Sir Nathan is an Australian author who burst onto the scene about 8 years ago, coming from a limited background in a literary sense, but whose work nonetheless connected with many in the BDSM lifestyle. Not all, but most of his stories are written from the female perspective, and according to some of the best judges, show a remarkable knowledge of how females think. In a very short time, he refined and improved his techniques, and within 6 years became one of the best-known, modern-day, cult BDSM authors.

Nathan indulges occasionally in the time-honoured tradition of fantasy BDSM, but much more of his work is educational, informative, and hugely erotic, often because it is so real. According to the author himself, he believes that the BDSM Lifestyle is rich enough in eroticism as it is, and fantasy BDSM does real BDSM no favours. That said, he has on occasion dabbled in that darker art, particularly in the early days as he honed his skills.

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