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Sin of Submission

Sin City Series: Book 2

Romance Divine LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 41,197
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UFC fighter, Megan Renard, is having a difficult time keeping her eye on the prize when she can’t keep her eyes off of her long-time trainer, Ryan Blake. But changing a relationship that works isn’t a sin she’s prepared to pay penance for.
Dom Ryan desires to experience Megan’s gift of submission, yet he knows taking their relationship to another level could have disastrous effects for her fighting career, not to mention their friendship. One kiss is all it takes to convince him that heaven in her arms is worth the devil’s wrath.
Determined to give her an edge in the ring before her next title fight, Ryan hires Sinclair Reed to train Megan in internal martial arts. When the FBI show up to question Sinclair on the disappearance of Megan’s opponent, the couple get caught up in a world of underground mob clubs, and Ryan comes face to face with a Domme he’d long tried to forget. Now he fights to protect Megan not only from a lifestyle he chose to leave, but from her desire to please him at all costs.
When it’s a fight for your life, submission is a sin.

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Excerpt 1:

Inner fire burned in Megan’s heart. A result of the recent win, or a pissy attitude because Ryan had put the kibosh on her sex life for the evening? Did it matter? Her ass pulsed in reminder of when his hand had connected with her flesh back at the airport. She wouldn’t let that go unchallenged.
Shifting to rest one hip against the door of his vehicle, she crossed her arms over her chest, bunching what little cleavage she had. The action had the desired effect. His eyes raked her body so quick, if she’d have blinked, she would have missed it.
Eyes narrowed, he stalked toward her and stopped, looming over her. Ryan didn’t say a word, nor did he reach for her. Her heart thumped in her chest. They’d flirted on occasion. His compliments and affection were always genuine. And for some goddamn reason, she wanted to up the stakes, see if the physical attraction was one-sided or not.
Tipping her chin up, she kept her eyes fixed on his, stomach dancing a nervous jig. Megan hadn’t gotten to where she had in life by waiting for other people to give her what she wanted. “I really want you to kiss me.”
“I know.”
His gruff response surprised her, causing a mixed reaction in her belly. Desire burned low in her core, and one corner of her mouth kicked up in a half smile. Before she could say anything, Ryan cupped her cheeks in his hands, and brought his face down to hers. For a moment, their breath mingled. Then his lips came down hard on hers, his kiss demanding she open her mouth to accept his passion. When his tongue invaded, her head swam.
She clutched at his forearms, kissing him back with equal abandon. Ryan pressed her back into the vehicle, his hard body dominating hers; captive with no wish to be free. He pulled back to break the kiss, then pressed his lips hard against hers before putting real distance between them.
Even though he’d created a good foot of space between their bodies, he continued to cradle her face in his hands. Megan blinked to clear the fog of lust from her brain.
Ryan arched a brow. “Satisfied?”
“Uh…yeah…” She cleared her throat to give herself a moment to gather her wits. Why had he made it sound like he’d offered her a treat she’d been craving? Well, I have been craving something… She hadn’t expected it to be so decadent. “Wow…you… You are…”
He remained silent awaiting her to complete her thought.
She inhaled a steadying breath. “You sure know how to dominate a kiss.”
He chuckled. “Nice choice of words.” His thumbs massaged her cheeks for a second. “And you submitted nicely.”
Confusion crinkled her brow, and she batted his hands away from her face. “Was this some kind of test?”
“You asked for a kiss, and I gave you one.”
His matter-of-fact tone irritated her to no end. She spun away from him, and opened the door to the SUV. “This isn’t a game to me, Ry. I really care about you. I care about us. If you’re going to grant me a kiss, then I want to know where I stand.”
He sighed, and stared off into the distance. “Let’s go home.”
“Fine.” She sat in the passenger seat, and slammed the door. Hot tears pricked her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. How could he not care when that kiss meant so much to her?
Ryan got into the car, and slammed his door. They sat in silence for a few seconds before he spoke. “Meg—I care about you a lot. I don’t know if a sexual relationship between us is a good idea.”
“And yet you kissed me. And smacked me on the ass.” She turned to face him, arms crossed over her chest again. “Those aren’t our regular forms of affection. If you don’t want to take things further, then don’t toy with me.”
“I do mean them.” Still without looking directly at her, he laid a hand on her thigh. “I like to be dominant in the bedroom.”
Megan gulped in surprise. Not the response she’d been expecting. Ryan a Dom? The thought had never occurred to her. She’d read about the BDSM lifestyle, met people who lived it to different degrees. She’d even gotten kinky in the bedroom on occasion, but she’d never considered herself a submissive. In her fighting career, the word submission didn’t enter her vocabulary. To submit, in her mind, meant giving in; giving in equaled losing.

