Seren:Warrior Angel

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,000
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Ten years ago the vampire prince had sworn he loved her yet he broke her heart in the cruelest of ways.

When Seren meets up with Gunnar on a cruise ship she knows she has to get away, that she'll give in to the sexy vampire. He ripped her heart out years ago and does the only thing she can, runs. However Gunner isn't letting her go and kidnaps her determined to find out what happened, why she left him. And the discovery leaves him reeling. Someone means her harm and if they are to have a life together he needs to learn why. But has uncovering the truth come too late to save the woman he loves more than life?

Seren:Warrior Angel
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seren:Warrior Angel

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 20,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter One

Seren stood in the hall and gave a final glance around the Academy. She could visualize her warriors, every single one, and her violet eyes moistened, filled with poignant memories. She sensed she wouldn't be returning. Images of her last five angels stayed with her, and she swiped at the glaze of tears.

Her time here was over and Archangel Michael could say what he liked. How such a sneaky, lying twat remained in Heaven as God's right hand she couldn't understand. Obviously, the 'big man,' as he was affectionately called by Michael and Gabriel, wasn't as clued up as he made out.

She glanced down at her watch.

It was time.

A crash of thunder echoed through the heavens and Seren guessed God was losing in the golf tournament. Good, because that meant Michael would get an ear bashing.

A smile tickled her lips because she couldn't help but like him. He wasn't mean or evil, desperate was the word she'd use. For God's affection and to get one up on Gabriel. Well, if the clash that had reverberated was any indication, he was in trouble because God was a bad sportsman. He was also crap at golf, and she was just relieved that finally this day had come about at last. She'd had enough of Michael's relentless whinging as he strived to get God to allow him to caddy.

The toot of a taxi blasted outside. Seren gave a final peep over her shoulder and shuddered at the silence. Images rose, she could visualize every one of her crazy angels yet was satisfied that their men would keep them in line, needed to.

Clasping her bags, she closed the door behind her. For the first time in ten long years, she was leaving the sanctity of the Academy.

She didn't have a clue what she was going to do but was determined to enjoy her holiday. The cruise that Michael had insisted on. Despite her doubts, Mr. Trip Adviser had gone ahead and booked it. He was certainly determined to oust her by any means; did he think she'd end up as a squatter?

Seren raised her eyes at the driver that tumbled out of the waiting taxi. He placed her bags in the boot; his eyes on stalks, they roamed over her body. She wished men could learn to control their blatant, horny thoughts. As if throwing one lusty hook they'd be in her knickers. Not.

She flicked the radio up; there was no need to speak, he knew her destination. If Seren was good at something, it was being a bitch. Gunner had taught her that; in fact, he'd left her with too much of a legacy. Everything that was bad.

Before she'd died, she'd been hesitant, trusting, a lot like Annie really. Except she had met up with a first class bastard. One that had taken her in, exploited her, ripped her heart out, and dumped her.

Yes, that kind of described her brief relationship with the enigmatic vampire Gunner. And since then? She'd hardened towards men, was rude, uncaring, and didn't give a flying fuck. Said it as it was, and if they didn't like it, tough. Not that she'd mingled with any socially in the last decade, apart from Michael. Although, Gunner had also left her with another memory, that of glorious sex. Which was why she relied on vibrators, Big John her favorite. She liked to name them, it gave her a slight warmth towards the cold plastic.

The driver switched the radio down. "So, where are you going? Anywhere nice?"

"None of your business." She turned it up and ignored him. Opening the colorful brochure of the ocean liner she'd be sailing on, Seren inspected it. The Princess.

Cute name.

The rest of the journey was undertaken in silence broken only by the music. At last, the taxi pulled into the harbor of Ocean Fall late afternoon and she raised a brow at the ship. Heck it was huge. Stepping out into the sunshine, Seren dropped her shades down and glanced around. Smoothing her dress, she strode towards embarkation; leaving the luggage she'd labelled with her stateroom number with the hovering porters, Seren moved to the check in desk and, going through the formalities, received her electronic card to board.


She more than approved of her cabin, a misnomer if ever there was one. It resembled a penthouse suite; she'd expected something small with tiny port holes and bunk beds. Just how much had Michael paid for this? Then a horrid thought followed, please he hadn't used her credit card. Seren made a mental note to check her account. She flopped down on the sumptuous bed and picked up the information leaflet, wondering but not caring where they'd dock.

She needed this break, to clear her head and work out where she would be moving onto. Maybe as a guardian? Nah, her didn't-give-a-fuck-attitude trounced that. But she knew that at some point Michael would screw up, and she'd be needed to pick up his mistakes. So, she'd bide her time, try and decide which path her life would take. And in the meantime strive to enjoy this holiday.

Seren decided to stroll up on deck whilst waiting for her luggage to arrive. The glittering ocean rose on a swell before her. Seren hated water and hoped this leviathan remained on top. She'd watched Titanic once, and it had scared the crap out of her. That film should have come with a health warning. The idea of drowning made her shudder; at least her death had been swift. A couple of tons of lorry had a way of doing that. She hadn't even felt any pain, only in her heart, but physically nothing. It was one thud and gone in an instant.

That was one thing she had in common with crazy Reeve; thankfully, it was the only coincidence they shared.

Seren switched her attention to the area below; it was way distant, yet the rising chatter filtered up. A group of men strode through the throng along with photographers flashing cameras. Their shouts merged into one and she guessed it was some overpaid celebrity, dickhead.

Seren returned her interest to the open sea; the soft grey brought another image to her. She hoped this holiday would lift her spirits, yet doubted it. With all her angels settled, it made the yearning for love, for someone to want her all the keener.

Again, Gunner sprang to mind and she wished she'd never met him. Never ventured into the remote area of the forest she'd been warned about. But no, she knew best, hadn't realized she'd crossed the border into Esoris. Meeting him had been her dream, he embodied everything she'd wanted in a man. Tall, dark, drop dead gorgeous, and after discovering he was a vampire, decided the dead bit was pretty obvious.

He had a compulsive personality, one that drew her into laughter and love. And oh boy, the love bit had been amazing. She was pretty clued up, but heck, the way he made her explode against his luscious cock was freaking amazing.

She recalled waking up and melting beneath his strange, ash-colored eyes, the black shards glinting through them. How he'd swept her hair back, tenderly kissing her on the forehead, whispering how much he loved her. So much it terrified him.

Yea, well, that was about right because it hadn't taken long before he'd pissed off. The damn hypocrite. He'd killed her that night, the rest she'd finished herself.

Seren gave a snort and delegated the lying twat to the back of her mind.

She ambled back to her stateroom, cabin was just so wrong a description. Hoping her cases had arrived, she'd plan on what to wear tonight. Because if Seren was one thing, she was a Queen of style. Loved clothes, flaunted her body when she had a chance and gave two fingers to the male population.

Because never again would she fall for their lies.

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