Seducing Skye (MFMM)

Dragon Warriors 4

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,720
3 Ratings (4.0)

Only three of Skye’s four friends have woken up after they were transported through a portal to the Land of Feury, leaving the traumatized Carina still unconscious. Skye vows to not leave Carina’s side until she has recovered … no matter how irresistible her three sexy guards are.

Dragon Warriors, Calix, Owen, and Axel are excited to discover one of the five human females the Great Wind delivered to their land is their Desired, their one and only destined love. Their only problem is getting her alone long enough to seduce her.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, triple penetration

Seducing Skye (MFMM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Seducing Skye (MFMM)

Dragon Warriors 4

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,720
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

Skye was in a daze. Weddings always brought out her sappy romantic side. Carina seemed to relax during the ceremony and happily sat with her men when they came back to the castle for dinner, so Skye had allowed herself to be led to a chair by Calix. He pulled his chair close to hers after he filled her plate. Axel sat on her other side and watched her with a heated gaze. Owen was so quiet. He'd barely spoken to her, but she could feel his molten gaze on her from where he sat next to Axel. Apparently weddings affected them, too.

She absently ate her meal. She wasn't overly hungry as she'd eaten before the ceremony with Carina. As she laid her fork on the table and sat back in her chair, Axel moved his seat closer to her. He trailed his fingertips up her bare forearm, sending sparks through her whole body. On a moan she allowed her head to drop back. Calix moved behind her, and her chair moved away from the table as Axel leaned in and began feathering kisses over her upper arm and shoulder. She tilted her head to give him room as he moved up her neck with teasing light presses of his lips against her skin. She let her lids slide closed as Owen swooped in on her. His soft lips took hers in a scorchingly hot kiss. She groaned into his mouth as her womb began to ache with need. Her knuckles cracked as she tightened her hold on the arms of her chair. So good, these men feel so damn good.

"Let's go back to our chambers, love."

Calix's gentle voice brought her crashing back to reality. Carina. She couldn't leave her behind. She sat forward and leaned around Owen, who remained in front of her, to find her friend.

"Carina left a few minutes ago with her men. They're taking her on a tour of their farm. She's fine and perfectly safe."

Wow. These guys work fast. Skye had thought it would take days, at least, before Carina would allow any of the men that close to her.

"Come with us, boo."

Being under the intense focus of all three men had her body heating up. Watching Eilagh so happy with her two men at the bonding ceremony had Skye thinking it was worth a shot to see if it could work for her, too. Unable to find her voice, she nodded her consent. With a loud woop Axel had her in his arms, striding out of the room in moments as though she were as light as a feather. Feeling decidedly feminine, she giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She’d not been carried since she was a toddler, and the fact Axel could do it with ease had her falling a little more for him. She nuzzled her nose against his collarbone as he strode down the hallway. Hmm, the man did smell good.

"Boo, that feels great, but you gotta wait a minute."

"Hmm. Okay."

She didn't. She began kissing and nipping his flesh as he all but ran down the hallways of the castle. She peeked over his shoulder and got caught in the sizzling gazes of Calix and Owen. Her breath hitched. How on earth would she cope when all three of these men had their mouths and hands on her?

Axel shoved open a door and entered a smaller hallway. He marched forward, and Skye craned her neck to see the rooms they were passing.

"Wait! What's in there?"

"Later, boo. There's only one room you need to see right now."

She looked over to Calix. "He really does miss the start of the story, doesn't he?"

He chuckled as he shrugged. "Yeah, but most of the time you can work out what he means with a little logic. I promise you'll get a full tour of our home later."

Feeling cheeky she nipped at Axel's collarbone. "But what if I want to look now?"


With that Axel tossed her onto a large bed. She squealed as he followed her down. Her thighs parted automatically, and he nestled his hips between them as though they were two pieces of the same puzzle. Totally caught up in the heat of the moment, she ran her fingers up his torso. She just about drooled at the feel of such solid muscle beneath her fingertips. Supporting his weight on his elbows, he framed her face in his large hands and took possession of her mouth. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he continued the bone melting kiss. With a growl he pulled back, tugging lightly on her bottom lip.

Skye looked up into his magenta irises completely lost to him in a lust filled daze. He ground his erection against her mound before he rolled to the side. She whimpered at the loss. She'd loved the feel of his solid weight against her.

"Shh, angel. We got you."

She turned to Owen as he settled on her other side. He ran a hand down her arm and took her hand in his, turning it over so he could kiss her palm. Her lips parted as she found her lungs struggling to work. The look in his eyes was hot enough to melt a glacier. He lightly traced patterns on the tender skin of her forearm as Axel began to pop open the top button of her shirt. His fingers, then lips, trailed over the skin he revealed as he moved down her front. Her body shuddered and her eyes closed when he had her shirt completely undone and spanned his hands around her waist. She was no dainty flower but a healthy size fourteen. However, with Axel's hands covering so much of her naked torso she felt tiny and oh so feminine.

Owen leaned in and took her mouth gently. She sighed as he wooed her with his tender sweetness. A bright flash had her blood instantly running cold. She thrashed until the men released her, and then she shoved up to look around the room. She screamed as she struggled to move further up the bed away from the dragon at the other end. She whimpered as her back slammed against the headboard. She was stuck with no way to escape from the beast that seemed to be calling out to her. What could she do? Her daddy wasn't here this time to save her.

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