Bryce Hayes thought when he left the military and joined the Seattle Police Department, there would be nothing he couldn’t handle. He’d seen it all; the worst of what mankind could do to each other. But the Seven Deadly Sins had yet to rear their ugly head. Bryce was about to encounter them all embodied in one man; Field Training Officer Kohl Abbott’s inconceivable corruption. As a thirty-nine year old ‘rookie’ paired with the senior officer from hell, Bryce had no idea when he was told to ‘stay put’ in the patrol car, that his training instructor Abbott was breaking fingers and kneecaps for protection money from the small local businesses. While in the Special Forces, Bryce was taught to shut up, to not reveal information. But this time when the net came down on the corruption he was caught in the snare. Bryce was tossed out of the department with the garbage, but was not prosecuted. He never knew why. Twenty-eight year old Joel Vandergrift lived on Capitol Hill in Seattle, worked as a photographer and taught literature classes at night. But his real love was writing. Having his first few novels hit the bestseller lists, Joel was gaining recognition and finally thought earning a living as a writer was a possibility… until his apartment is broken into, and his computer with all his work on it, is stolen. A day later, Joel sees his latest bestseller being sold, but under someone else’s name. The irony of just having met a bartender named Bryce Hayes, whose behavior was suspicious to Joel, made Joel believe Bryce had a hand in the treachery. But Bryce knew the reality.

What at first had been an ultimatum for Bryce from Abbott to find something nasty to discredit Joel as a top writer, had changed. Secrets, lies, and disastrous decisions that were impossible to take back, push Joel and Bryce together. And it isn’t until one of the men finally has had enough that fate takes over. SNAPPED! Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony- The ‘Infamous 7’ change one man from a cynic into a killer. And Bryce sees first hand, how war is not only fought on the battlefield, it is also drawn from the mighty pen.

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Cover Art by Photographer CJC Photographs, Designer, Adrienne Wilder

Joel checked the time and looked up at his class. “Okay. Read the next two chapters on the difference between telling and showing in writing. Then give me two hundred words on each, one telling the other showing, so I know you know the difference.”
He put his laptop into his valise and checked his phone. He still hadn’t eaten. All he had ingested all day was a cup of hot chocolate from a vending machine inside the school.
The class emptied and he put on his jacket, carrying his briefcase and makings sure the light was off in his room. The janitorial staff was cleaning, so Joel walked outside and was slightly unprepared for the weather. His shoe skid on the ice and the wind was whipping a fine misty drizzle, which was quickly coating everything with ice.
“Jesus!” Joel walked with more care to his car and got his key out of his pocket. He stood, his collar up against the wind, and opened the door to his car, then tossed his valise into it and was about to sit down when someone pushed him into the front seat.
Joel panicked and was pinned to the passenger’s door and across the console.
A strong man hefted him into the car so his face was on the passenger’s window. Joel tried to look over his shoulder. “Take my fucking wallet! Just don’t hurt me!”
“I’m not going to hurt you.”
Joel gasped and spun around. Bryce sat on the driver’s seat and shut the door, making the inside light turn off.
“You attacked me! You scared the shit out of me!” Joel inched his way to sit in the passenger’s seat, still shaking.
Bryce grabbed Joel by his hair and brought him to his mouth.
Joel resisted, pushing both hands against Bryce’s leather jacket and shivered from the cold and the unexpected force.
Bryce pinned Joel’s back to the seat, grabbing his wrists to control them. When he had Joel helpless, he made for Joel’s mouth.
Joel closed his eyes and tried to turn away, making a whimpering sound in his throat.
Bryce’s tongue touched his sealed lips, trying to gain entry.
Joel felt tears well in his eyes and he turned away. “Why—”
His pants were opened and Joel struggled to push Bryce off but it was like battling a machine. The man was so big and powerful, it was impossible. And…did he want to make him stop?
He’d done nothing but think about him all day.
Bryce exposed Joel’s cock in the freezing car and when Bryce managed to suck it, Joel succumbed to the seduction and rested his head on the seat and his hands on the heavy black leather of Bryce’s jacket.
“What are you doing to me…” Joel moaned.
Bryce appeared pent up sexually, as if he was a wild animal escaped from his cage. He whimpered as he drew Joel’s cock into his mouth and made Joel’s ass tingle and his balls tighten up. Bryce pushed Joel’s jacket and shirt up his chest, touching his skin, his hard nipples and then going back to massaging Joel’s pelvis as he drew deep and fast on Joel’s dick.
Joel rocked his hips and threw back his head. “Fuck. Oh, fuck!” He came and the interior of the car began to steam up, ice on the outside, boiling heat on the inside.
Bryce went crazy while Joel’s cock pulsated and came in his mouth. He sat up, exposing his own cock, as Joel caught his breath and panted for air. Cupping his mouth, Bryce spit Joel’s cum into his palm.
“Roll over.”
Joel blinked and tried to understand.
When he wasn’t immediately obeyed, Bryce grabbed Joel by his coat sleeve and forced Joel to face the passenger’s door of his car. Joel’s hips were hoisted up and his pants were jerked down to his knees.
“Bryce!” Joel choked in shock and gripped the edge of the car seat and held on. “What the hell are you doing to me?”
A slick finger entered Joel’s ass and he knew the lubrication was his own cum. “Oh fuck!”
Shuffling noise followed, a condom wrapper was tossed on the floor near Joel, on top of his valise and then he felt the head of Bryce’s cock push against his rim.
“Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!” Joel was not ready for this. He was an emotional mess and could not decide if this was the most amazing sex he’d ever had in his life, or being forced into an act he was not prepared for.
Bryce nailed Joel to the passenger’s door. Joel felt his cheek hit the cold glass and pressed both his palms on it to prevent it. Bryce’s cock pushed deep, thrusting for a climax. Joel coughed and tried to stop thinking. This is insane!
His cock was cupped and the hammering inside him amped up to a frenzied pace. Joel closed his eyes and cried out but the whimper sounded like pleasure even to his own ears.
“Yes! Oh fuck!” Bryce pressed Joel painfully against the cold window.
Joel gasped and ran his hands down the icy surface, seeing his fingers making lines down the glass from the condensation.
“Oh, yes.” Bryce thrust once more and pulled out.
Joel lay still, unable to catch his breath.
More rustling noises came from behind him, then a heavy thud as if Bryce dropped down into the driver’s seat.
Slowly Joel began to function, pulling his pants up and fastening them. He too sat correctly, huffing for air, and looked down at a tissue with the used condom, on the floor near the wrapper and the briefcase.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Joel asked.
“Thought you’d say no if I called.”
“You stupid fuck.”
Bryce gripped Joel’s jaw and pulled him towards his mouth.
The stiff bristles of Bryce’s unshaven jaw scratch him, but Joel opened his teeth for that tongue. Joel crawled on top of Bryce’s lap as Bryce used the lever to pull the seat as far back as it would go, giving the big man leg room. They kissed, still catching their breath.
Bryce parted from the kiss and rested his forehead on Joel’s. “Would you have said no?”
Joel had no idea. He smiled, then laughed, but it was just a soft cough he was so tired. “What the fuck do you want with me? Huh?”
Bryce didn’t answer, digging his hands into Joel’s hair and keeping their lips and cheeks in contact. Joel closed his eyes and held onto Bryce, like he was his bodyguard, someone sent here to protect him. Under his breath he repeated, “What the fuck do you want with me?”

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