Silent Reign (MM)(MF)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 100,006
0 Ratings (0.0)

Beware the servant, when he becomes your master.

Sisters, Beth and Nicole Thomas had no idea what was ahead of them when an ominous letter appeared at their doorstep. The siblings were opposite in personality and struggled to get along together in the same small apartment. When the letter brought news of a death and an inheritance, they jumped at the chance to leave the States behind and live in ‘Moore Manor’ in Cornwall, England. They had no idea why their mother’s mysterious step-sister, Katherine Moore, had left a fortune to them, but soon Beth and Nicole would find out there is more to the tale of Katherine’s death than either sister would care to know.

Richard Moore was the adopted son of Katherine, whose manor the American sisters now occupied. Tall, strikingly handsome and bright, Richard, sadly, was mute. The lack of speech made Richard shy to strangers, and wary of everyone’s motives. But his fault didn’t stop the women attempting to lure Richard eagerly to their beds.

When Richard begins to understand he is the true heir of Katherine’s estate his resentment of the women grows. Just when Richard thinks he has regained control, an aristocrat posing as a servant takes Richard’s place as gamekeeper and adds a whole new spin on the power play inside the manor.

Sex, love, intrigue, murder, suicide and forbidden lust, Moore Manor has it all.

Silent Reign (MM)(MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Silent Reign (MM)(MF)

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 100,006
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Beth started salivating as she stared at his rippled chest and abdomen muscles. She could almost taste his sweat as she watched him undetected for a short while. She was dying to touch him. You’re my mystery man. That long hair, those light irises, it was all there for her in the flesh and she wanted to catch those eyes.

Beth moved away from the cabin and approached him slowly.

His sense of hearing caught her immediately. He raised the axe to hold in both hands across his chest and waited.

“Oh, my God. I cannot believe you really exist. Okay, who are you and why is your portrait hanging in my bedroom?” Beth stood right in front of him, never taking her eyes off those intense emerald green eyes. She waited.

When he didn’t answer, she tilted her head. “Hullo? Don’t be shy. Cat got your tongue?” She giggled as he lowered his lashes and a pout formed on his lips. “Have you got a name? I’m Beth.” She waited what was becoming an unreasonably long time.

He set the axe against a tree, then started retreating.

“Wait. Where are you going? Don’t leave. Let me look at you.” She closed the gap between them and noticed he wouldn’t meet her eye any longer. A rosy blush was warming his cheeks. “Why is there a portrait of you in my bedroom? And how can I get you there to see it?” Beth wanted him, very badly. “Could it be possible you are under my employ?”

He tightened his lip and gave her a weak nod.

Beth felt another ‘yahoo’ coming, but stifled it. “You’re gorgeous. You want to be my best kept secret?” She touched his rounded shoulder and he flinched away.

“So shy, so beautiful. Oh, you are too much,” she purred and reached up to caress his face and hair.


William was coming their way. Beth grumbled in annoyance at being interrupted from luring her prey.

William came hurrying down the path, calling, “Miss, there’s a call for you.” When William noticed Richard, he stopped short.

“Now? Great timing. Did they say who it was?”

“Just one you’d been expecting. I don’t know, miss.”

Beth turned back to Richard, leaning against his chest boldly, staring up at his height. “I’ll see you very soon…count on it.” She winked and sauntered down the path passed William.


Angry at her actions, William turned to watch her walk and said, “Pretty bird. Too bad she’s a slapper.”

Once she was out of sight, Richard let out a long exhale and sat on the stump to recuperate.

William pressed against him and smiled. “It was bound to happen, mate. They were both going to find you sooner or later.” With familiarity and affection, William ran his fingers through Richard’s long hair. “Don’t look so put out. They’re only women.”

As if those words offered little comfort, Richard closed his eyes and sighed.

William hugged him. “You have some ale in there for your mate? Eh?”

Richard opened his eyes. He gave William a warm smile and stood, heading into his cabin.

Like a hungry pup, William followed him in, smoothing his hand down Richard’s tight britches as he did.

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