Slivers of Moonlight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,056
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Romance, HEA]

Cold, wet, and stranded in front of a convenience store, Maya Clayton is weathering a storm—both literally and figuratively. Stuck in a dead-end relationship, she's convinced that she'll never experience true love.

When her car breaks down, a call to roadside service brings more than just well-needed aid—it also brings the searing intimacy she's been searching for. With kind eyes and a friendly smile, handsome tow truck driver Evan Redbird is everything that her so-called boyfriend isn't. Yet before she can embark upon a new life with him, she must overcome a major obstacle, and it comes in the form of her old boyfriend, Dylan.

Realizing her ex-lover is the ultimate obstruction to her blossoming relationship with Evan, Maya must do a bit of soul-searching, and in the process she learns that the ultimate hindrance may lie within herself.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Slivers of Moonlight (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Slivers of Moonlight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,056
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story Excerpt


Standing at six feet tall, he had a lean build and handsome face, with a strong, chiseled jaw and structured cheekbones. His hair was shoulder length and pulled back into a ponytail, and as she studied the features of his face, she realized that he was most likely of Native American descent. The name tag embroidered on his shirt identified him as Evan, and as Maya looked into his brown eyes, she saw they were soft and warm.

Giving her a friendly smile, he asked, “Can you start your car and pull it out for me? I need to hook it up so it can be lifted onto the back of the truck.”

She couldn’t help feeling lame as she responded to him. “I can’t get the door open. My keys are locked inside.”

“That’s no problem. I can get them out. I’ll just go back to the truck and get something to help me pop that lock. Be right back.”

Then he ran off, heading back to his truck. She watched as he climbed up into the cab, then got back out and came over to her. She was expecting to see him bring back some type of special tool, but was surprised that the only thing he had was a coat hanger. He also had an umbrella, which he handed over to her. Although she was already soaked, it was still a nice gesture, so she popped the umbrella open and watched him go to work on the lock. After slipping the coat hanger into the crack between the rubber insulation and the window, he jiggled it back and forth a few times. Then he yanked it upward, and the lock clicked open. Maya breathed a sigh of relief as he opened the door.

“Hey, thanks.”

He smiled at her. “No problem.”

She got into the car and pulled it out of the parking space, positioning it in back of the tow truck so that he could attach the chains to the underside of the bumper. When she got out of the car, she saw him pulling the hook and chains from off the back of the truck. Maya stood off to the side trying to shield herself from the wind and rain, but unfortunately, the small umbrella wasn’t doing too good of a job. Noting her water-soaked hair and clothes, Evan offered a suggestion.

“You can wait in the truck if you like. No need for you to stand out here in the rain.” He glanced over at her, his biceps flexing as he hooked one end of the chain to the underside of the bumper. Then he tested it to make sure it was tightly in place.

Maya walked over to the truck and climbed up toward the cab, which proved to be a bit difficult for her since the truck was so high up off the ground. But once she finally made it up there, she swung her body inside and slammed the door shut. The interior of the truck was nice and warm, and she could smell mint in the air. Glancing at the rearview mirror, Maya noticed there was a small flag hanging from it. The flag featured a red background with a star-shaped design on it, and the words Proud to be Oglala were printed on it in bold white letters.

Looking up into the reflection of the mirror, Maya caught sight of the tow truck driver. She could see him adjusting the straps and chains that would hold the car stable, and as she watched him, she noticed that his uniform was completely soaked. A few strands of hair were plastered against his forehead, and rain was dripping from his face. Yet despite all of this, it didn’t seem as if he cared. In fact, he seemed almost oblivious to the miserable conditions all around him. She didn’t know what it was about watching him work laboriously out in the rain, but something inside of her responded carnally to it.

There was the sound of the pulley as it was activated, and as Maya looked into the rearview mirror, she could see her car being drawn up onto the flatbed of the truck. Once it was secure and in place, Evan came around to the driver’s side door and climbed in.

“This is some seriously bad weather. It’s really coming down out there!” He grabbed a napkin from the dashboard and wiped off the droplets of water which were clinging to his face. 

“Terrible, isn’t it? I can’t remember the last time it rained this hard.”

As if to confirm this fact, fat drops of rain pelted the windshield even harder. Evan turned the key in the ignition and then put the car into drive.