Excerpt 2:

“Tie me up?” Nervous excitement skittered through her system, amping up her arousal, and causing wet heat to gather between her thighs.
In for a penny, as they say… A slow nod accompanied her agreement. “Yes, but before you do, may I do something?”
“What would you like?”
“I’d like to touch you. Everywhere.” Eyeing his ripped torso like a medium rare steak, she licked her lips, and stepped toward him.
He gestured arms wide. “By all means…”
Tentative, wishing to savor the moment, her fingertips hovered over his pecs, sparks sizzling where she touched. She traced a pattern down his chest and abs, she knew she’d never want to touch another man again. The bumps and ridges of his muscle mixed with the sensation of a smattering of hair on the middle of his chest.
Sexual awareness heightened. Her body grew achy, hot, and goose bumps broke out on her skin. Shivering, her hands drifted over his waist, then toyed with the waist band of his pants. Ryan took the liberty of removing his track pants, revealing a bulging cock encased in navy blue boxer briefs.
Chewing her lower lip, she eyed the hidden prize.
Ryan leaned forward to nuzzle her neck, the sensation of his hot breath on her skin causing a shudder to race down her spine. “Anything else you want to touch?” The deep rumble of his voice speared her cunt with lust.
She nodded, and reached out with one hand, tracing the outline of his cock first with a fingertip, then a line along his length, under to tickle the underside of his sac, and cup his balls. Bolder now, she ran the heel of her hand back over his erection, noting how it pulsed under her touch.
Fascinated with her exploration, Ryan’s gentle command made her jump. Obeying, she dropped her hands to her sides, and waited for his next move. When he slipped off his briefs, she couldn’t help but drop to her knees in front of him. She’d never wanted to suck on a man’s cock more in her life. Her hands hovered, shaking with the urge to grab his shaft and stroke it before sliding the length into her mouth.
“Oh, Megan…”
She glanced up at him to see a look of utter tenderness on his face. He ran his hand over her head, cradling the back of her skull for a second. “Everything okay?” she asked.
“Yeah, it’s just…you…on your knees… Damn.”
A grin consumed her face. He’s pleased then. Her heart thumped hard in her chest. Why did it matter to her so much that he would be pleased with their interaction? Was it because she was used to taking his instruction? Or did she fear not being the kind of lover he was used to?
Maybe because it does mean so much more to me. To both of us. By the look on his face, he didn’t mind in the least. And they meant a hell of a lot more to each other than fuck buddies.
Focusing her attention on his cock, her mouth watered, and she licked her lips. Without hesitation, she grabbed the base of his shaft, and licked a path from base to tip. Ryan groaned, then stepped back from her ministrations.
Surprised and disappointed, she blinked at him.
“Later,” he said. “For now, rest your hands palms up on the back of your thighs.”
Bewildered, she did as he said.
“Good girl. Spread your thighs a bit.”
Once again, she did as he asked, and she observed a shudder ripple his tall frame. “This is position one. Try to remember that.”
“Okay.” She nodded, then took the hand he offered.
He helped her stand, then brushed his lips across hers. “This is about you right now, remember?” he murmured.
“If you insist.” She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him tight, kissing him back with equal passion.
Ryan backed her toward the bed, then lay her down with her head on the pillows. His hands slithered up her ribcage and arms until he held her wrists in his hands. He stared into her eyes, waiting for her to agree. When she nodded in approval, he used the scarves to tie each wrist to one of the bars on the metal headboard.
“Thank you.” His sincere gratitude, calmed the frisson of panic that rose up inside. She’d never been at another’s mercy like this. Exposed in a way she’d never been before, she trembled. Ryan smiled down at her, and placed a tender kisses to her forehead, nose and lips. “Relax,” he said. “Trust me.”

