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Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend (MF)

Wickedly Taboo

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 13,580
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Kane Montgomery is the only guy Cayla Reinhart ever wanted. He was big, tattooed, pierced, and the one she craved to give her virginity to. It didn’t matter that he was ten years older, or her brother’s best friend. But seducing him before she goes to college proves harder than she thought.

It isn’t until the summer his best friend’s little sister turns eighteen that Kane realizes he wants her badly. She shows far too much skin, and her body could bring him to his knees. When he finds himself alone with her one night there is no way he can deny her or himself. Being with her might be the very worst idea he has ever had, but it was also the most undeniable.

The only problem now is telling her brother he has no intentions of letting her go.

User Reviews
I would give this a rating of 4.75, but it wouldn't let me. I just wish it was longer. It was well written and a great sexy, hot, and quick read.

- JK Maxwell

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Kane broke the kiss and stepped back. Gripping the back of his shirt, he pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. His belt was next, and when he unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down, he realized this was really a reality. Without thinking on it again he shoved his pants and boxer briefs down and grabbed her. His cock was hard and pressed against her belly. She gasped at the contact, which only made him swell even further. He didn’t like to boast on parts of his body, but he had no doubts he could make her feel real good with his cock. She was tiny though, and although he knew he would fit, there would no doubt be pain. He pushed her against the counter and used his knee between her legs to them. The scent of her arousal was like a sweet musk, and his cock jerked between them.

“If you think I’m taking you for the first time on my parents’ Formica counter top, you are fucking insane.” He smiled down at her and ran his tongue along her bottom lip. He had been so worked up and unaware of what he was doing to her lips that he hadn’t realized she’d slipped her hand between their bodies until her had his cock in tight grip. She used her thumb to run along the head of his dick, and he shivered.

“You’re pierced.” It wasn’t a question.

He took a slight step back and looked down to watch her small hand move up and down his cock. The Prince Albert piercing glistened under the kitchen lights, but it was the look on her face that had him really jacked-up. Her eyes were half-lidded and her lips slightly parted as she watched her actions. It was just a hand job, but holy fuck was it good enough it have him coming in just a few more strokes. It was painfully slow, but so fucking good. He braced his arms on the counter on either side of her and started pushing his hips forward.

“Am I doing it right?” She sounded so unsure of herself.

“Christ, baby. You’re doing it too fucking good.” Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, Kane started pumping his hips faster and faster into her palm. He fucked himself with her hand, knowing he had to stop or he’d come all over her, and that was not how he wanted this night to end. “We have to stop.” He stilled his movements and placed his hand on top of hers.

“But I thought you liked it?”

Placing his forehead against hers, he took in a deep breath. “You have no idea how much I liked it. I liked it so much I would have come all over your belly.” He opened his eyes in time to see hers widen. “And when I come, Cayla, it is going to be inside of you.”

Common sense told him to help her dress and send her on her way, but his dick told common sense to fuck off. He wanted to love this girl, and show her that she was his physically. That little revelation came like a blow to his balls, and his breath momentarily stalled. Gripping her right below her round, plump ass, Kane lifted her up so she was forced to wrap her legs around his waist. He could feel her pussy juice had seeped through her panties, and his dick gave one mighty fucking jerk because of it. He wanted inside of her, now.

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