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Secrets of the Siren (MF)

Sirens and Sailors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 49,627
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Fantasy Romance, with M/M not involving the hero, voyeurism, bondage, spanking, HEA]

Beautiful Ligia is so in love with handsome sailor, Aitan, that she will do anything for him.  Unfortunately this includes hiding many of her feelings and desires from him. 

While most of the men are on Eastland arranging to have electricity wired to Refrainia, pirates attack the island.  The women have to use all their wiles and prowess to save themselves.  Although the women manage to capture the pirates, their plans are thwarted when their men are delayed on the mainland and the pirates eventually manage to overpower them. 

The sailors finally realize that the women shouldn’t be coerced into changing and modernising the island, but is it too late? And when Aitan discovers all the secrets Ligia has been keeping from him he is forced to convey a "secret" of his own—his dominance!  Can their love survive all their secrets or is their future doomed?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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Captain Sivan woke to the sound of heavy snoring which permeated his throbbing head. He grunted and went to move. He couldn’t. He tried again. Nothing else for it—he had to open his eyes.

“We’ve been tied up, Captain.” One of his crew lay near him, wriggling like a worm on a hook. The sight of all that movement, on top of the bright sunlight, did nothing to help the Captain’s hangover, and he closed his eyes again with a groan.

Suddenly his eyes popped open again as he realized where he was.

“The bitches!” he snarled, and started wriggling about himself. Those women had sure done a good job in the knot department!

“Wake up, all of you,” he commanded, looking around at his men, who lay like giant slugs scattered around the rocks. If I can’t sleep it off I’m damn sure you’re not going to!

There were grunts and groans from the men, who objected to the noise and bright sunlight interfering with their pounding heads.

Sivan took in his surroundings and realized they were no longer on the island. He could see that it wasn’t far away though, and vowed they would soon be back there, wreaking revenge on the impertinent wenches. He nudged at his sleeping crew, hollering at them to wake up, as he tried to roll himself to the side of a jagged rock. He had to angle his wrists very carefully as the rock was overhanging an inlet, but he eventually managed to rub the rope enough times to cause it to fray and then he heaved it apart with his muscular strength.

“My gun’s gone! Who’s got a knife?” he snarled at his men. They all checked each other for weapons but quickly realized that they had all been taken from them.

“Damn those bitches!” Captain Sivan was furious. He kicked the men who refused to wake up and fetched sharp stones for them all to cut their ropes free, while he untied others.

Soon they were all liberated and making their way slowly toward the causeway, ready to unleash havoc on Refrainia.

The sun was already quite high in the sky and the rabble moaned as they clambered over the rocks on their way toward the sea. They could see from the top of Destiny Rock that the causeway was quite dry and they could foresee no problems crossing over to the island, even for those who couldn’t swim. Suddenly they all started bumping into one another as they realized that the people at the front of the queue had suddenly stopped.

“Fucking hell!” Captain Sivan yelled as the bright sunlight glinted off the knives and guns which several rows of women were pointing their way from the other side of the causeway.

“I don’t fucking believe it!” Jared roared indignantly.

“You’d better fucking believe it, assholes,” Ligia shouted over to them.

“You put one foot on the causeway and I’ll shoot it right off!” Kalliope shouted, waving Jasper’s gun around.

“She wouldn’t have a clue how to use that,” Jared sneered.

“That’s what worries me.” Captain Sivan sighed. He ushered his men back up the rock. “What do you want?” he called over to the women.

“We want nothing from you,” Ligia replied. “We were happy to offer you our hospitality and somewhere to rest from your journey. But look what you did. You ordered us about like we were your slaves and tried to take over our island. You have no right to be here.”

“Then let us cross and we’ll be on our way.” Sivan tried to sound reasonable. “Our ship is on the other side of the island.”

“Oh, we know all about your ship, motherfucker.” Kalliope was clearly in no mood for reason.

“You know nothing about my ship, young lady.” Captain Sivan wasn’t just an asshole, he was a patronizing asshole.

“We know you stole it, just like everything on board it,” Kalliope yelled.

“You know nothing,” Sivan said with a smirk. “But you will. I’ve got a surprise for you on board my ship. In fact, it should be arriving any time now.”

“If you’re talking about Jasper and Toby you can forget it,” Ligia gloated.

Captain Sivan’s face turned to thunder. “What are you talking about?”

“Let’s just say your two lovebirds won’t be arriving anywhere shortly, although they did come last night!” Ligia burst out laughing and Kalliope joined in. Blandon, who had reached the ship as the girls had come running out, frowned, puzzled at their hilarity, as did many of the women.

