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Seducing Susan

(Ladies of the Library series)

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 33,500
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The matriarchs of a small western town are determined to provide suitable marriage candidates for their sons. Their solution? Build a library and hire a librarian.

Susan Benjamin has a year contract and—unbeknownst to her—a year to decide which Gemstone son to marry. Grateful to be accepted into the small community, she worries that falling into a relationship with the town’s reclusive widower may be her biggest scandal of all.

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Susan stepped up on the porch, aware of Jackson moving to stand behind her as she keyed open the front door. She stepped across the threshold and swung around to face him. He’d stopped. Made no move to follow her into the house.

He gazed at her with a slow grin, gracing his features and the beginning of creases in his cheeks.

Oh. Lordy. She couldn’t get a breath. Would he kiss her?

And then he was leaning toward her and, like a magnet to a lodestone, she leaned toward him. One step brought them mouth to mouth, and she had the taste of him.

Just his lips. But she wanted more. His mouth opened, and he took her inside—tongues sliding and lips softening in response to the other’s exploration.

His hand rested on her waist, his grip tightened, and his strong fingers flexed. If she stepped back, she could bring him with her into the house.

Too fast. Too fast.

Her hands betrayed her by reaching for him, gripping strong biceps, and easing toward his strong neck.

God. He felt so good.

Susan sank into him, into his taste, and into the pleasure of him.

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