Somewhere to Belong

Unexpected Changes 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 51,974
0 Ratings (0.0)

His deepest desire is to have a family with a wife and kids, but after having his heart broken one too many times, Kevin decides love is not for him. A hot one-night stand has him reconsidering his philosophy, but when she disappears, the following morning Kevin is left with only a note and a lingering memory.

Trying to put the sexy stranger out of her mind, Lillian attempts to focus on other things. As a single mother, she has more pressing matters to deal with, like finding a new home for her and her children. Having no luck with previous realtors, Lillian agrees to try out a new agent. Her mind on other things, she’s unprepared when she comes face to face with the man she ran out on only weeks before.

Expecting the client from hell, Kevin is shocked when the woman he’s been fantasizing about comes waltzing into his office with two children in tow. Can they put passion aside in favor of finding Lillian’s small family a home? Will Kevin be able to discover the secrets Lillian carries, secrets that have kept her from finding her dream home?

Somewhere to Belong
0 Ratings (0.0)

Somewhere to Belong

Unexpected Changes 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 51,974
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

Kevin fumbled with the key card as feminine fingers traced the lines of his back. He felt her bountiful breasts pushing against him when she gripped the waistband of his dress pants and gave a playful tug.

On her tiptoes, she reached up to whisper in his ear, “You know I’ve been trying out a new diet, and I’m only allowed one treat a week. Tonight, you’re that treat.”

Kevin shivered at the promise in her words. He glanced over his shoulder at the woman who he’d only met a few short hours ago. Her flame red hair had been braided and hung loosely over her shoulder. The cobalt blue spaghetti-strapped dress she wore set off her stunning blue eyes and had clung provocatively to her long legs as they moved together on the dance floor. Of course, the low cut neckline that displayed her cleavage had been the first thing to draw Kevin’s eye.

“I have a hard time believing you need to diet.”

Her eyes sparkled with glee at his compliment. She nipped his earlobe. “Get the door open already.”

Her impatience was a huge turn on.

Kevin swiped the key card again, and this time the little light flashed green. Together they stumbled through the door. Her purse hit the floor. He’d barely managed to flip the security lock before she twisted him around, grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt, and shoved him up against the door. He grunted at the impact, but her mouth muffled the sound.

He loved her aggressiveness.

Their tongues twirled and rubbed against each other in frantic urgency. She hadn’t relinquished her hold on his shirt. It would wrinkle, but Kevin didn’t care. He had no plans to rejoin the wedding that was going on in Ballroom B.

Kevin’s fingers itched as they ran down the smooth back of her dress. He wanted to touch her skin rather than satin. She groaned when he cupped her ass cheeks. He opened his mouth wider to take in her kiss as he nuzzled her body and kneaded her buttocks. He wondered what type of panties she might be wearing beneath her dress.

When the kiss ended Kevin flicked his eyelids open. Her lips twitched upward as she began tugging at his belt buckle. Kevin eyed her dress, wondering, not for the first time, how he might go about removing it.

“Is it bad that I don’t even know your name?”

She looked up at him. “No.”

She pulled his hips this way and that as she made quick work of his belt and the fastenings that held up his pants. He felt his cheeks grow hotter as she pulled his boxer briefs down, exposing his dick. The weight of his keys, wallet, and phone caused his pants to fall around his ankles. As she stroked him, he found it harder to gather his thoughts. “Don’t you think I ought to know your name?”

“No, Greg, it’s better this way.”

Kevin had agreed to go to this wedding with his cousin since her date had dumped her after she’d submitted the RSVP card. So Kevin had sat next to her with a place card that read Greg. When the red-headed bridesmaid had approached him, he’d had to explain the situation to her, and since then it had become an ongoing joke between them. He wondered if he should push for her name, but then she dropped to her knees, and all coherent thought scattered.

She shuffled forward and took him into her mouth. With a loud thunk, Kevin dropped his head back against the heavy door. It’d been forever since he’d gotten head from a chick.

Cradling her skull, he watched her take him deeper. She ran her tongue over and around him, her moist mouth pulling. He’d been hard, but now he swelled even more. With one hand she cupped his balls, and the other she fisted around the base of his cock, then she settled in, gobbling him up until her lips met her hand. So completely surrounded, Kevin couldn’t help the moan that escaped his throat.

The happy noise she made in response vibrated down his dick. She licked away his pre-cum when it gathered at the tip. She dragged her tongue along his length before her warm mouth left him. She sat back on her heels and glanced up at him.

For long moments they stared at each other. Kevin felt his chest quiver with each breath he took. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“The bed?” he asked.

Eagerly, she nodded.

He helped her to her feet, but when she turned around, he grabbed her hips. Stepping closer he leaned down and suggested, “Let’s ditch this dress.”

She nodded her agreement.

His palms coasted down her arms. “How do I get it off you without ruining it?”

“There’s a zipper in the back.” She pulled her braid over her shoulder to give him access.

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