Excerpt 3:

The tautness he kept on the leash made it easy for them to weave their way through the crowd as a unit. He led her down a dark hallway lit with overhead spotlights that created the effect of light pooling on the floor. Curtains partitioned off certain rooms, while doors marked others. An occasional slapping sound, loud groan, and a scream or two, reached her ears.
Perhaps she’d under-estimated her own inner strength. She’d been to clubs before, seen people having sex in dark corners, but this wasn’t like anything she’d ever imagined.
Ryan stopped at the bottom of a set of stairs, reining her in further. “I’m sorry about that,” he spoke into her ear.
“Do you mind telling me what that was all about, Sir?” She couldn’t keep the irritation out of her voice.
He dropped a kiss to the top of her head. “Remember anything I say or do is for our own good. I saw…” His voice trailed off and she followed his gaze to the top of the stairs. A blonde woman dressed as a Goth queen of the night made an imposing figure. On either side of her, were her slaves—a man and a woman, both naked save for their collars and leashes, crawled on hands and knees.
Ryan cleared his throat, and she straightened her spine, then dropped her chin, eyes trained on the floor. Judging by his reaction, Megan surmised that this must be the infamous Mistress Y, the very person who might have been one of the last people to see Denise before she disappeared.
Ryan stepped to the side, and she followed suit. A shiny pair of four-inch heeled leather boots appeared in her view. Mistress Y tugged on the leashes, and gave a one word command. “Stay.” Her pets heeled by her side.
“Well, well, Sir Blake. Never thought you’d grace the doors of my establishment again. Or at least that’s what you said the last time I saw you.” Mistress Y sniffed.
“Things change.” Ryan’s words were clipped when he spoke. Megan fought a shiver at the icy exchange. Unhelpful to her nerves, the heavy thump of the bass music they’d left behind, reverberated through the floor and into her feet.
“Perhaps your presence isn’t welcome.”
Out of the corner of her eye, Megan saw Ryan fold his arms over his chest. “I figured any patrons with money were welcome.”
“Perhaps you’ll run into…oh, what’s her name?” Mistress Yvonne waved a hand in a dismissive gesture. “She’s off performing services for me. I see you've found a replacement.”
Ryan bristled, and Megan longed to comfort him. Before further words were exchanged they were interrupted.
“Mistress Yvonne!”
They all turned at the sound of the new voice, which brought about a sharp tug on Megan’s leash. Bowing her head once more, she focused her gaze on the floor at her feet. Unused to being silenced or having to obey in this manner, her cheeks burned with anger both at her own folly and at Ryan’s admonishment.
“There is no need to shout.” At Mistress’s chastisement, the newcomer dropped to his knees in front of her, and placed kisses to the toes of her boots.
From her vantage-point, Megan witnessed Mistress Y procure a crop from an inner pocket of her cloak. Placing the tip under the young man’s chin, she commanded, “You may speak, and understand I won’t whip you here because I think you might have the news I’ve been waiting for.”
The slaved bowed down again. “My apologies, Mistress. Mr. da Silva is here.”
At the mention of the name, Megan’s ears perked up. Ryan stiffened beside her.
Mistress Yvonne slapped the crop into the palm of her hand. “Well, Mr. Blake—this has been an unexpected and short reunion. Pity.” From the tone of her voice, she didn’t appear sad at not having the chance to reminisce. Addressing the kneeling slave, she said, “Take these two to Dungeon Room Two. It should be unoccupied. We will be putting on a little show.”
“Perhaps you will permit me and my sub to watch your show,” Ryan cut in. “If I recall, you’re quite good with a whip.”
Megan’s eyes widened at Ryan’s suggestion. Why on earth would he suggest such a thing? Shouldn’t they be sending everyone on their way so they could follow Mistress Y to her meeting with da Silva?
When a reply wasn’t forthcoming, Ryan continued, indicating Megan. “To teach her a thing or two. All subs need a good lesson now and then. Wouldn’t you agree?”

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