Seduced While She Sleeps

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 13,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

During a chance encounter Cassidy finds out that her former childhood friend Lucas is recently single and looking for a place to stay, so she quickly offers up her place, while secretly hoping he will realize that he had the right girl to begin with.

After just getting out of painful break-up Lucas takes refuge at Cassidy's place to lick his wounds. He has no intention of getting involved with anyone any time soon, but holding himself back becomes harder than he anticipated.

Seduced While She Sleeps
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seduced While She Sleeps

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 13,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Terry Towers

Chapter 1

"I really appreciate this Cass." Lucas flashed Cassidy a grateful smile as he lugged the remainder of his possessions into her garage.

Cassidy felt her insides melting as he smiled down at her. "It's not a problem. My pleasure." It was more than her pleasure as a matter of fact. She was grateful that he was finally done with the conniving witch he'd been engaged to. His story was cliché. He was the all American jock of their high school and captain of the football team, with the head cheerleader for a girlfriend. They got engaged on prom night and now a few years later, it was over. He was the guy all the girls in school daydreamed about with his dark hair worn just a shade too long giving him that dangerously sexy bad-boy look, blue eyes, and a smile that sent every girl's heart fluttering.

Cassidy and Lucas grew up together. They'd been the best of friends until high school. It felt like overnight Lucas had decided he was more into chasing the hot girls in school, instead of hanging out with the tomboy who'd been his childhood best friend and next door neighbour. By the time senior year came around they barely spoke to each other and often times a simple “hi” was the only conversation between them. However, over time Cassidy grew to expect very little from Lucas, after all he was the jock, she was a nerd and as all teenagers know, those two things mixed about as well as oil and water in high school circles.

But, you're not in high school anymore Cass, a voice at the back of her mind consoled her.

Cassidy looked down at the baggy low-rise jeans, Converse All Stars high-top sneakers and Green Lantern t-shirt she was wearing. She imagined that Lucas's ex, Carmen, wouldn't have been caught dead in such an ensemble. But he wasn't with Carmen anymore. Perhaps her materialistic personality made him finally decide it was time to call off the engagement and leave her? However, Cassidy was uncertain as to the reason for their failed relationship, she’d only been speculating. She was confident that when he was ready he'd open up and discuss with her the specifics of the break-up.

"Well, still. I'm sure I'll be a big pain in your ass, especially when you have dates over. Which is cool. I'll find someplace to go when you bring someone home."

Cassidy could have laughed out loud at the thought of bringing a guy to her place. She had two boyfriends in high school. Both boys were part of her "nerd" circle, but she really hadn't been attracted to either of them. She'd only gone out with them because she didn't want to be the only girl to go through high school and not have a boyfriend.

While she was able to hold back the laughter, a wide smile crossed her lips. "Oh, I doubt that will be a problem."

Lucas frowned and eyed her from head to toe. "Why not? You're not seeing anyone?"

Cassidy thought she saw a hint of sympathy in his eyes. Maybe he was remembering high school and how she'd been shunned by the "beautiful people," himself included. Or maybe it was her overactive imagination. Being a fantasy writer she tended to over-think and imagine things.

She shrugged and brushed past him to open the door leading from the garage and walked into the kitchen. "Nope. Not at the moment." She heard him walking behind her and hoped the conversation about her love life would soon be over.


Cassidy released an exhaustipated sigh, stopped mid-stride and spun around. Not anticipating her sudden stopping Lucas's massive frame rammed into her petite one.

Cassidy yelped as she tumbled backwards. As she tumbled, she reached out and fisted the front of his t-shirt to steady herself. Already off balance from bumping into her, Lucas was further set off balance and went tumbling over with her.

At the last second, he managed to brace her fall, by placing a hand onto the floor and spinning her up and on top of him so his body took the impact of the fall as their bodies hit the floor.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked down and found her dark eyes locking to his blue ones. Cassidy froze over him, straddling his body, while his arms held her body flushed against his. Not meaning to, but not quite ready to remove herself from Lucas's embrace, Cassidy shifted on him, the apex between her legs rubbing against his groin.

His body tensed under her as he inhaled sharply, his pupils beginning to dilate. His shaft under her immediately began to thicken and press against her. Oh, how tempted she was to remain in position over him - he felt so good under her. This was the exact scenario she'd fantasized about over a million times in her head all these years.

"Oh, I... Sorry." Cassidy fought to keep a blush from colouring her cheeks as she scrambled to her feet, Lucas following suit.

"No, it was completely my fault."

Taking a deep breath in, Cassidy slowly released it and nodded. "Anyhow, forget it. Follow me and I'll show you to your room."

Well, at least we're off the topic about my dating history, or lack thereof, she mused.

He was close on her heels, so close that she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. It gave her Goosebumps, and made her pussy tremble. She tried to push the feelings to the back of her mind. It would do no good to develop a crush on Lucas Kennedy; guys like him didn't go for girls like her. She'd spent years learning that lesson. He'd find himself a new Cameron look-a-like in no time.

But you're not in high school anymore; a voice at the back of her mind reminded her again.

She shrugged off the voice. Nope, they were friends only. That was all. She was happy to get that back at least. She'd missed their friendship. Maybe he wasn't the person she used to know, but she was anxious to find out.

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