Sex, Serendipity, and Salacia Station (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 10,285
0 Ratings (0.0)

After months cooped up on a spaceship, Kevin Roth is more than ready to get out and interact with people on Salacia Station. If that interaction happens to be with a hot guy and involve orgasms, even better. He isn’t expecting more than a hookup because he’s on his way back to Earth.

Mick Santorino, the station's head chef, doesn't have a problem finding sex. But finding a deeper connection is difficult in the outer solar system. Mechanical failures keeping Kevin on Salacia Station are a blessing because now Mick gets to spend more time with a great guy.

Despite the pull they feel, Kevin and Mick are convinced nothing more than highly enjoyable sex can come of their attraction. No one meets a future husband 2.7 billion miles from Earth. But as the saying goes, there's a first time for everything ...

Sex, Serendipity, and Salacia Station (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sex, Serendipity, and Salacia Station (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 10,285
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"I don't suppose you know why they named the station Salacia?" he asked.

"She was Neptune's wife in Roman mythology. A sea goddess for the sea god."

"Slightly presumptuous, don't you think?" asked Kevin.

"How so?"

Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned that, as it was admittedly a strange thought. He attempted to explain. "To presume that we can make a suitable spouse for a planet." Yeah, that sounded much dumber out loud than it did in his head.

To his credit Mick actually considered this crazy idea before stating, "I never got the impression ancient Romans were concerned about their wives being equal partners."

Kevin was happy to latch on to any idea which redeemed his intelligence, so he nodded. "Good point." After a suitable subject-diverting pause he added, "I've never been able to remember who was who among those ancient deities."

"I got curious and read up, though that was a while ago, and I've forgotten most of what didn't relate to the immediate neighborhood here." Mick gestured out towards the planet. "I'm telling you, the ancient Greeks and Roman gods were up to some crazy shit. Plus the gods couldn't keep in in their pants, or togas or whatever."

"Ancient mythology sounds more interesting that I gave it credit for."

Mick eyed him deliberately. "Sex on the brain, huh?"

In a word, yes. It had just been his hand and a couple toys for the past months and now Kevin had a hot guy who was clearly interested. Yeah, he had sex on the brain alright. Plus, Mick could actually carry on a conversation, an ability Kevin appreciated in a man.

"Takes one to know one," he replied.

Mick grinned. "Does that mean you'd like a tour of the permanent living quarters?"

"As long as you're giving it."

"Of course," said Mick, standing up.

Kevin followed him out of the lounge and through the corridors. Truthfully he didn't absorb any of the information in Mick's tour, though he did enjoy the view as he walked behind the man. It occurred to him halfway to Mick's quarters that he ought to at least pay sufficient attention to find his way back later.

The quarters were at least sixty percent bigger than the room Kevin had to share aboard the Tasman and therefore seemed palatial for one person. He didn't get more than a cursory glance around, enough to see the size and the window showing a field of stars, because Mick wasted no time in grabbing his hip and asking, "What are you into?"

While Kevin's sexual interests were varied, one particular scenario appealed most at the moment. "I've been fantasizing about a sixty-nine for the last month."

"Yeah?" Mick grinned. "Sounds good to me." With that he pulled Kevin in for a kiss.

Kevin enjoyed many kinds of kisses. This variety was the messy, primal kind that promised they'd soon be doing a lot more. It was raw and visceral and so, so good after seven sexually frustrating months. He reached around to grab Mick's ass, finding it eminently suited for groping.

If Mick's sexy growl was anything to go by, he liked having his ass grabbed. Excellent. Kevin took that as permission to grope to his heart's content. Mick, meanwhile, had gotten his hands under Kevin's shirt and given them free reign over Kevin's back.

As tended to happen in these scenarios it wasn't long before they were thrusting against each other, which was only pleasant for so long. Mick pulled back, pupils wide with lust. "We're overdressed."

"True." Kevin set to work rectifying that problematic state of affairs.

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