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Shaun and Jon (MFM)

Big Sky County

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 17,640
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Sarah Smith sought a better life for herself in the Montana town of Grantsville by becoming a mail order bride. When there’s an expected death on the journey there, she thinks about turning back, but decides to go ahead with her plan. When she meets her intended groom, Jon, she’s not only taken with his looks and kindness, but also his neighbor and friend, Shaun Nolan.

When both men save her life, it soon becomes apparent they're all attracted to each other. They embark on an intimate relationship and live a lifestyle that has everyone wondering what’s going on at the homestead.

Can their love withstand the bias and hatred that emerges when the townsfolk learn of her unmarried status and the fact that she’s clearly taken both men as her lovers? Or will love conquer all?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM)

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Shaun knew he shouldn’t have done it. He’d told Jon he was going for some water. Jon knew the pump was on the east side of the house and that it faced the lake where Sarah would be bathing. He could imagine her floating on her back, her breasts poking out of the surface of the water. He brushed the front of his pants with his hand, feeling his cock strain against it.

What the hell was he doing and thinking? She was Jon’s woman, or would be as soon as they exchanged vows. Jon was his best friend. Yet, he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off his best buddy’s lady.

He quickly pumped some water, gulped it down, and the rest he threw over his face, knowing it was his dick that needed cooling down. He’d come this far so he’d go the extra few feet, turn the corner, and watch her bathing. It would be his little secret.

He sneaked around the edge of the building and looked to the east. Sarah was out in the lake all right, but her head had just gone under the water and she was throwing her arms around like someone who didn’t know how to swim.

Damn and shit, she was drowning.

“Jon! Jon come quickly, Sarah needs our help,” he shouted as he stripped off his shirt and ran at full speed toward the lake.

Once he got to the water’s edge he stripped off his pants, knowing they would get quickly waterlogged and impede him reaching her in time to save her. He waded in, swimming as fast as he could, getting into deeper water within minutes. He reached out for her, but she went underneath the water.

He held his breath and emerged himself underneath the surface. The water wasn’t murky like some lakes he’d known, so he was able to see her slowly sinking to the bottom. He swam toward her, grabbing her and carrying her upward to where he saw that Jon was now in the water.

“Quickly, let’s get her to shore because I think she’s swallowed a hell of a lot of water,” he told him.

He grabbed one of her arms, Jon, the other, and they swam back to the water’s edge. Once there, Jon swept her up in his arms and ran with her up to the bank, where he sat her down. Jon got one side and Shaun the other.

“She’s breathing but barely,” said Jon turning his head and putting his ear close to her mouth.

Her chest.

Shaun’s one and only thought should have helping Jon to revive Sarah, but all he could focus on were her breasts. So big and heavy looking, their nipples red beacons calling him to put his lips around them and suck until he turned them into hard little buds. And the mass of dark curls at the apex of her thighs. They called his name too.

Damn, his friend was a lucky man. Soon he’d have this woman as his own. He’d make love to her and have his cock buried deep within her.

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