“So, where should I drop the car off?”

“At my house.”

“Okay, what’s the address?”

She gave him the address, and as he plugged it into his GPS device, a familiar tune drifted through the speakers.

“Great song.”

“Yeah it is. My mom went to see these guys in concert when she was two months pregnant with me. Guess that’s why they’re one of my favorite bands to this day.” He chuckled.

Maya smiled at him, noticing the way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he laughed.

She also found herself admiring his dark tan skin and full lips. Judging from the way they looked, she guessed that he would be a pretty good kisser. She certainly wouldn’t mind finding out.

“So, do you have a good mechanic you can take your car to?”

“No, not really. I was just going to look through the phone book and find someone.”

Evan reached onto the dashboard and grabbed a business card, then handed it to her. She felt a little spark as the tips of their fingers touched, and it seemed as if he let his hand linger there just a little longer than necessary. The moment passed quickly, but she found herself wondering if he’d felt it, too.


Adult Excerpt


He lifted her up off the couch, then pulled her onto his lap so that she could straddle him. His fingers worked to untie the knot of her robe belt, and once it was loosened, he pushed the silky fabric off around her shoulders. Evan’s palms slid across her nude form, admiring the smoothness of her skin. Closing her eyes, she became lost in the feel of his touch, loving the way his large hands glided across her torso.

She felt his lips press against the flesh of one breast, and then another. His lips brushed against her left nipple with a featherlight touch, and then he peeked his tongue out to offer it a small lick. The warm, wet feel if it made her jolt a little in response, and she pushed her chest forward in hopes that he would place his mouth more firmly against her skin. His wet appendage grazed against her other nipple as well, and then he began moving his tongue back and forth from one peak to the other, just barely allowing his tongue to make contact with her stiffening buds. It seemed that with each lick he gave, the pressure of his tongue was reduced, so that eventually she could barely feel his tongue at all. Whimpers of need came from her mouth, begging him to give her the very thing that he chose to deny her.

He continued the tease until he was certain that she could handle no more, and then he began suckling the pebble-hard flesh. The feel of his warm mouth sealed against her breast felt divine, and her body tensed from the ministrations of his talented tongue. After sucking her right nipple to an achingly hard point, he gave the same attention to her left one.

By the time he released her nipple from his mouth, Maya was trapped in a lust-filled daze, and the spot between her legs was begging to be pleasured. As Evan gazed up at her, she saw that his warm brown eyes were filled with deep arousal. His stiff penis pressed urgently against the lips of her womanhood, and her inner muscles gave a clench in anticipation.

Her hips shifted unconsciously, and a rush of warmth spread through her body. His palms slid along the curve of her hips, traveling lower until they reached her legs. Maya loved the way that he looked at her, as if she were some thing of great beauty that he couldn’t stop admiring. He seemed to really like touching her thighs because his hands kept sliding up and down the length of them. She’d always felt self-conscious about that part of her body, not liking the fact that they jiggled a little, and she also had a few stretch marks that were impossible to get rid of, but he didn’t seem to take notice of her faults. He chose instead to appreciate her smooth, brown skin, and caress the flesh of her inner thighs.

“You’re so gorgeous, Maya. I love touching your body.” The tone of his voice was sensually erotic, and as his fingers skimmed upward, she shifted in anticipation.

He danced two fingers against the slick petals of her womanhood, and then slowly drove them inside, only stopping once he could go no further. His digits pumped inside her a few times, spreading her walls as he prepared her for the invasion of a much larger appendage. Her hips bucked in tune to his fingers, which slightly increased the friction that she felt, and his lips curled into a smile as she quietly moaned his name.

“Mmm, you’re so nice and wet for me.” He looked up at her from beneath hooded eyes, giving her a look that sent a shiver along her spine. He continued the in-and-out motion for a few more moments and then he slipped his digits out. She gave a sound of protest as he did it, but the disappointment she felt was quickly overshadowed as he grasped her by the hips, and then guided her moist heat directly over his length. Placing her hands on his chest, she sank slowly onto his thickness, gradually burying him inch by inch in her wet velvet glove.

As her narrow walls parted to accommodate him, Evan released a deeply contented groan, holding her waist tightly in his hands.

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