The black dirt of the farm, the ride of the horses and Dani are all Lynn needs. Lynn and her lover, Dani, run good ol’ boy Roy’s horse farm.

After great rides on her horse, Shea, Lynn joins Dani in some hard work. Their days are filled with the chores of the farm. Their nights, filled with passionate sex in their barn bunkhouse. Life is good. But a wrench is thrown into the works when Gretchen, the goddamn horse trainer, arrives.

Gretchen’s talents and hardy strap-on may drag Dani in, but Lynn has no such illusions. Fighting through her jealousy and a nasty horse fall, Lynn’s bitterness grows. But then all hell breaks loose.

Roy’s health isn’t the best. What would happen to the women if something goes wrong?

Lynn, Dani and Gretchen have to come to grips with the changes with the farm and themselves. Can it be done?

Slick Fork
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Cover Art by Marion Sipe

I slide the saddle off my mare and sit the heavy tack in the grass next to her. We’re both covered in sweat and dust from the midday run. Shea’s a damn good horse to me. She’s stubborn as sin and likes to buck a bit when she’s pissed, but hell, don’t we all?

I press my forehead to hers. “You stand right here, now. I’ll get ya your feed and water and we’ll have a rest.”

She’d stand in one place all day if I told her to. But I don’t. She wanders around the tack barn and hitching posts eating grass, just waiting for me to come back with her grain.

The shade of the barn is a welcome relief. I grab two buckets and fill one with a scoop of the good stuff, the other with water. A handful of apple treats for Shea and a beer from the fridge for me, and I’m good to go.
Outside, I whistle for that crazy bitch and she trots around the side of the trailer, followed closely by one of the goats. “You’re a big damn dog, is what you are.” Shea just snorts and makes for the bucket.

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