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Scarred Perfection (MFM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 21,300
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As Wedge Tailed Eagle shape shifters, there are rules the Gibson twins must follow. However, when their mate is snatched from under their noses before they can bond with her, Kane and Jeremy will do anything to get her back. Even if they have to break a rule or two to do it.

Abigail is left badly scarred after being kidnapped and tortured. She struggles to accept herself, and has even more trouble coping with the fact two men want her to be theirs.

Can Kane and Jeremy's love conquer all her fears?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration

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Still feeling a little guilty for making the poor girl so nervous, Jeremy tried to ease the mood with some humor.

“What? Not even a thank you kiss? We just get the words? I don't know that's fair, baby. What do you think, Kane? Think we deserve a little kiss in gratitude?”

“Hell yeah. Any excuse will suit me fine.”

A blush crept over her cheeks once more, but she smiled and chuckled a little. “Guess that's a fair request considering all you did.”

She turned in her seat to face Jeremy, and he followed her lead. Her eyes widened as she took in his bared chest. Automatically, his shoulders went straight and he puffed up a little under her scrutiny. She tentatively put her hand on his shoulder and he did his best to contain the shudder that ran through his body. The feel of her skin against his made a flash of arousal roll through him. He held his breath while she leaned in and pressed her lips softly against his cheek. He didn’t bother holding back his reaction this time. He let her feel the shiver that passed through him at her gentle touch. When she went to pull back, he slid his hand up to the nape of her neck to hold her close.

“I want a real kiss, baby.”

His heart pounded as he leaned in to rub his lips over her soft ones twice before he covered her mouth with his and kissed her like he'd always dreamed of doing. She moved closer to him, sliding from her seat and pressing herself between his thighs. He groaned when her softness came into contact with his very hard erection. If it felt this good through layers of clothing, he could only imagine how mindless it would send him to have her naked against him.

She opened her lips on a gasp and he made the most of the opportunity, swiping his tongue into her mouth. She tasted divine. He rested his other hand over her hip as he continued his exploration of her sexy little mouth. When her body trembled and she moaned, he pulled back to see Kane had shifted his stool and moved in behind her. He was pressing his lips where her neck and shoulder joined.

Jeremy slid his hand from her nape, stroking gently down the side of her body until he had both palms on her hips. He grinned when Kane kissed his way up to her jaw before he tilted her face his way and captured her mouth. They both moaned and Jeremy felt the shiver that passed through her body.

He hesitated as a wave of trepidation crashed over him. Could he believe this? That she'd simply walked over here and fell in to their laps? Jeremy didn't want to be the devil's advocate, but he wanted forever with Abigail, not just a short fling. He had to make sure she knew what she was starting with them.

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