Second Demon (MF)

Heaven Sent 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 81,380
1 Ratings (4.0)

Andrew is eager to destroy his second demon, a lawyer in New York City. With Emily's help he searches for a way to complete his task. After stalking the lawyer for a week, Emily and Andrew realize killing him will be difficult since he's a public figure. They visit a nightclub he frequents and Emily befriends one of his clients. Under her alias, Emily portrays a prostitute in an effort to get close to the lawyer. Her role playing efforts pay off until they land her in jail.

Andrew fears he will lose Emily forever if the police discover her true identity. He contacts her best friend, Troy, for help. In a matter of hours, Andrew has to find a way to destroy the demon so Troy's lawyer can step in and clear the charges against Emily. While she waits in prison she realizes the men in her life are the source of her problems. She considers her future. If she is set free, she wonders if she would be better off on her own.

Second Demon (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Second Demon (MF)

Heaven Sent 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 81,380
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

She found an opening at the end of one of the bar sides. The nearest server stood at least seven customers away.

“I am burning up,” she said as she unzipped her purse.

He wiped his forehead with his arm. “Your admirers like to raise the heat.”

“Is that it?”

“Should I start taking names and numbers? I think you could easily leave here with a dozen men wanting to pay for your services.”

She chuckled as the bartender headed their way. “A working girl never stops working and neither does her partner.”

“What can I get for you?” the server asked.

“Four shots please,” she said as she slid her money to him. After he took her money, she shifted her attention to Andrew. “Think you can handle your job inebriated?”

Standing beside her, he leaned one arm on the counter. “I can handle my job at any time. That’s what I do.”

The bartender filled the order and then left change on the bar.

Emily picked up a glass. “You are good at your job, but I can’t help wondering if you’d also make a good male prostitute. I think you could get two dozen names before the end of the night.”

He grinned as he took one of the shots. “I think you’re on to something. A shame we didn’t think of this sooner. To us.” He clanked his drink with hers.

She winced after she swallowed.

“Would you be my business partner if I were a working man?” Andrew asked as he reached for shot number two.

“Oh yeah, and I’d make sure everyone paid or I’d slap the shit out of them.” She held her drink up. “To male prostitution.”

He chuckled at the thought because he could envision it so well. He doubted she would let anyone get by with a freebie. He tapped her glass. “I’ll support it.”

The alcohol had already started to affect him before he’d gulped the last shot. His mind felt fuzzy and his temperature had increased. Emily had to be feeling a good buzz since her body mass was less than his. He’d have to pay closer attention to her to make sure she didn’t invite trouble.

“You know, you’d make a killing as a man whore,” she said.

“Are you pimping me out?” He gave her a twisted grin.

“I can if you want. There are plenty of women here who would pay top dollar for you.”

“And what would be your fee?”


He nodded. “Business partners have to get something too.”

“Hmm…” She lowered her gaze, no doubt considering her response.

“You could get me,” he offered. “I’d have to earn my keep in a manner of speaking.”

“Payment in form of sex? Not a bad idea. But I don’t know…” She shook her head and looked away.

“How could that not be good enough? Trust me, I’d make sure the boss was happy.”

Her laugh made him smile. “I believe that,” she said.

“For me, it’s not about the money. It’s about pleasing the boss.” And he wanted to, badly, as he stared into her inviting eyes.

“Well, that’s good to know. You’ll have to work hard in this business to please the boss.”

“I’m up for the job.” If she pressed against him, she’d discover how up he was.

“Oh really?” She put his hand on his chest and gently nudged him. “How about you show me some moves first? Then, maybe I’ll think about giving you a job.”

“You’re the boss,” he said as he backed up.

He took her hand into his and led her through the sea of bodies. His heart thumped fast while his mind swirled from the alcohol. His cock strained in his jeans. Although he had a slight buzz, he was very aware of the woman in his grasp and the power she held. He wanted to please her, to show her his strength, to make her yearn and quake for him. But he knew better than to overstep his boundaries. The priority was to have fun, so he’d make sure she would enjoy the night.

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