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Scourge of the Siren (MF)

Sirens and Sailors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 45,918
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Fantasy Romance, HEA]

Eban Gal takes his fiancée, Amaranda, to live in his homeland on Westland. Adjusting to a new way of life proves more difficult than she ever imagined. When beautiful Mitzi, an ex-girlfriend of Eban, overhears them speaking about her past, the jealous girl uses the revelation to blackmail Amaranda into leaving her beloved Eban forever. Alone in a strange world, Amaranda gets captured by drug dealer, Taneli Oris, who has been terrifying her with his salacious comments and advances.

Taneli has already exposed her secret to the press, and soon the ancient island of Refrainia is in chaos. Mutilated bodies are found and questions are asked. When Mitzi is rushed into the hospital, following a drug overdose, Eban realizes how much danger Amaranda is in and rushes to find her before it’s too late.

As Taneli forces drugs into her, Amaranda inadvertently sets fire to the boat they are hiding in. Unconscious, with her leg trapped, she has no hope of escape…

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
FANTASTIC book!!! Was eagerly anticipating reading this as I was so hooked by the first book in this series, Last of the Sirens-it did not disappoint! Story was gripping with a great balance of the un...

- nc88

Loved it! Dare I say, liked it a little better than the first one? ;) You get to see more of Eban and Amaranda exploring their journey! Love the series and the author and will continue to read!

- Jasmine Alexander

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In the dim candlelight, she could see a table in front of them, with another bench seat opposite. The wheel and control panel stood at the bow, behind her. She turned and peered out the big window at the slowly lightening sky. The small windows to the sides had dark blinds drawn down. This was a small cruiser, used for day trips, she guessed. Eban had promised to take her out in one. She sniffed, tears welling in her eyes. Eban. What would he think of her now? Had his dad heard the news and had another heart attack? Kabos seemed to think the whole world would have heard by now.

“Have you any idea what you’ve cost me, whore?”

Taneli was sitting back in his seat, regarding her menacingly.

“No. I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done to you or Mitzi,” she answered truthfully.

He chuckled. “You have cost me everything, that’s what. Including Mitzi.”

His usual, leering manner had given way to something more vicious and sinister. He no longer flirted, or used innuendo, as he had at the house. He sounded bitter and angry. She wasn’t sure what frightened her more.

“Mitzi used to go out with Eban, didn’t she?” Perhaps if she could keep the conversation light it might bode better for her.

He laughed derisively. “Go out? Is that what you call it? Well, they did a lot more than ‘go out’ together. Those two could fuck for Westland!”

That hurt.

“Were they together long?”

“Long enough. Did he tell you why he broke it off? He thought she was a bit too needy. Truth was he just couldn’t give her what it was she needed. Eban always was too much of a goody-two-shoes. He didn’t have a clue what a girl like Mitzi needs!”

“And you do?”

“Oh, I do all right. I was able to give her everything she needs.” He chortled derisively again.

Her heart was in her mouth and she pulled the blanket around her even tighter.

“What did she need that only you could give her?” She wasn’t sure she really wanted to know, but she was certain he wanted to tell her.

He leaned closer to her, making her flinch.

“The same thing I can give you, darlin’.” He stroked her cheek and she felt her breathing hitch. Her heart was pounding again.

“What if I don’t want anything from you?” Her voice shook as she spoke the words.

She expected him to be angry, but he merely laughed. “Oh you’ll want it. You’ll want more and more of it, just like Mitzi did.”

Don’t bet on it!

“Where is Mitzi?” She hoped a different tactic might help.

“Sleeping it off, as always, I expect.”

Assuming he was referring to sex, she was eager to change the subject again.

“How did you find me?”

He sniggered. “Kabos is a contact of mine. He told me about this girl he’d picked up in town. Didn’t take long to track you down, though I’ll admit you gave me a bit of a run for my money.”

“Contact?” That word again.

He huffed. “Yeah, he brings me customers now and then. Not very rich ones though, given the circles he moves in, but now and then he comes up trumps—like tonight!”

“You mean me? He was bringing me to you?”

“Of course he was, darlin’. Why else would he give you a ride? Well, I do know why else, but he wasn’t up to that, if you know what I mean. Taken just a few too many, damned amateur!”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well, maybe you are a bit more stupid than I thought.” He leaned into her and began pulling at the blanket. He wrenched it off with one hand.

“Get off me, I don’t want you!” She tried to push him back but he was like a massive boulder.

“Well, maybe I might have something here to change your mind.” He sounded vicious as he dove into his pocket.

