her knees with her ass high in the air, her ankles were also staked, widely spread, to the soil. In this position her sexual orifices were available to any soldier or handler, who wished to use her from his knees, but Saturnia was expecting a particular handler and she was not disappointed. Each slave could expect to be in this position one moons out of every four, and when she was there would be little rest.

Balon came up from directly behind her holding a canvas sack which he tossed on the ground beside her head. She knew what was in the sack, but the time would come later to be concerned with the sack's contents. Right now she heard the rustling of Balon's tunic and then felt his semi-erect manhood rub against her ass. As his cock became erect he ran it up and down her soaked slit teasing her and waiting for her usual complaint.

"Oh, Master Balon, please put it in. I want it so, please." Saturnia was not postulating for him, even though she knew he loved her begging, she had a high sex drive as all Ranexxian females did, primarily because of their enlarged and highly sensitive clitoris. She groaned as he drove into her wet cunt, taking her as she had been taken most of her life.

"By the Four, Saturnia. I swear you could be Felicia, the keeper of pain, reborn. You take punishment like a legionary, and your passage is always so tight and good. Your silver hair even makes you look similar to the slave icon. You might serve the Emperor if not for your gushing." Balon chuckled as he rutted in Saturnia, but she felt like his words could be true and they brought her to a melancholy mood.

"Thank you, Master, for your praise. May I ask if you think I could have been an imperial if not for my flows?" She had never asked this before of anyone, but between the blonde slave girl she had seen during the suns and now Balon's comment, she simply had to know what he thought.

"You have the look, the body, the toughness they say an imperial has to have. I say you would be and I see the high class's restrictions on gushing slave girls to be foolish. Are they afraid of a little wetness? Perhaps next they won't come out when it rains." Balon laughed at his own joke.

Saturnia was pleased with his answer, but she knew Balon's humble opinion would not influence the prejudices of the Ranexxian upper class. Trying to put it out of her mind, she concentrated on how good he felt inside her and as she did her bulbous clit expanded even further and actually moved downward to allow his ravaging cock to stimulate it. There was no question now it was simply a matter of friction and time for Saturnia's orgasm was building and with it the bodily function she could not stop no matter what she tried.

I have tried to suppress it, but to no avail. First I thought if I resisted climax it would help, but I squirt more when it finally comes. Then I tried to hurry forward, hoping to climax before the juices came, but no, they still gushed out of me. There seems to be no way to stop it.

Frustrated but resigned to her nature, Saturnia closed her eyes and gave into the waves of delight coming from her stimulated clit. As Balon made a deep thrust, she felt her quivering start as his seed spurted inside her and she knew the flood was coming. Normally she had tried to warn Masters, so the might move away and not get soaked, but Balon was different as he delighted in watching her squirt not seeming to care if he got wet. This time, as the warm liquid squirted out of her, he actually took her clit bulb in his hand and rubbed it.

"Whhhha, Master, what are you doing." Saturnia was squirting her sex juice and she felt like she couldn't stop as long as he stimulated her.

"Just seeing how much will come out."

"B . . . but, I can't stop, please." It was true. Staked down and helpless, Saturnia had become a squirting machine as Balon held her sexual center and rubbed it. She alternately quivered, shook, and felt her vaginal muscles spasm uncontrollably as she squirted wildly for several seconds. Finally when she felt a wave of fatigue pass through her body Balon let go and the flow slowly stopped.

"Magnificent, the Emperor doesn't know what he's missing."

Somehow Saturnia felt honored by Balon's comment and she rested her breasts pressed to the ground. She felt Balon release her collar chain and pull up the ankle stakes.

Giving her a moment to recover, Balon moved to a supply wagon nearby and grabbed a course towel to dry his legs from Saturnia's juices which had spilled there. He returned to her and began to dry her groin. "Would you have gone on squirting and climaxing if I had continued?"

Saturnia didn't really know, but she imagined it would have to have ended sometime soon. There's only so much fluid in my body. Then she became afraid. Would it be dangerous to be forced to squirt more? Might I die if all my juices flowed out of me?

"I do not know, Master. So far no Master has done as you did. Most are at a minimum annoyed if not disgusted with me."

Balon stopped drying her cunt and actually helped her up before he pointed at the sack he had thrown on the grass beside her.

"There's a quarter leg of Tarakk in there. I'm not sure those you will give it to deserve it, but I know you do. I'm going to stand here and watch you eat some so I know you ate and didn't give it all away. So pull it out and eat your fill." Balon's voice was stern so Saturnia knew she had to obey.

By the light of the nine moons, Saturnia could see the handler's face, small beady eyes and a crooked nose. Not a Master's face she would be attracted to, but she knew she felt an affection for him because of what he was doing for her and her sister slave. I don't know where he gets the extra food, but I suspect he'd be in trouble if his fellow handlers or the soldiers knew he was feeding weak slaves with it.

Quickly she dismissed the thought from her mind for as a slave she could not have saved him if he had gotten in trouble. Getting to her knees she opened the sack and gasped as she pulled out a preserved quarter leg of the mighty Tarakk beast. It was more good food than most slaves would even see and Balon was giving it to her. Her eyes got wet and she fought hard to stop the tears from coming.

"Thank you, Master Balon. Many a slave owes you her life."

Balon seemed unimpressed by her thanks. "Eat, Saturnia, quickly; I want to see you chewing."

He is serious about me eating some of this. Why is he so concerned about me all of a sudden? Picking up the finely marbled, reddish meat, she smelled of it and could tell it was fresh and it made her belly growl with hunger. Biting off a chunk like an animal would, she turned her face to him and made a show of chewing. Knowing he wanted to see her eat, she swallowed a tiny portion of the meat while keeping most hidden in the back of her mouth. However, he still stood watching her, so she was forced to do the act for a second time. The second time it was harder to resist swallowing all the juicy flavorful meat in her mouth, but she did it. Finally, he moved closer to her, touched her face and spoke.

"Here, take this, it's my family crest medal. If you are stopped by soldiers during your rounds show it to them and say you've been summoned to my tent to service me. You'll probably have to give them whatever is left of the Tarakk leg, but the medal and the meat should be enough to placate them. Do not be up all moons feeding weak slaves, or you will be sorry, Saturnia. Please get some rest." His eyes showed the sincerity of his last words and Saturnia wondered as he turned and left why he was so adamant, like he had been about her eating.

Awake and feeling alone now despite her sister slaves sleeping chained to the ground not fifty paces away, she was left free to crawl amongst her sisters dispensing what might be the difference between life and death for some. As she crawled amongst the chained bodies, covered only one thin hide blanket for each slave she was pleased to find the brunette she had seen stumble and fall earlier in the past suns.

Waking the brunette, she put her finger to her lips to warn her to be silent and then she brought her face down to the brunette's and whispered. "What is your name?"

"Lisca, what do you want?" The girl seemed a little frightened.

Saturnia moved her lips to Lisca in what at first appeared to be a kiss, but she pushed the Tarakk meat in her mouth into Lisca's. Lisca's face looked amazed and she began to chew as Saturnia reached into the sack and tore of another piece of life. Saturnia handed the chunk of meat to Lisca and then moved off into the darkness like an angel of mercy on her appointed rounds. I know what he said, but they need this so much more than I, and I can't sleep, there are so many of them who need.

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