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SHI Smile (MM)

Superhero, Inc. 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,882
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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]

What happens when a telepath falls in love with a sexy-as-sin superhero? Sparks fly.

Russ O'Neill has been hiding a deep fear behind his playboy persona. He longs to fall in love but never seems to find the right person. He’s starting to think that he’s incapable of falling in love. The only person he seems to care about is his best friend, Travis Pickett.

Travis is a telepath who can’t stand the noise of other people’s thoughts in his head. The only person he can’t read, Russ, is the one man he falls in love with. But Russ is known around the Superhero, Inc. compound as the Super Slut.

When Russ loses his speed, he is devastated, and the only person he draws any comfort from is Travis. But will his personal tragedy send him running into his best friend’s arms, or will it send him running away?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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5 KISSES: "Russ is best friends with Travis. Travis read minds too many people around are not good for him the noise he cannot take it. Russ worked at Superhero Inc. Russ had always been popular as a kid never struggled like some of the other heroes had. He had the gift of super speed. Russ was also beginning to think he would never find the love of his life. The only person Travis cannot read is his best friend Russ’s thoughts. When Russ loses his super speed and begins to doubt his worth it will be Travis who comforts him and along the way falls in love. But what happens to the relationship if Russ never gets his super speed back? Shi Smile by Lynn Tyler is the second book in the Superhero Inc series. I liked this fresh new look at the interpersonal lives of super heroes and those who love them. It is very much a book about acceptance and accepting yourself just as you are. Russ loses his super speed, the main conflict for him becomes who is he now? He has always identified himself as a man with super speed and thinks that is why most people like him. He is shocked and finds out many more things about himself as a person in this story. Travis is kind patient and very loving. The deep love they have is what sees them through the storm. I found this story to be very beautiful and well done. This is the second book in the series, I do suggest reading them in order I found with so many secondary characters I had to really concentrate to keep track. But I would love to see more of this series I am loving what I have read so far." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

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Hours passed, and he polished off the desserts, a cup of coffee, and a Red Bull. He was so strung out on caffeine he was vibrating.

A strange feeling came over him, almost like a premonition. Something was wrong with Russ. He’d never been gone this long on a simple recon mission before.

Someone knocked softly on his door, and he ran over to answer it. Maybe it was Russ back, apologizing because he’d forgotten to text or something.

But before he’d even made it to the threshold, he knew it wasn’t Russ. A flood of thoughts and emotions streamed into his mind, and he practically doubled over, grabbing his head against the sudden onslaught. Worry, concern, and outright fear pounded at him from whoever was on the other side of the door He hit the wall with a bang and gripped his head tighter, pulling on his hair as he slid to the floor.

“Travis?” Chris called through the door. “Are you all right?”

Caffeine always intensified his super power, and he was cursing his binge when his door crashed open. A set of strong arms wrapped around him, picking him up easily. He was laid out on the couch gently.

“We’ll leave in a minute,” Chris said as Travis sought to keep his dinner in his stomach. “We just wanted to let you know that something went wrong on Russ’s mission. Kade and Jesse went after him.”

“Kay,” Travis managed through the noise in his head. “Can you two stop thinking so loud?”

Instantly, his two guests attempted to empty their minds. It worked, sort of. It definitely wasn’t quite so loud, and the pain in his head receded. He could still hear their worry for their partners, but he could also hear their worry for him.

He knew exactly when Lana discovered his little caffeine binge-fest, but he didn’t say anything, forcing her to speak. “Travis,” she chided gently, “you know caffeine intensifies your powers. You’ve got to be in intense pain with us here. If you come with me to the infirmary, I could have someone give you a shot to help with your pain.”

A shudder worked its way through his body at the idea of going to the infirmary. “No. I think I’ll just stay here.”

Lana soaked a washcloth in cold water and laid it across his forehead. “I had a feeling you would say that. We’ll leave you alone now, okay?”

Travis shook his head. “Would you stay with me? Please?”

Lana and Chris exchanged a long look and nodded. Lana sat on the couch at his feet, and Chris collapsed on the loveseat.

The three of them sat in silence, worrying over their loved ones.

Eventually, Chris’s cell phone rang, the tone seeming as loud as an air raid siren. “Jesse?”

Travis relaxed as Chris’s thoughts filtered through his own mind. Russ seemed to be unharmed, although groggy.

Pushing himself up, he glanced over at Lana and mouthed, “They’re on their way home.”

Lana nodded and stood, stretching out her back before slipping her shoes on at the door. Chris hung up the phone and joined her, both eager to get over to headquarters and greet their partners.

When he didn’t move, Chris spoke up. “Are you coming, darling?”

Chris’s thoughts suddenly became very clear, letting him know that both he and Lana had been making a concerted effort to shield him from their thoughts. But now that Chris was not shielding in any manner, Travis could clearly see that Chris was well aware of his feelings for Russ. Lana, too, for that matter.

“Oh, god, please don’t tell him,” he pleaded. There was no way he would be able to look Russ in the eye if he found out how much Travis loved him from his friends.

Lana shook her head but looked sympathetic. The thoughts in his head were too loud and chaotic for him to make sense out of what Chris and Lana were actually thinking, but he was able to glean the fact that neither would tell Russ about his feelings from their minds.

“We won’t say anything, Trav,” Lana said softly, her hand already on the doorknob. “But I really think that you should come with us.”

Travis wasn’t able to actually do anything more than shake his head. He vaguely heard them say good-bye, and then they were leaving.