Captain Sivan flounced off angrily and joined his men, who were now sitting idly on the rocks.

“What do we do now, Captain?” Jared asked.

“Shut up, just shut up!” Sivan shouted.




When they had recovered, Aitan took her hand and led her back out of the water. Still naked, he ensured they were out of sight of the party revellers as he took her through the trees until they came to the woodland dungeon. Ligia gasped. Lanterns had been placed in strategic positions around the apparatus, casting deliciously ominous shadows in places, while lighting up others. She gaped at her husband.

“It’s all ours for the night. A wedding gift from Rech. He also gave us this.” Aitan took a wooden instrument which had been left on the makeshift sofa. It had a short handle and a wide, flat piece at the end. A piece of white ribbon had been tied in a bow around the handle.

Ligia’s eyes opened wide. Excitement surged inside her, causing a warm glow in her stomach and an even warmer gush down her bare leg. She tried to cross her legs in embarrassment but Aitan was too quick for her. He led her over to a large tree and took a coil of rope which hung from one of its branches.

“Hug the trunk.” His voice came out deep and low, making her quiver with anticipation.

Ligia’s slim arms grasped the thick tree trunk and Aitan swiftly tied her hands together around it.

“Legs out to the sides.” That voice again.

She couldn’t help but obey that tone, although she did worry that she might fall over if she tried to wrap her legs too far around the enormous tree.

Aitan tied the rope around her ankles, leaving her trembling feet flat on the ground for support

She turned her face sideways onto the bark and closed her eyes as he rubbed her ass, dipping his finger into her wetness and wiping it around her perineum.

“All right, darlin’. Now this here’s called a paddle and it’s used to smack you with. It won’t hurt, I promise—in fact, I think you’ll love it.” With that the handsome sailor swept the implement backwards and whacked her soft, round, butt.

“Ooh!” The sensation surprised Ligia and she smiled.

It wasn’t at all sore. It was more of a thud than a smack, and he seemed to hit it upwards, making delicious tinglings which ricocheted through her ass and pussy as everything vibrated.

“I promised you you’d like it,” he whispered close to her ear.

Ligia squirmed against the rough bark of the tree, grateful for the feel of the cool wood against her throbbing pussy.

Aitan whacked her again and she was aware of liquid running down her inner thigh and then disappearing into the thick bark. He continued to whack her again and again, as she moaned appreciatively. He continued to stroke her ass and her back between whacks, and the feel of his warm hands on her trembling skin caused her to stay on edge, as he tickled and caressed through the vibrations. Once or twice he got even closer to her and she could feel his rock-hard cock against her leg. That made her gush even more, and she was grateful for the shadows which hid her embarrassment.

“Tell me how much you love it, wife,” he commanded in a deep growl.

“I–I love it, husband.” She gasped.

She could hear him chuckle and could tell by his rampant breathing that he was very close to his climax. This aroused her even more and another huge gush of her juice trailed down the tree trunk. Aitan must have noticed because his finger went straight to her dripping pussy, and he wiped the liquid around her bare pussy and up to her asshole. She felt herself wince with delight as his finger gently probed her tight rosette.

“I can’t wait to take this gorgeous ass of yours, darlin’.” His voice was hoarse as he whispered into her ear. She hadn’t realized just how much she would love the more dominant aspect of her husband, but was thrilled at the effect it had on her.

This was her undoing and she yelled as she rose to her peak. “Take me, Aitan, please!”

She heard a thud as the paddle hit the ground and felt his massive dick thrust into her pussy. It felt like a hot poker, drilling straight to her soul, and she screamed her orgasm as every nerve ending was set alight. He gave a deep growl as he came, shooting his boiling seed straight to her womb. His hands squeezed between the trunk to pinch her hard nipples and she screamed again. Over and over he pounded into her as they both moaned and pressed their hot bodies against the callused bark of the ancient tree. One of his hands slid down her stomach and managed to find her soaking pussy, and he reached in to pinch her clit, resulting in her spasming hard and coming again with a shriek. He continued to stroke the ultra-sensitive, incredibly soft skin of her pussy as they both enjoyed multiple aftershocks on their way back down to earth.

When he had recovered himself, Aitan untied his bride and carried her home, leaving the twinkling lights and the smell of sex behind them.

She draped her arms around his solid shoulders and nuzzled into his ripped chest dreamily as she was taken to her own bed in her own house by her own husband.

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