Seized & Seduced (MM)

Captured by Space Pirates 3

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 15,900
2 Ratings (5.0)

Volume III of the Captured by Space Pirates Series
Salex has a plan to teach his twin brother Malar a lesson. If all goes well, this plan will also get him one step closer to gaining the reluctant yet responsive Jeremiah’s full submission. However, nothing goes as planned from the moment he “kidnaps” Sebastian, who has transitioned from unwilling captive to devoted lover very quickly and gives every indication of genuinely loving Malar.

Salex finds himself stuck, his plans spoiled and his mind in chaos thanks to Sebastian’s blunt observations about his actions and his relationship with Jeremiah. A lot of damage control is in order, but where will Salex and Jeremiah be when all is said and done?

Seized & Seduced (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Seized & Seduced (MM)

Captured by Space Pirates 3

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 15,900
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Covers by K
Great reading.

Sebastian sat on the bed looking up through the tiny skylight, rolling his empty glass between his hands as he watched a few clouds pass over. He’d imagined lots of things about his continued captivity once they reached Malar and Salex’s home planet, but he had never imagined himself literally being locked in a tower. Leaning forward a bit, he peered out on to the small balcony. Salex still seemed angry.

While Sebastian didn’t quite think Salex had fallen for his brother, the alien’s constant protests made him wonder. Jeremiah could be infuriating, but everyone loved him in spite of it. And that look Salex had given him… He sighed. Salex had kidnapped him—he didn’t need to start feeling sorry for him.

Of course, he’d kidnapped him from a kidnapper, so Sebastian’s situation hadn’t changed that much. Salex had promised he wouldn’t force himself on Sebastian, but Sebastian was still nervous about that. Being with Malar was different. He’d already admitted it to himself. He liked being fucked by Malar. And being spanked by him.

Sebastian felt safe sleeping in the alien’s arms. Malar would be awake by now. Salex didn’t seem worried that they’d be found, but Sebastian knew Malar would be furious. He’d look for Sebastian and not rest until he found him. For a moment, he wondered if he was only fooling himself, but that moment passed quickly. Malar didn’t even like him looking at another male for more than a few seconds. He would be livid with Salex for taking him.

Sebastian shifted on the bed. Salex hadn’t said he couldn’t move around, and he’d even widened the range of the restraining belt to fifty feet. Sebastian couldn’t keep still because he was starting to feel antsy about what would happen next. He got up and put his glass on the table before looking around the room. Sebastian adjusted his pants, his anxious feeling somehow translating into horniness. That was the last thing he needed here alone with Salex. Having so much sex obviously had him overstimulated. If this hadn’t happened, Malar would have fucked him at least once by now.

When Salex came back in, Sebastian turned so his erection wouldn’t be noticed right away. Salex came up behind him and rested his hands lightly on Sebastian’s shoulders. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah, I was pretty thirsty after our journey.” They’d taken a transport away from the royal estate and then walked through the forest for roughly two miles before reaching the gloomy tower. The inside was comfortable enough, but it was still dreary, and Sebastian wondered what it had been built for. Lots of personal items filled the small circular room, so Salex had likely been here many times.

And yet, he did not seem worried Malar would find them. Sebastian couldn’t think of a reason Salex would keep secrets from Malar. At least, not any reasons that he liked to dwell on.

Salex made him turn around, and he smiled widely as he glanced down at Sebastian’s erection. “I see you’re missing my brother.”

Sebastian’s face flamed red. “Just leave me alone. I won’t run away.

I’d get lost even if I could get away from you, plus I’ve no doubt the pain from the restraining belt would kill me.”

“I wouldn’t kill you. Just subdue you.” Salex lowered his hand to his own straining cock. “You can relieve yourself, if you want. I’ve seen you naked before, you know.”

Sebastian’s cock ached, and realization dawned on him. His eyes strayed to the water glass, and Salex laughed.

“I said I wouldn’t rape you, and I won’t. But there’s no reason we can’t enjoy ourselves.”

“If you have to drug me to get me hard, then you’re just…” Salex licked his lips. “Oh, do go on, little one. I’m just what?” Sebastian swallowed. “Nothing. I’m upset, that’s all.”

“It’s nice to see you do have a little fire in you.” Salex took his shirt off and threw it aside. He released his cock and stroked it.

Sebastian stared for a moment, but then he looked away. Salex was huge, but he’d already known that from seeing him the first day they’d been captured. Now that Salex was erect, Sebastian saw that he had tattoos on his cock. How sick do you have to be to let someone stick a needle in your cock? Sebastian began to panic more. He had no reason whatsoever to believe that Salex would keep his word, so none of his promises truly meant anything. Sebastian would never stand a chance trying to fight him.

“I won’t touch you, but I’d like to watch. I’m without my lover, too, you know.”

Lover? He’s never called Jeremiah that before. Sebastian tried to refocus his thoughts. Malar liked to watch Sebastian masturbate, which made doing it for Salex seem like a betrayal, even if he was being forced. Sebastian actually felt kind of sexy when Malar watched him, but this was different. “Why did you drug me? Can’t you get what you need from my brother?” Though he didn’t really want to hear about those kinds of things, he thought it best to keep Salex talking.

“Well, your brother is too stubborn, and I have to restrain him. I’ve only seen him pleasure himself once, and that was only by subterfuge. It pissed him off, so now he won’t touch himself at all.” He stroked himself harder. “I bet you’re pretty when you do it. Are you as long as your brother? I didn’t get a good enough look when you were in the tub.”

“Please leave me alone.” He tried very hard to keep his voice level.

Salex let out a deep breath, and Sebastian thought he was … disappointed? He tried to move away, but Salex took him by the shoulder and pushed him against the wall. Then he just held him there, not using much force but still keeping a firm grip on him.

“I’ll leave you alone, but I need something first.” His hand came up to Sebastian’s face, and he pushed his head to one side.

This move puzzled him. He’d figured Salex was holding him because he wanted Sebastian to watch. Why was he pushing his face away so Sebastian couldn’t see him? The alien was not shy, that Sebastian knew. Then he realized what Salex was doing. He’d turned Sebastian’s left cheek to the wall, and that was the side Jeremiah’s scar was on.

This way, he looked exactly like Jeremiah, their profiles identical.

“He would never let you do this. Never be held this easily,” Sebastian said softly.

“Unless you want to swallow this load, you’d best shut up.”

The words contained very little malice. Salex sounded very aroused. Was this what Salex wanted, Jeremiah’s submission? Sebastian doubted he would ever get it. Squirming a bit, Sebastian tried to block out the sounds of Salex’s breathing and stroking. Whatever Salex had given him had made him very horny. His heart raced as Salex began to stroke his face and neck.

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