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So Not a White Night (1Night Stand)

1Night Stand

Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 28,300
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It’s past time for Essie to break out of the box, to rebel, to live the life she wants and not what everyone else wants for her. No more blending in, being the wallflower of the world. She’s certain an inner wild woman lies buried within her, and she’s ready to set it free. Next step, have at least one “hot” night with a “sexy beast.”

Bring him on, Madame Evangeline.

It took a while for the truth to slap him in the face, but Trevon sees now that he was an idiot. He got lost in building his Houston architectural firm into one of the most respected firms in the country. In a unique twist of fate with the 1Night Stand matchmaking service, he gets a second chance to prove his worth to the woman he allowed to walk away. And this time, he’d damn sure better not screw it up.

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“I want that,” Essie said on a sigh.

“What? An ornery baby like Evie?” Kendra asked, smiling with pride.

“Someday, yes.” Essie watched the men disappear from the kitchen where her friend sat at the table in a bay window. “What I meant, though, is sex-in-boots, like your cowboys.”

Kendra chuckled. “Cowboys aren’t your type. But, yeah, they are darn sexy. Mine, all mine.” Her eyes sparkled with pleasure.

Essie felt a stronger twinge of envy, but her friend was right. Other than Shane and Carson, cowboys didn’t appeal to her. She preferred businessmen. Something about a suit on a man did it for her. Lately, the men she’d dated, even those in well-tailored suits, left her cold. So maybe a cowboy….

“I want a stud muffin. A man who can show me some serious fire in bed,” she admitted, trying not to remember the last time a man brought her close to an orgasm. She took care of that on her own, after the man left, or after she went home. But she dreamed of it.

Kendra gaped at her. “Stud muffin? Fire in bed?”

She puffed up with indignation. “I’m tired of men who don’t have even a hint of a wild side. Missionary sex done at record speed—”

“Whoa! What have you done with my ultra-conservative, easily embarrassed friend?” Kendra hesitated, her brow pinched in curiosity. “We’ve never talked about S-E-X before.”

Essie snorted. “Well, it’s personal stuff. But I’m frustrated, way beyond it.”

Once more, she thought back to the man she’d dated the last couple of years, and the one before him. Her father had thrown both men at her, trying to guide her to the “right” possible husband. Neither were “keepers,” in her opinion. Although Trevon seemed to have potential…until he didn’t. She’d tolerated Daniel for too long and ended things with the lawyer last week. Tomorrow, she planned to tell her parents to back off. From now on, she would find men who actually suited her. That conversation wouldn’t be pleasant.

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