Seduction of Six (MMMMMM)

The Mating Season 6

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,800
6 Ratings (3.8)

The last man on Earth is about to be joined by five more…

When his best friend died, Jay Alvarez was left completely alone on the ruined Earth. With no way off planet, and no hope of seeing another living person ever again, Jay’s sanity has started to slip away. He isn’t even sure what is real anymore, or what is nothing more than his fevered imaginings…

But Jay won’t be alone for much longer, because his mates, four Valdor, and one human, are coming for him. He is the final piece in the puzzle that is their mating circle, and they will do whatever they can to make him theirs...even if that means accepting that Jay is not quite what they expected…

Seduction of Six (MMMMMM)
6 Ratings (3.8)

Seduction of Six (MMMMMM)

The Mating Season 6

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,800
6 Ratings (3.8)
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Jay being the last man alive in a decaying survival decaying building and when Nick and his Valdor mates show up. He believes it is all in his mind since he has been along for a long time. Jay had learn humans still lived on a new world and now he has to adjust to this.

virginia lee
Not impressed at all. It really lacked any depth. I felt like the story just kind of drifted along like the author really wasn't into writing the story.

Nick looked into Jay’s brilliant eyes and felt his heart thud. He knew then, in that moment, that the mate bond was arcing between them. He could feel it. Whatever had bound him to Thorn, to Llai, to Jard and to Karle was working its magic between him and Jay also, and the other man was not immune to its influence.

His eyes were half closed, his breaths coming in short, little pants, and he was practically screaming his desire to Nick.

If Nick felt any guilt about pushing this, at taking from someone as fragile as Jay, it was gone the moment Jay curled his fingers and tugged on Nick’s. Jay might be lost somewhere between reality and fantasy, but he knew what was happening here, knew and wanted it.

And at the end…once it was done, he would know the truth without doubt.

“I want to touch you,” Nick whispered, and Jay nodded, slowly.

Nick sighed and lifted his hand then placed it against Jay’s cheek just like he had yesterday. Jay’s skin was so soft and it made Nick’s palm tingle. He licked his lips, anticipation filling him, and then licked them again as Jay shuddered against his touch

That action stiffened Nick’s cock. But then, he was hardly surprised. The mate bond had been pulsing ever since Nick had sat on the bed next to Jay. He had felt it every time he’d spoken, every time he’d shifted his body slightly. He was as aware of Jay as he was of his other mates, and his body was screaming at him to take the other man, to pleasure him, to try and wipe away the shadows in his gaze.

“Your eyes…” he whispered. “They are so beautiful.”

Jay shook his head slightly, and then to Nick’s delight, he blushed. His skin turned a delicious pink color and he tightened his grip around Nick’s hand.



He curled his palm around Jay’s skin, and then, slowly, so that Jay could have no doubt about his intentions, Nick trailed his fingers down from the other man’s cheek to his neck. Once there he stroked up and down along his skin, from the tip of his ear all the way to his collarbone.

Jay closed his eyes and hummed slightly. Nick felt like humming too, especially when he looked down and saw exactly what he had wanted to see. Jay’s cock was hard, outlined by the flimsy fabric of his pants, and unlike Nick’s Valdor mates, Jay was not overly long, but he was thick, his chunky cock just about perfect for Nick’s mouth.

Nick shuddered at that thought, about what he was soon to do, and then, because his desire was filling him up, making his body tingle, he leaned in and kissed the other human.

It was a kiss filled with the same emotions he felt from his other mates.

Heat and hunger.

Desire and need.

Jay’s lips were both soft and giving. He let Nick take whatever he wanted, let him push and pull, suckle and nibble. Nick loved it, loved the fact that Jay was giving himself in this way, that he was trusting Nick with his pleasure.

Nick lifted both his hands then and buried them in Jay’s hair. His cock thickened from the feel of having the other man in his hands, and his ass hole puckered, longing to be filled. But somewhere inside he knew that it would not be him being fucked tonight. He would have to take Jay, to make him his.

It was the only way to seal the mate bond.

He deepened the kiss, and Jay’s sigh of pleasure was muffled as their tongues met. They danced together, the actions mimicking the desires of their cocks.

From there, it was all so easy.

They moved together, touching, exploring, discovering whatever they could, and when their clothes began to fall away, when they were skin to skin, heat to heat, Nick knew that in this they were equals.

They wanted each other.

There was no doubt.

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