Felicity Sorrel, a highly trained Amazonian warrior, didn’t expect her leader to send her on one of the most important missions of her life. Neither did she expect to have company. But sometimes the unexpected can lead to life-altering changes.

Storm Vanier never thought to take a mate, but one look at the beautiful Amazonian, Felicity, and he knows his search is over. When Ryo of Kneese assigns him to hunt down and terminate Helio, the evil Hienial traitor, and rescue the two Amazonians he kidnapped, he didn’t expect to stumble upon a lost city–the city of his ancestors.

Brandt Somanta had waited centuries for this moment, the moment their people had prayed for and planned for long ago. As the prophecy of their salvation begins to unfold, Brandt welcomes the arrival of the newcomers, because only with them and their people, will the original Hienials have a chance to become whole once more.

As a slumbering city begins to awaken, danger and intrigue go hand in hand when the Children of the Triads search for a cure for the sickness that forced the Hienials to create their saviors.

Sex Me Slow
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin

Storm Vanier watched the Amazonian beauty from beneath half-lowered lids. Breathtaking in her boldness, and startling in her magnificence, she captivated him. His beasts clamored for freedom--the lion and the black bear both demanded he take her to the floor and mount her where all could witness their mating.

This woman, this Amazonian woman belonged to him and he to her, of that he had no doubt. Her scent had drifted to him and snared his balls long before he even reached the corridor in which she waited. Once glimpse into her crystalline blue eyes sealed her fate. He'd not let her get away from him, even if he had to tie her to the altar back home and force her to wed him.

Her long blonde hair hung down her back in loose waves, ending just above the curve of her ass. Her legs went on forever and were completely bare to his gaze. She wore naught but a pair of leather panties with a sarong of grey silken material tied at her hips. Her feet were bare, as though she'd rushed here from somewhere else without taking the time to don footwear. But his gaze had a hard time leaving her breasts--breasts so full, they looked liked they'd fall out of the top she had on at any moment. The black material covered little more than her nipples. A long leather strap looped around the nape of her neck and criss-crossed her back to secure at clamps on the side of each breast.

His cock hardened even farther as he imagined what she'd look like without her top, with her breasts hanging free as she rode him. His hands were large, but he'd wager she'd be much more than a handful. He could see her nipples harden beneath his gaze and knew that no matter what she pretended, she wanted him, desired to mate with him. It was enough for now.

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