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Sorority Row


Decadent Publishing Company

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 32,000
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The Greek Shifter Games have come to a close, and Bell must focus on gaining enough pledges to keep her house. Sigma Epsilon Xi doesn’t have tons of money. Nor do they have tons of sisters. They need ten pledges in thirty days or they’ll lose their ramshackle house. Add to it, their house is on the verge of being condemned. And, as if her life isn’t hard enough already, she has two dominant males hot on her tail—Christoph and Jackson.

Things take a turn for the worst, when she has to make a good impression for Christoph’s parents. She has to deal with the questions from her father and her uncles, as well. At every turn, however, one situation or another arises, threatening the progress she’s making.

Christoph and Jackson don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but mating Bell—claiming her for their own—drives their every action. But both men have secrets. Can they put their differences aside and team up to be who she needs?

With the help of 555-ROAR, can these mates find their way, or will the stresses of Greek life, keep them apart?

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Two weeks after the Greek Shifter Games…
“There’s not enough.” Bell Dryer shifted through the pledges and groaned. After Nico Lopez, Christoph St. John, her first potential mate, and Jackson Dalco, her second potential mate took their spots as champions, she’d thought their worries were over. How could girls not flock to their sorority? Hadn’t they shown they could have a good time, stay poised, and stand up for the fundamental principles of the school? “We’ve worked so hard. What’s the point anymore?”
“Don’t get discouraged. We’ll get them.” Hayden, her cousin, best friend, and vice president of Sigma Epsilon Xi, pulled one of the applications out and grinned. “How about this girl?” She handed it to her.
Bell stared down at the picture. The girl’s long black hair had been done in small twist braids weaved with hues of pink and purple. Over her right eye and down to her temple trailed a line of small paw-print tattoos. And the large, round black-frame glasses perched on her nose, gave her a rocker-nerd vibe.
“She speaks three languages, English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, and she’s human.”
“Whoa. What’s her GPA?” Hope bloomed inside of her.
“Four point one.” Hayden scrunched her nose up and handed the application to her. “I didn’t know anyone could get a four point one.”
“It’s lots of work.” Bell glanced at the paper. “Let’s offer her a tour of the house, see what she thinks.” After placing Raquel’s in the “maybe” pile, she grabbed another application off the stack. “What about her?”
Hayden flipped through the paperwork. “I like her.”
Joy had approached her after the Greek Shifter Games had ended. The slight flush to her cheeks and the way she rambled on about everything and nothing gave her an endearing quality. Then, when she said she was a water elemental, well, it pretty much sealed the deal for Bell. She wanted her to become a Sigma Epsilon Xi sister. “She’s cute. Funny. She’ll make an excellent sister.”
“Invite her.” She put the applications aside. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”
“Okay, shoot.”

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