Stalking the Pharmacist (MFM)

Perfect Pairs 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,835
1 Ratings (1.0)

On the surface, Ashleigh had it all—money, a great career, and a successful husband. But behind closed doors, life wasn’t so pretty. Now she’s free, and determined to never let herself be vulnerable again. So when she gets an invite to her cousin’s wedding, she jumps at the chance to get away. The small town nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains seems like the perfect place to unwind and start forgetting about her abusive ex-husband. The last thing she expects to see is her beloved cousin Laura marrying two men, and to find herself irrationally attracted to a pair of twins.

Scientist Scott and football coach Jack are a perfect pair of mountain lion shifters who made the horrible decision when they were young to break from tradition. Each married a woman who made his life miserable, rather than search for their destined mate. Now in their forties, they’ve all but given up on finding their mate—until they see her. All the signs show that Ash is their true mate. Jack is eager and ready to chase, but Scott’s scars run deep. Will they be able to overcome the past and create a new future?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex

Stalking the Pharmacist (MFM)
1 Ratings (1.0)

Stalking the Pharmacist (MFM)

Perfect Pairs 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,835
1 Ratings (1.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Could not get into story so deleted book.

Jack pulled his top off over his head in that distinctly masculine way, then let it drop to the carpeted floor.

“Oh God, you’re magnificent.”

She couldn’t stop staring. He was huge. Massive shoulders, large flat pecs, and biceps so thick she’d struggle to encircle with both hands.

He grinned and reached again for her. “As long as you like what you see.”

She swallowed and nodded. No way was she getting undressed in front of this man. The room was far too bright with the light on. She’d left the blinds down when they’d left for lunch, and it was the middle of the day, but she would get some reprieve from full exposure if the room was a bit darker.

“Can we turn the lights off?” She turned to move over to the switch, but he made tsking noises and shook his head as he stepped up closer.

“No way. I’m not missing out on seeing every inch of you this first time.”

Jack leaned down and his hands dropped to the hem of her shirt. She grabbed his hands, holding it down. Her heart thumped louder in her ears as she swallowed the rising fear.

“No, Jack. I’m not beautiful like you seem to think. Please don’t.”

Litanies of her ex-husband’s words came back. Your ass is too big. Your cellulite’s disgusting. You haven’t even had a baby and you have stretch marks. Tears burned the back of her eyes and throat and she swallowed hard again.

Jack straightened his spine, his height even more imposing in the small room, and a muscle jumped in his jaw as he clenched his teeth.

“Fine, then. But only for now. Scott and I will want to see you. All of you. And you are beautiful. With or without clothes, I’ll still see you as gorgeous.”

He stepped away and with a muttered curse he flicked his wrist, and darkness fell. Ash blinked a few times, allowing her eyes a moment to adjust to the muted light filtering through the curtains. Slowly, shadows became real shapes and she could easily see her huge man again.

“Clothes off. Now.”

Jack kicked off his shoes and unzipped his jeans, the scratching sound loud in the quiet room as he pushed them from his hips and the denim slipped to the floor.

Ash ate up the view and she cursed herself for needing the dark. His long cock was already hard, pointing toward her from between two massive thighs.

“Ash, you need to get out of your clothes or I’ll rip them in half to get to you.”

Liquid heat slid through her core and spread out between her thighs. She wanted that. Something about his desperation to get to her was just so hot. She’d never been desired like this before. Especially by a man like Jack. He could have anyone, and he wanted her.

Her fingers moved of their own accord, lifting her shirt up and sliding the cool cotton over her head.

She let it drop and reached around her back for her bra’s clasp. She had huge boobs, and her ex thought they were crude and vulgar. As she let the lacy confection drop to the floor, her breath hitched in her throat. What would Jack think of them? His groan was carnal and almost desperate.

“Fuck, you’re stunning. Come here, sweetheart.”

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