Fearing he was going to pull out a knife, she backed away. The corner of the couch was at her back. She had nowhere to go. Tears streamed down her face as her heart pounded again and she found herself gasping for air.

“Now, how many of these will it take, I wonder?” He held out his hand.

She shook her head and frowned. It was too dark to make out what he had, but it was far too small for a knife. She managed a deep breath.

“I think I gave Mitzi too much earlier,” he said a little ruefully. “Pity. Do you have any idea what these things cost? You should. You cost me a shitload more. But that doesn’t matter now. You see, once you get hooked on these little beauties your loving fiancé will have no choice but to help me get more. He’ll be able to take Greenberg’s place. He can get on a ship to Eastland any time and fetch them over for me. Then he can give you what you need, and I’ll be able to give Mitzi what she needs. It’s a win-win situation.”

He crowed cruelly as he grabbed her face, forcing her jaws open.


Something was placed on her tongue and she tried hard to spit it out. He tipped her head back, trying to force her to swallow. In blind panic, she kicked out her legs, her arms flailing. She didn’t even feel the candle, which she sent flying across the boat. The first thing she knew of it was the blinds ablaze and the suffocating, smoke-filled cabin.




What’s the matter with me? He’s seen me naked before! But this felt different. Almost like a different person—or at least, a different side to the same person. This was hot. This was exciting. This was a little scary.

She kicked off her shoes and slowly pulled down her bikini panties. It was a relief to be rid of them, she realized. They were wet and uncomfortable. She felt him stare at her wet pussy. Oh God! She felt a trickle run down her leg. She cringed. He grinned.

After scrutinizing her body for a little longer, he finally spoke.

“Lay on the bed.”

She jumped onto the big, soft, bed and lay on her back in front of him.

“Arms above your head.”

She complied.

She heard him kick off his boots through the thunder of her heartbeat.

She felt the bed dip as he leaned over her, his elbow at the side of her head, supporting his weight. His burning lips gently touched hers, nibbling his way around her lips, and then his tongue licked its way around before finding its way inside her welcoming mouth. The gentleness of his kiss gave way to the domination of her mouth, and she felt her pussy gush and ache. His hand trailed down to her breast and he pulled her throbbing nipple between his finger and thumb. She gasped and panted as he let his hand slither down over her round tummy and he stroked her pubic hair.

“Please,” she cried breathlessly.

“Please what?” He teased, that deep voice sending sparks straight to her girl parts.

She gasped. He wants me to spell it out?

“Please touch me.”

“I am touching you, sweetheart,” he said slowly. “Can’t you feel it?”

He knows damn well what I can feel!

“Touch–touch my pussy! Make me come—please!” She almost shouted at him.

“I see, like this?” He stroked his finger through her lips, gently brushing her clit on his way up. She bucked beneath him.

“Oh God, yes!”

He stroked around her pussy as he devoured her in a salacious kiss. His tongue poked in and out of her hot mouth, mimicking what she wanted his cock to do to her pussy. She was panting as he pulled his mouth away.

Eban moved down the bed, leaving her feeling bereft. She heard a creak of the floorboards as he knelt by the side of the bed and she gasped as he pulled her legs wide apart, sliding her so that her bottom was right at the edge of the big bed.

She almost screamed as she felt his hot tongue slide up her pussy and nudge her engorged clit. She thrust a fist into her mouth to keep herself quiet. The feeling was exquisite as he lapped and sucked at her labia, before poking his tongue inside her, while he held her legs splayed well apart. He looked down at her pussy with a salacious grin, licking his lips.

“You are so beautiful, Amaranda,” he said.

His voice made her gush even more and she flushed. He giggled as he bent back down and licked her up, sucking hard on her lips in the process.

“Eban!” she screamed through her fist.

“Make as much noise as you like. Mom won’t hear you from the kitchen, and even if she does it won’t matter.” He chuckled at her efforts to keep quiet.

Thank God!

His fingers delved into her vagina as he licked at her pussy, careful to lap all around her clit without touching the sensitive tip.

She felt herself lift up further from the bed as the ache became unbearable. Her pussy tightened and he swiped over the clit as she screamed and gushed her climax. Bright lights sparkled in front of her eyes as he continued to lap it all up. She twitched and clenched with aftershocks, gasping for air.

“Oh God, Eban!”

“Do you want me?” His voice was deep and low as he unzipped his trousers.

“Yes—yes please.” She was still panting.

His dick felt like a rod of iron as he thrust it straight into her.


He slowly eased it back out before plunging it straight back in again. She felt like it had gone right into her womb. It was long and hard and burned its way straight through her. God it’s so good!

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