The pain in his head eased a little, but anxiety still ate at his gut. He paced the length of the room, debating on whether he should change his mind and head over to meet Russ or just meet him in the morning for their workout.

In the end, he was too much of a coward and he stayed where he was, phone in his hand, waiting for Russ’s text.

As if on cue, his phone rang, though it wasn’t the ring he’d set for Russ. “Hello?”

“Travis? It’s Kade. Look, Russ asked me to let you know that he’s spending the night in the infirmary.” The other man paused before speaking again. “I think he might appreciate some company.”

His meaning couldn’t be clearer.

To hell with his nerves. If Russ needed him in the infirmary, that was where Travis needed to be.




An insistent throbbing in his crotch woke him up, and Russ groaned when he reached down to adjust his morning wood.

Travis complained in his sleep and pulled himself tighter against the side of his body. Russ vaguely remembered waking up in the wee hours of the morning with a crick in his neck and reclining the bed to a flat position before arranging Travis against him just the way he liked.

Now Travis lay sprawled nearly on top of him, one leg thrown over Russ’s thigh, head laying directly over his heart, and his hand resting dangerously low on his belly. So low, all Travis had to do was stretch out his fingers just a little and his pinkie finger would be brushing against the root of his cock.

How the hell was he supposed to get out of this without embarrassing himself?

Glancing at the door, he was relieved to see that it was still shut. At least no one else was able to see the sheet tenting at his groin.

A bright shaft of sunlight pierced the curtain and hit Travis square in the face. He wrinkled his nose and nuzzled his way into Russ’s chest. His hand bumped into Russ’s hard cock, and his slim fingers wrapped themselves around it. That was right about when Russ realized the hospital gown he’d been forced into had ridden up during the night and had left him nude from the waist down.

Shit. What the hell was he supposed to do now? More importantly, why did Travis’s hand feel so damn good? And not just good in a help-me-Jesus, get-me-off kind of way but a this-was-totally-right kind of way.

Russ held his breath, and Travis’s hand began stroking his cock so softly, there was hardly any friction at all. He hitched his hips a little, suddenly desperate for a firmer grip. “Oh, fuck,” he whispered. Much more of this and he would be coming in Travis’s hand.

“What’s the matter?” Travis muttered, his lips brushing teasingly against his neck.

Russ gritted his teeth and moaned. Travis’s breath was puffing against his skin, driving him mad with lust.

Travis ground against his hip, and Russ groaned again. The other man was as hard as a brick and was currently rubbing what seemed to be a huge dick against him. “Horny,” Travis whimpered.

Sweet, hot man. Russ would never have guessed his shy, conservative friend could be as needy and sexy as this. “Trav? It’s Russ.”

“Oh, god, Russell,” Travis breathed. “So freaking horny.”

Russell? No one ever called him Russell, not even his mom. But damn, it turned him on when Travis said it when he was so obviously aroused. And it wasn’t like he hadn’t slept with men before. He knew the basics of how to satisfy a man. “’Kay, Trav. I’ll take care of you, baby.”

“Please,” Travis begged.

He turned on his side and tried to gather Travis closer, but the gown was too tight around his shoulders for him to get him in a proper embrace.

Growling, he fumbled behind himself, trying to loosen the ties enough to get the gown off. He felt Travis’s free hand, the one he wasn’t stroking Russ’s cock with, slip behind him and tug at the ties.

He had to kiss Travis. Those lips were driving him crazy. They were probably the most delicious-looking lips he had ever seen. Russ took the opportunity to tilt his head slightly, brushing his lips lightly against Travis’s mouth.

The gown suddenly loosened, and he rushed to get it off, tearing it in the process. Throwing the ruined material across the room, he wrapped his arms around Travis. His bare chest and thighs came into contact with Travis’s clothing, and he growled again. He wanted skin. Hot, sweaty, salty, glorious skin. “You have too many clothes on.”

Travis nipped at his lower lip and soothed the slight sting with his tongue. “Agreed. You gonna do something about it?”

“Hells, yeah.” He forced himself away from the sexy man in his arms and grabbed his T-shirt in both hands. He was about to rip it down the front when he remembered that Trav didn’t have any other clothes to wear home.

Working more carefully, he eased the shirt over Travis’s head and stripped his jeans off.

Holy shit. Travis was left with only a tight, white jock strap covering the impressive erection at his groin. “Fuck, Trav. That’s hella hot.”

Travis blushed, the dusky pink rushing from his chest, up his neck, and flushing the tips of his ears. “You think so?” His voice was not coy at all. Travis wasn’t flirting right now. He was genuinely self-conscious.

That was no good. Travis was sexy as sin, and he needed to know it. Russ placed his lips on Travis’s chest and chased that sweet flush up his pecs, stopping to lick at the little nipples that pebbled under his mouth. He sucked on Travis’s collarbone and blew a stream of air over the small hickey he’d left behind. “Yeah, Trav. You’re probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.”

He didn’t get an answer. Concerned he had taken things too far, although he had been pretty sure he’d read all the signals right, Russ looked up, trying to see Travis’s face. All he saw was the underside of Trav’s chin.

Pushing himself higher, he was able to see the expression on his soon-to-be lover’s face. Travis’s eyes were shut tight, every line of his face pulled tautly even as the tendons in his neck popped.

“Don’t stop,” Travis pleaded.

“Wasn’t planning on it, sexy.”


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